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Sorry guys that i havent updated for a while but now be updating more now! Also been busy when I should have done two chapters might only have time to get one chapter done but we'll see! Also I hope you like this next chapter because this wasnt how I origanilly planned the story to go! But its sounded good by all these reviews. P.S. First/Second fanfiction but writing them at the same time! Another by me is Truth of a Vampire Father.

Chapter 3.

Claire P.O.V

When I got through the door to the Glass House all I could hear was Eve's constant ranting and shouting. "We've got less than 2 hours to get ready! It's 4pm now and you're telling us that we've got to be there at 6 not 7! When was this decided, huh? Well? When?!" I came through to the living room and I saw that Eve was shouting at Michael. Now that was a surprise. "Eve honey calm down alright? Im sure when Claire gets home she can help you with what you need done" Even as Michael said this the expression on his face showed that he was kind of lying to both of them because I told them I wouldnt be back till 5 not 4."But Michael, Claire isnt supposed to be ho-" I cut Eve off by saying "Yeah well I wasnt expecting to be back for an hour but I've also been told to be therec at 6 not 7 so its lucky I came home when I did isnt it?" When I finished saying what I had to say Eve squelled with delight, ran over and hugged me then grabbed me by the wrist and started draging me upstairs but not before saying "Well about time! I needed you to do my hair and make-up. And I'll do youre make-up but not hair because I dont know what youre dress looks like"

Michael P.O.V

When Claire inturrupted Eve I was just so happy to see her home because she was just a bit jumpy this morning but it looks like it didnt last that long as she looked like her normal self again. Well now that Eve and Claire have gone, I can now speak to Shane as he has just walked through the kitchen door.

"Hey man, where the girls?" Shane asked with a confused look on his face while putting barbacue stuff away in cupboards."Hey, they've just gone upstairs to get ready to the chairty ball tonight. Claire and you have turned up at perfect timing because I got a call from Amelie about half an hour ago to say we've gotta be there at 6 instead of 7. So we better get ready my man""Well then lets get a move on and hopefully I can propose to Claire tonight at the ball and then it might just be a double wedding""We'll see, we'll see. Come on lets go"

(1 1/2 hours later)

Eve P.O.V

We're all ready by now I believe but Claire wont come out her room or let me see the dress before me and the boys are downstairs. Well I've got Michael and Shane waiting at the bottom of the stairs for when Claire comes down because they already know what my dress looks like as I wore it to Monica Morrell's party a few months back. (Midnight Alley, where Shane got stabbed by Jason) Now we're all waiting for the girl how wont let me see the dress. Claire Danvers. She's been working on this dress for months, I remember when I first came home from work and saw here sitting at the dining table cutiing fabric up. Then she started working in her room when she really got going and wouldnt let anyone see. So tonight is gonna be good to see what this dress looks like.As Claire walked to the top of the stirs, I saw why she didnt let anyone see and why after careful consideration on her side she finally told me how to do her hair. A slim fitting, long red dress with a slit up the side of it and a beautiful design to the top half of the dress. I was looking at the boys for their reactions and first both of them had there mouths hanging open like they were about to fall of and very wide eyes. They couldnt stop staring! Also it looked like Shane was drooling slightly. Talk about a fantastic first dress making impression even to me!

Shane P.O.V

As I watched Claire decend those stairs so gracefully and elegantly I couldnt stop staring at her figure! I mean sure she slim, short, slight curves and hot. I could help but notice how curvy she really was and how making that dress herself had really brought out her figure, Im just so glad I chose rubies and diamonds because red suits her...alot!Whwn she got to the bottom of the stairs she did a little twril and said "How'd I look?""Babe, you look...absolutly amazing! Why didnt you tell us you could make dresses like that?! Is that just one of youre secret talents now?" I replied to her and she blushed that really cute little red when she's all embrassed."CB, you are making my wedding dress! The cake as well because Ive seen the designs but defently the dress! You look magnificent! I love it!" Eve said excitedly."Wow Claire, just wow. Anyway shall we got otherwise we're going to be late because its 6 already and its going to at least take us 15 minutes to get there" Michael said."Thanks guys. But Michael's right we're late, so lets go!" Claire exclaimed."Ok then" I said offering her my arm and with that we set off to the car and Founders Square where who knows what awaited us.

Thanks for reading guys! Remember: read and review! Anyway Ive got the link to the dress I described earlier. It was origanilly a dress pictured clearly in my headbut I didnt know quite how to describe it so instead I found one thats quite similar. Hope you enjoyed this chapter and the next one or two will be describing the ball and if you can think of any songs that Claire could sing then review them for me! Got one or two in mind already though! Link: . /imgres?start=392&hl=en&safe=off&tbo=d&biw=1143&bih=531&tbm=isch&tbnid=Cy0UBIX16_5wIM:&imgrefurl= browse/red-evening-dress&docid=XIh2xZCl1o1tZM&imgurl= . &w=250&h=345&ei=9MPUUKmdGePH0QXjv4DABQ&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=118&vpy=119&dur=2964&hovh=264&hovw=191&tx=133&ty=157&sig=105900302663114806398&page=14&tbnh=140&tbnw=105&ndsp=8&ved=1t:429,r:93,s:300,i:283

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