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Ball and bands

Chapter 4.

Claire P.O.V

The whole drive to Founders Square was pretty scary because I couldnt stop thinking about what would happen when my cover got blown, but one thing was straight in my life- at least I think it is- and that was Shane. From the moment I walked down those stairs, he coudnt stop staring and even now he was still staring. "Shane. Shane! Stop staring, we're here" I said while clicking my fingers in front of his face. "Oh! Sorry Claire but youre just like... Wow!" Shane replied smiling."Ok guys, lets go Amelie is going to kill us because we're 20 minutes late" Michael said to us as we all got out of the car."Well we better get going then" Eve replied smiling.

When we got in the hall, we all stared for a good minute or so. Then when we came out of our trance, I saw that Amelie, Oliver, Myrinn, Hannah, Richard, Monica, Gina, Jeniffer and the big music producer was here. Even my Uncle Wayne and... my band! "Damen, Jay, Rex! What the hell are you guys doing here?!" I was jumping up and down and hugging them. Rex was my cousin and Uncle Wayne's son and Damen and Jay were Rex's best mates. We formed a band when we were younger, I think I was probably about 7 when we did because Im 17 now and it was about 10 years go now because the guys are all 22 now. "we are here because we are blowing our cover and going famous again" Rex replied and I just looked at him in shock then realized that this is why Amelie wanted me here early. I saw Shane, Eve and Michael talking to Amelie but I knew she wouldnt say anything, she promised. As Amelie finished talking to gang, she decided to come over with Oliver and Myrinn and talk to us. By the way our band name is DJ-RC. One letter equals one band member. "Claire, are you really going to singing in that? Considering what kind of songs you sing" Amelie said as she came over to us. "No Amelie Im not because Im going to change when Im needed. If thats alright with you" I replied. Then Amelie, Oliver and Myrinn walked off because it looked like people were starting to turn up and as the Founder she needed to greet and then give the opening speech.

As the last people came through the doors and they closed, Amelie walked up to the stage to give the opening speech for the night. "Welcome residents of Morganville. Tonight you are gathered here as there has been a music producer here in Morganville and he is looking for the next big thing. So as part of our charity/benefit ball, there will be audisions to see if anyone is that person that people heard playing in Common Grounds a few months ago. Also we will be hearing from Michael Glass and infamous band DJ-RC who wrote and origanilly owned quite a few very well-known songs. So enjoy and if you would like a chance to leave Morganville then try out for the music. That will be all. Over to you Mr John Miller""Thank you Amelie, and yes I hope these audisions will be great. We will stop about 9/9.30pm to hear from the two mentioned music legends. So hope you enjoy it and let begin!" And with that they walked off stage and the ball began.

(2 1/2 hours later)

Eve P.O.V

The people who have been going up have been alright. Some really good and some really bad like Gina. She was really bad! Jeniffer was better than I thought and it looked like John thought so too. Monica, ugh, she was- i hate to say this- pretty good but I dont think she would be able to get a recording deal. I tried to get Claire up there several times because she's pretty good because we've heard her singing away before while cooking or maybe while on Facebook, which I think is totally unfair that she gets to have an account and still use it in Morganville because I dont get it at all. Like she gets to have Twilight and watch the movies and The Vampire Diaries but if I get caught with them then I get done for it but she lets me watch them with her and lets me read them but only at home. Anyway Michael had just finished performing and Claire had disapeared but she came back over to where me, Shane and now Michael were and said "Ive gotta go up there, so I'll see you guys soon" "But Claire, one why you change? And two, why you go up there?" I asked her. "Eve I had to because you'll see in a minute" She replied and waslked off to where 3 guys of about 22 were waiting then they walked up on stage and music was about to be played. "Guys if you know who I am then thats great but Im kind of different when it comes to music, so enjoy!" Claire shouted and I knew something was up.

3rd Persons P.O.V

As Claire walked up on stage with her band mates she was pretty nevous but once she got up there she was pretty confident. They played loads of different songs like: Welcome to my life, Me against the world, Shut up, Gone to soon, You are so beautiful, Something, Take a bow (which was the one she sang in Common Grounds), Complicated, So yesterday, Misfit, Im not a vampire (this one she found really funny thats why she did it, to piss of the vamps and it worked too), Sk8er boi, St Trinians theme song, The only exception, Fences, Let the flames begin, Emergency, Ignorance, Misery bussiness, Thats what you get, Crushcrushcrush, Decode, I write sins not tragides, The ballad of mona lisa and to end it all they played For a pessimist im pretty optimistic.

Everyone was clapping after every song and enjoying the music that was being played. The looks one Michael, Eve and Shane's faces were priceless to her. They were utterly shocked that she was so good. "I-i didnt know she could play like that!" Eve exclaimed when they finished the last song. "I know right, she is amazing. So much betterb than me, the whole band is! Why havent they got a recording contract yet?!" That was Michael replying to Eve's comment. "That's another of Claire's secret talents that she didnt tell us about and I think I've just fallen in love with her even more now!" Shane said to both of them just as Claire came walking down the stairs to tell them she was just getting changed quickly. "I'll be right back and then you can bombard me with questions ok?" Claire said as she walked off. As Claire glanced over her shoulder she saw them nod in amazment with DJ-RC's performance and most importantly Claire's performance.

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