saving up

The end?

Chapter 14. The end?

Hey guys, sorry but been really busy and didn't know whether to do the sequel yet or wait a few more chapters. I've decided I'm gonna do a twist before it ends. Thanks for all the reviews and maybe need some more? What do you think? xxx

Claire P.O.V

Being with my new family is great but considering what happened to me, I've still had to come to the hospital for some check-ups. Right now I'm sitting at home with Carrie and Jason waiting for Shane, Michael and Eve to get home. I'm so bored! Shane get your ass home right now! "WE'RE HOME PEOPLE! NOW GET YOUR UNDEAD ASSES TO THE LIVING ROOM RIGHT NOW!" That was Eve. Only she would ever say that. "Yes, we are in the living Eve. You don't have to shout. Plus I have children here" I said as Eve, Michael, Shane, Richard, Hannah, Myrinn, Oliver and Amelie walked into the living room. Wait! Hold on a sec. Amelie? And the others... What the hell?!"Amelie? What are you doing here?" I asked her as she sat down on Michael's chair, he gave her the evils then came sat next to me, Shane and Eve."Claire, Dr Mills told me you need to leave Morganville for a couple of years for treatment" Amelie said, with a soft but sad expression."W-what do you mean Amelie?" I knew what she meant but I wanted to hear it from her to know it was true because I still didn't believe it."Claire you know what I mean but as Dr Mills told me, you refused to believe it, so I will say it myself. Claire Elizabeth Danvers-Collins, as Founder of Morganville I am telling you to leave Morganville with your two children, go to Dallas hospital and get better then come back" She said. I urged her on. "As you have Cancer." Everyone gasped. Shane grabbed me and the kids and held us close. And all I did was cry.

That's what I did for the next few days. Cry. Myself. To. Sleep. I looked after the babies and did normal stuff but Shane slept with me every night. He almost never left my side. But he had to stay and a couple of months before I left... He started leaving me alone at night. I didn't think much of it, so I didn't ask. Until he demanded the divorce.

I came home from a decent shopping trip with Eve, while Michael was looking after Carrie and Jason. But when we came home Michael threw his phone at the wall and Shane's x-box. "Michael! What the hell?! You could of hit Jason or Carrie!""Sorry Eve, Claire. But Shane's demanding a divorce Claire. He's been cheating on you for months. It had to be the day that your leaving. Don't sign it Claire. Leave the ring here but don't sign it.

I packed and started driving to the border, while talking to Eve and Michael over the phone while they were in Michael's car. As we stop at the border so I could give my forms to the guards, Eve and Michael said their final goodbyes to me. "CB I am SO gonna kick Shane's ass when we get home" Eve said."Same Claire. Get better and make sure you write, call, text, Skype, anything. At least every once in a while, yeah?" Michael asked."Defiantly Michael. I wont forget cards either" I smiled."As well as us" Eve and Michael said together. Then we all laughed. "Your the best sister ever Claire" They did it again!I smiled. "Thanks guys. Eve, your the best sister ever and Michael, your the best big brother ever. I'm gonna miss you guys so much" I said hugging them one last time before getting in my car and waving as I left the town border with my two kids.

I was leaving Morganville behind. My best friends, my work, my enemies and my children's cheating scum of a father. All of it behind. For a couple of years at least, while I get better.

Well guys. That's the end of Saving Up. I told you there would be a twist, even though I thought it would be slightly longer. Oh well. Give me some ideas and maybe an idea for the name of the sequel? If you want one that is.

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