saving up

Two kids and pain

(time skip- 4 months)

Shane P.O.V

Since I found out Claire was pregant, I thought what an idiot I was but when she told us about Jason, I didn't know what to say. In the end, we got her checked out and it turned out that she's having two babies! One is mine (which I'm glad about) and the other is Jason's. Claire said she wants to keep them both. Eve and Michael are going to be their auntie and uncle. I'm really looking forward to getting the babies. We know ones a girl and the others a boy, but depending on which is which, the names are: Carrie Alyssa Collins (if the girl is mine) or Emily. Jason Michael Collins (if the boy is Jason's) or Zack."SHANE!" I heard Claire scream at the top of her voice from my room. I ran upstairs and into my room because she slept with me last night."What? What's the matter babe?" Then I realised. "I'll call the hospital Claire""I'm not gonna make it" Claire breathed out. She's early. Only 8 months, that's not good.

"I found a doctor on the door step!" Eve shouted up. I forgot I even called."Up here! Please!" I shouted back down to Eve for the doctor. He came up with a nurse and loads of towels.

(3 hours later)

I was holding two beautiful babies in my arms. The doctor was checking them over as I held them. "That's different. The babies aren't prematurally born. And Claire was only 8 months pregant" The doctor explained.

When we arrived at the hospital, the doctor took us into a room, placed Claire on the bed and took the abies, to check their blood. So basically we get to find out which one's whose. Claire was fast asleep on the bed and within 5 minutes of the doctor taking the babies, he was back again. "Congratulations Mr Collins, the girl is yours by blodd but unfortuantly the boy is not. Would you still like to keep him?" Said the doctor."Yes doc, he's still mine" I replied taking the boy in my arms with his sister. "Carrie Alyssa Collins and Jason Michael Collins" I named them. Smiling down at them they opened their eyes and smilied up at me. I placed them in their cots as the doctor left and texted Michael and Eve before laying down next to Claire, falling asleep with her in my arms.

Eve P.O.V

"Claire had the babies!" I shouted down to Michael as I finished getting ready to go down to the hospital."I know Shane text me as well" Michael replied smiling at me before we got in the car and drove there.

When we got there, the first person we were met by was Amelie. I gave Michael a look but he just jestered me to follow.

When we got to Claire's room, I was Shane and Claire cuddled up in a hospital bed together with two cute looking babies in the middle of them both. "Aww, that's so cute!" I whispered to Michael, he was smiling more than me! He finally gets to see his best friend since childhood, get a girl that he loves and be truely happy. Amelie was sitting in one of the chairs smiling faintly. Then I realised that Oliver and Myrinn were there as well."I'm glad for Shane, he deserves someone like Claire. He's finally happy and-" Michael stopped there because the babies have woken up and started crying. Funny thing was Claire was still asleep and Shane just woke up, picked up the babies and walked around the room with them. Not noticing we were even there.

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