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Not quite the end?

Chapter 15. Not quite the end yet- Shane P.O.V

Hey guys, so even though I thought I was gonna end it there... well someone didn't want me too. So... yeh. I'm carrying it on for a couple more chapters. To explain why Shane has done what he's done and Eve and Michael's thoughts behind Claire's cancer and Shane's reactions. So hope you enjoy this.

Shane P.O.V

I was getting sick of being around my dying wife. I've been paying for the kids stuff for months now and I just wanted some appreciation! But I wasn't going to get it from Claire, now was I? So after work, I went out to the pub one night. Met this girl called Megan and it went from there. I started meeting her every night after work and sometimes we went back to hers and hung out afterwards. Then it got bigger. But then... Doesn't it always? Then, one night Megan asked me if we were a couple and I said: "Of course baby. Why would we be?"

"Because your still married and still living with that girl" Meg replied, sounding jealous.

"Meggie baby, listen. She's leaving tomorrow and I'll make sure she knows I'm not serious at all about her anymore. I love you. And that's all that matters" I smiled at her then kissed her.

"Wow. I totally love those kisses. What are you going to do about those kids of yours?" Meg asked curiously.

"Meg, I already told you. Only Carrie, the girl, is my daughter. I love Jason but he isn't mine. Claire got raped and if she got an abortion then we would of lost Carrie as well. And I cant stop Claire from taking them wit her. Plus we both have jobs, Michael and Eve have jobs and none of us can afford to take time off. I hope you don't mind" I explained, holding her hands and looking into her eyes hoping she'd understand.

"Well. I don't care. As much as I love you Shane. I couldn't stand being the stepmother to those kids anyway. Its not that their bad or anything because they are both still quite young but if I have kids. I would either adopt them from a care home for orphaned children or actually have them, as my own flesh and blood. I couldn't do it any other way Shane. I hope you can understand that" Meg said. She explained herself so clearly that I could see a shimmer of tears in her eyes and feel them in mine. So we did they only thing we thought we could do. Kiss. And we did so much of it that I ended up staying the night at Megan's... Again.

(The Next Day)

Before I got home, I went to the town hall so I could get a divorce form. When I got home the first thing I did was get a pen and sign all the parts that I needed too. That's when Eve and Michael walked in. They seemed perfectly happy as they walked in laughing. Eve looked up first and when she noticed me the bubbly Eve disappeared only leaving hard, cold Eve. I think that's because she noticed the divorce form. She 'tapped' Michael on the arm (more like elbowed him) then pointed rudely to me then to the form I had just finished signing. "What? She's leaving. With my kids and I really don't care for her anymore. So make sure you tell Claire to sign the form and leave the ring here. Laters" And with that I got up, pull the ring from my pocket, put it by the papers and walked out. To meet my new, better, more pretty, healthier, less dangerous girlfriend Megan.

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