saving up


sorry guys but had to tell you guys the song and who they were by! so i'll do the next chapter from where i left off! again sorry guys but had to do it!

Welcome to my life- Simple PlanMe against the world- Simple PlanShut up- Simple PlanGone to soon- Simple PlanYou are so beautiful- Escape the fateSomething- Escape the fateTake a bow- RihannaComplicated- Avril lagvineSo yesterday- Hilary DuffMisfit- Amy StudtIm not a vampire- Falling in ReverseSk8er boi- Avril lagvineSt Trinians theme song- Girls AloudThe only exception- ParamoreFences- ParamoreLet the flames begin- ParamoreEmergency- ParamoreIgnorance- ParamoreMisery bussiness- ParamoreThats what you get- ParamoreCrushcrushcrush- ParamoreDecode- ParamoreI write sins not tragides- Panic! At The DiscoThe ballad of mona lisa- Panic! At The DiscoFor a pessimist im pretty optimistic- Paramore

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