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Hospital again, the shocker

Sorry its been so long since I last updated guys! this chapter might be a bit short as well. so again sorry. I will be updating all of my stories, at least once. so anyway, sorry and lets get on with the story.

Chapter 12.

A shocker

Shane P.O.V

As I walking round the room with the babies, I noticed some people. I don't have a clue who it was but I sensed vampire. I carefully out the babies down with a sleeping Claire, picked up a crossbow from under the bed, aimed and fired. "Shane!" Eve screamed. Opps, I just narrowly missed her head. "Sorry Eve. I thought you were a vampire" I said smiling cheekily, putting the crossbow down. I looked at Claire who was still sound asleep with the babies next to her and just as I sat down, I noticed Amelie, Oliver and... "Myrinn" I growled."Shane. How is dear Claire and those two new bl- babies?" He asked."Just fine" I answered through gritted teeth. Then I noticed a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see it was Michael. "She's not well is she?" Mike said to me as Eve walked over. I just nodded and by the look in Michael and Eve's eyes they already knew about the kids and Claire.

(Couple of hours later)

The big three had left and it was just me, Mike and Eve. "So what are the kids names?" Eve asked me, holding Carrie."Carrie Alyssa Collins and Jason Michael Collins" I answered as I gave Jason to Michael."Awe, that's so cute Shane! I'm guessing Claire picked them""Actually, Claire only picked the girls name. I picked the boys" I answered Eve. They looked at me in shock and once they got over it, they both smiled at me and then Eve came over, hugged me then kissed me on the cheek.

As Eve was flicking through baby-r-us magazines, me and Michael were holding the babies and trying to work out which one looked more like Claire. "I think that Jason looks a lot like Claire at the moment" Michael said."Yeah, I guess so Mike. I just hope that Claire comes around soon. I cant bring up two kids on my own. I mean no offence to you guys, because I know you can help but I don't want them to be without their mum" I explained.

Just then, the doctor came in and told us what we were all dreading (especially me)...

"Mr Collins, I'm sorry to say this but your wife isn't in a condition to wake up any time soon. So we're putting her in ICU on life support so she can survive. You can visit her everyday, all of you can I'll give you a special pass, but we don't know when or if she might wake up. Take the kids home, get some rest and come back tomorrow when I have all the documents you need for the babies. Again, I'm so sorry" With that he left the room and we all broke down, including the babies.

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