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Explainations and Askings

Chapter 5.

Eve P.O.V

When Claire was walking back to us I saw a mixed expression of fear, embrassment and something else that looked at lot like... Pride. "Claire!" I squel, running up to her and engulfing her in a big bear hug. "Oh My God! You were amazing! I never knew you could sing like that, or the fact that you're in a band, or that you have such a fashion sence in Goth!" I knew I was rambling on because that's when Michael came u behind me, put a hand on my shoulder and said: "Claire, you've got alot of explaining to do""Well, er, erm. (sigh) I guess I will start at the begining but lets sit down because this might take a while." Claire said and we all folloewed her back to our table that we claimed at the begining of the night. Shane, wordlessly sat down next to Claire and Michael and me sitting opposite them.

Michael P.O.V

Claire was telling us all about her time in Dallas when she was little and how her, her cousin Rex, and his two mates, Damen and Jay created a band when Claire was 8 and made loads of songs, and money by selling the songs off to famous singers that they quite liked. Of course DJ-RC (the bands name) was the origanal owners of the songs they performed tonight. They didn't want to become famous so that was why they gave the songs away, but keeping the origanal version incase the sing/band changed the song in anyway."And that's how no-one know's I can sing. Well up until tonight, and also when Oliver caught me singing away in Common Grounds, who of course told Amelie and then Myrinn caught me at the lab and to him it was perfect timing to tell Amelie as she and Oliver were coming through the portal, to ask me to perform tonight. I told them I didn't wnat to because I didn't want to blow my cover and become famous but that blew up in my face as you can see. They at least promised that they wouldn't tell anyone but then decided this."

Shane P.O.V

I can't believe Claire is such an amazing singer, writer, science geek and all in all my girlfriend! This is incredible, and also I completely understand why she didn't want and still doesn't now, want to become famous. If that happened, we never would have met her and never be in this position we're all in now. By the look on Claire's face -which has relief- written all over it, she's happy that she told us. So am I, as well as Michael and Eve. At least now CB can let go of that burden, after all it is alot!Shifting on my seat, I felt the box in my pocket move. Yes I know! I still haven't proposed yet, but I'm waiting for the perfect time. And now couldn't be anymore perfect. Here it goes, after all it's all but nothing. "Claire?" "Yes, Shane?" Claire asked me with worry crossing her expression before it left again. I got off the chair and down to one knee in front of Claire and said those all important words."Claire, I love you so much and it would be my pleasure and great owner for you to say 're parents already agreed and now I think is the perfect time.""Shane, what is it? What's going on?""Claire Elizabeth Danvers, will you marry me?"

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