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Chapter 13. Waking up

told you guys I'll update soon! half term helps so much! thanks 4 all the reviews so far! loving it! :)

Chapter 13.

Shane P.O.V

As time turned from days to weeks to months to years. Wait! Sorry, going to far there. The thing is, it feels like years even though its only been 2 weeks. Carrie and Jason are two weeks old now and are always looking round the house in awe but its like they know something is wrong because they are barely ever happy and they keep looking around for something or someone. I think they know their mum isn't well.

Right now I'm sitting next to Claire while the babies are sitting on the bed, snuggled up against Claire. Its cute really. Doctor Mills has been treating Claire since she slipped into a coma. He told me that because her mothers side of the family have always had trouble carrying more than one baby, it passed on to her and because she's only 17, carrying twins it was a risk to her life but no-one knew that until now by the looks of things. I wonder if Claire knew. Also she got the flu and food poisoning a couple of weeks before she gave birth so that didn't help either. But Doctor Mills said that if we keep visiting and talking to her, she might wake up. Plus they have sorted out the food poisoning, turns out it was from the wedding. Someone obviously doesn't want her in the picture.

"Shane?" Claire murmured."Yeah Claire? What's up?" I answered lazily."Can you help me up please?" She asked sleepily."Sure Claire, let me just move the b- Doctor Mills! Claire's awake or I'm hallucinating!" I shouted at the top of my voice.As Doctor Mills ran into the room, Claire murmured something about me being too loud. I picked up the babies and smiled. "What's wrong Shane? Are you sure tha-" As he cut of in mid sentence, Claire open her eyes, looked at me with the Carrie and Jason, smiled and started crying tears of joy. So I put the kids on the bed and hugged her. And to my surprise, Claire hugged back quite tightly. "Never let me go Shane. Please?""Never baby. The kids are happy now. See?" We parted and saw that for the first time since they were born, they smiled."Claire. Can I just give you a quick check over please? Just to be sure" Doctor Mills asked, as he turned the life support machine off and took the wires off of Claire.

A few hours later. Me, Claire and the babies were sitting together all cuddled up. I was overjoyed that Claire was ok and I was never gonna let her go. "You scared me earlier" I said as I stroked Carrie's tiny little head with the very light brown hair she had."Sorry, but I heard you and wanted to talk to you. I missed you and these two. They're beautiful and thank you for naming them. Lovely names" Claire replied smiling down at Carrie and Jason then up at me."Doc said you can go home tomorrow. But you need to eat and sleep. It's 7pm now so we can all stay right here and surprise Eve and Michael. As I told Doctor Mills to not let anyone else in and call Eve and Michael to say bring the big three to the Glass House tomorrow as I will have updates on your health""Sweet. I love you""I love you too"

(Next day)

Claire P.O.V

When I left the hospital in clean clothes, all clean and showered with the babies in my arms. Shane has been so good to me and these two cuties are still smiling. Check that! I meant beaming. As we got in Shane's Ford Fiesta- which I didn't know he had- he surprised me again with baby seats and a pram in here. I was amazed! There is only so much a man can do but this is next level family stuff which I should of done! But couldn't because of that stupid coma.

We parked out front and got the kids out, walked up to the door and Shane unlocked it. As we walked in, I gave Shane, Carrie and Jason and stay quiet in the hall."Shane! Your back! Why didn't you want us seeing Claire?! What's wrong with her now? is she gonna su-" Eve being cut off by Michael probably."Mr Collins. Is your wife on the verge of death? And if so take me to her this instant so she can be turned" That was Amelie. No way was Shane gonna let me become a vampire. And I'm alive so 'nwer'"You ain't turning my wife into a bloodsucking creep. No offence Michael""Lots taken bro" Michael replied smiling.

"You can't turn me without my permission Amelie. Of course unless on the deathbed which I'm not" I said firmly coming into the room."Well Mrs Collins I believe I can. And if I have to take these two lovely children away I will and th-""Claire! You alive! YAY!" Eve screamed, running up to me and hugging me. Then Michael hugged me."Well what did you think? I was dead? That's why Shane didn't come home last night and wanted you all here today and not at the hospital yesterday" I said smiling like crazy.

Everyone else sat there, then smiled and I went back into the hallway, and came back with "Anyone want pizza?""Sure!" Me and Shane swapped and had a good afternoon back in the Glass House for once, with our new family.

Should that be the end and I make a sequel now? or a couple more chapters? up to you guys! review and give your thoughts! please :)

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