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Not quite the end? Part 2

Chapter 16. Not quite the end yet- Michael P.O.V

Hey guys, part 2 to not quite the end. Quite proud that I can manage 2 chapters in 2 days. Please review! I know I have very slow moments but I'm trying to sort that out. Please please please review! I need the reviews to be able to carry this on. I will give you virtual cookies, love you forever and a sneak peak at the first little part of the chapter, people who review and want it! So yeah. You'll get a lot for that. Please? Anyway, enough with me... On with the story!

Michael P.O.V

We've been suck in a stupid council meeting, along with Myrinn. And when I say we, I mean Eve and me. Amelie didn't want Shane coming because she needed to know what was going on with him and Claire. And Claire was looking after the kids. Its not like anyone else can anyway. Her parents moved away and she doesn't have any other friends (I know that's mean to say, she gets on with loads of people but no-one that she can really rely on).

As we were driving home from the meeting, Eve was making impressions of everyone at the meeting and as we rounded the corner to the Glass House, I noticed someone was home. I don't think it was Claire because she rang Eve about 15 minutes ago telling her that she was going to buy something easy for lunch. As we walked up the steps, I unlocked the door with one hand while my other hand was resting on her hip. I opened the door and we walked in, I shut the door with my foot as I told Eve that Oliver was a miserable old vampire and he was really annoying and grumpy.

Eve suddenly looked up and that's when I noticed Shane was there. The bubbly Eve disappeared only leaving hard, cold Eve. I think that's because she noticed the divorce form. She 'tapped' me on the arm (more like elbowed) then pointed rudely to Shane then to the form he had just finished signing. "What? She's leaving. With my kids and I really don't care for her anymore. So make sure you tell Claire to sign the form and leave the ring here. Laters" And with that Shane got up, pull the ring from his pocket, put it by the papers and walked out.

I was speechless. I didn't know what do. Claire was going to be heartbroken. I know its mean to say but I was kind of expecting it. Claire came to the door and I grabbed the kids and Eve went back out with Claire.

I tried calling Shane and after several of failed attempts of trying to reason with him, I threw my phone at the wall and Shane's x-box. "Michael! What the hell?! You could of hit Jason or Carrie!" Claire shouted angrily."Sorry Eve, Claire. But Shane's demanding a divorce Claire. He's been cheating on you for months. It had to be the day that your leaving. Don't sign it Claire. Leave the ring here but don't sign it." I replied, looking at down as I finished my sentence.

Claire packed and started driving to the border, while talking to Eve and me over the phone while they were in Michael's car. As we stop at the border so Claire could give my forms to the guards, Eve and me said our final goodbyes to Claire. "CB I am SO gonna kick Shane's ass when we get home" Eve said."Same Claire. Get better and make sure you write, call, text, Skype, anything. At least every once in a while, yeah?" l asked."Defiantly Michael. I wont forget cards either" Claire smiled."As well as us" Eve and me said together. Then we all laughed. "Your the best sister ever Claire" We did it again!I smiled. "Thanks guys. Eve, your the best sister ever and Michael, your the best big brother ever. I'm gonna miss you guys so much" Claire said hugging them one last time before getting in her car and waving as she left the town border with the kids.

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