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Chapter 2.

Claire P.O.V

Last night was crazy, Shane has been acting strange lately but last night was the worst. Michael and Shane had been doing a staring contest all of dinner. It was like Michael was trying to pry something out of Shane's head without us all knowing.When Eve went in the kitchen after hanging by the door trying to listen for ages, I decided to go to bed as this looked like it was something they wanted me to not know about.

I came down stairs to Michael talking to Eve about something so I decided to just listen from where I was because I had a feeling it was about last night. "-telling Claire because it wont be a good idea if she knows. Shane wont want her to know and it could all go wrong if we get more involved then we already are considering we werent supposed to know in the first place" Michael was saying."Yes, yes I know dont go telling Claire about Shane other wise it could all end badly. I know now can we please stop talking about this because I think Claire's coming" Eve said

Shane? What the hell are you doing? If Eve and Michael tell me then it could end badly, tell me what though? Unless Shane's cheating on me. But he wouldnt do that because he loves me I mean it was only the other day that we were talking about marriage and kids. What could have changed his mind? I hope I'm wrong but I dont think I am.

"Morning guys" I said to Mike and Eve with a fake smile on my face."Morning Claire, how are ya?" That was Eve who said that but I wasnt paying attention because I was still thinking about what they were just talking talking about."Oh! Sorry Eve, yeah Im fine but gotta dash or I'll be late. See ya guys tonight!" I shouted over my shoulder while running out the kitchen door because believe it or not I was actually going to be late if I didnt hurry up to school.

(4 1/2 hours later)

All day I couldnt get the thought of what happened last night and then what Eve and Michael had been talking about this morning. I was just about ready to give up on thinking it was worse than it sounded but that was before I heard Monica tlaking about the benefit ball that was tonight."-yeah totally. Shane's gonna love my look tonight that he might actually be nice to me and maybe even dump that waste of freak space Danvers""You totally have the right idea Monica, I mean after all you are the prettiest girl in the whole of Morganville! Youre totally going to get Shane to be youre's tonight, count on it." That was Gina, how I hated that bitch after she threw acid over my back then tried to hurt Miranda with that knife.

"Claire! My office now!" Oliver, second most powerful and sometimes most scariest vamp in Morganville, was ordering me into his office Great, just great with him shouting that order Monica, Gina and Jeniffer look my way and smirk with their evil little grin that I right now just want to slap off their make-up pretty faces. But that will just have to be done later as right now Im in trouble by the way Oliver is looking at me ith that death stare right now!

Now Im in Oliver's office and its pretty small, a desk, two chairs on my side and one of his, a small computer, loads of paper stacked up on his desk in the corner and lots of stains of his desk. If I didnt know any better Id say this was where he did most of his council work and lived in here! Yeah right, Claire!"Yes Oliver? What do you want with me now because if its another contract to sign then the answers no""Dont worry about that Claire, I wont be making you sign a contract with me even though that's a very fitting idea that's not why youre here. You know about the ball tonight?" I nodded "Anyway Amelie asked me to ask you if I see you before she does if you would be willing to perform some songs tonight at the ball"That was a big ask considering Oliver was one of a few that knew I could really sing, Michael, Shane and Eve didnt know. The only reason Oliver, Amelie and Myrinn knew was because when they werent in Common Grounds, I did a little performance and people around town have been helping this big producer find the next big thing and they heard me sing but only Oliver, Ameile and Myrinn reconsided my voice and promised they'de keep it a secret. This is what the ball's for, so why were they asking me to blow my cover?

"I know Im asking a lot but please do it. It will help everyone settle down a bit more""Fine, I'll do it butonly because you asked me really nicely""Thank you, be at the Elders Council Building at 6pm and we'll fill you in one things""Ok, fine. See you then" And with that I left Oliver's office and walked out of Common Grounds but not without looking over my shoulder to see Monica staring at me with a confused expression. I looked back the way I was walking and all the way home thinking, What the hell am I going to tell my friends?

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