saving up

Hello! Again!

Hey guys! Just a quick heads up. To all my fans of Saving Up... if you haven't seen it already, the sequel is up but with two very short chapters which I'm not impressed about. its to get it started but I need some ideas from you guys. You've been great through out this one, so I'm sure it'll be just as great with the sequel.

If you haven't seen the sequel posted up yet then its called: Love to Heartbreak or Death do us part. I'm sure you'll love it! But need a heads up to carry this on and how to carry it on a bit. So... read it and tell me what you think.

Your great and I cant wait for more followers and reviewers! As I'm writing this, I thank GlassHouseGang for all their support and 1st review! Thank you! Its going somewhere.

So read and review! And if not subscribed... then... Subscribe! NOW!

Peace Out! Writing4Ever1628 xxx *mwah*

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