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Shane was holding on to Claire for dear life. Claire looked up and her eyes widened...

Shane P.O.V

I was too slow damn it! She stabbed Claire. Monica stabbed Claire in her side, her hip but right near her stomach. Right now I was in the hospital waiting room. I went with Claire when the paramedics got there to take her away. Hannah had no chose but to arrest her, not that she didn't have any objections but Richard had a angered disappointed look in his eyes. Also and I was shocked at this but Oliver had a disgusted look in his eyes. Funny, I know right! I smirked but I was too busy to throw comments and laugh at Monica for getting arrested, about time she did too. After my sister Alyssa's death I always knew she did it. Down to the bones and now she's behind bars, I'm more than happy. A little anyway, behind bars is good but not for attempted murder on my fiancée.

I've now been in this same hospital, same hospital waiting room, same hospital chair for about 2 hours now and still no word from the doctor. Eve and Michael still haven't turned up yet and neither of them will answer their phones. Its bugging me badly and just as I was about to get up from all the cramps in my legs and arse when the doctor came in. "Claire Danvers?""That's me sir! Shane Collins sir, Claire Danvers fiancé" I answered him, shaking the doctors hand."Ah, that must have been why you didn't want to leave her side and she didn't want that ring taken from her finger" The doctor said smiling."How is she doctor? Is Claire alright?" Strangely I was sounding pretty calm about my girlfriend being in hospital, and the doctor not even telling me straight off how she is."Claire is fine Shane. She came out of surgery quite well actually. She's awake and ready to see you, she kept asking me for you. So I came straight to get you while the nurse sorts her medicine out" The doctor said smiling while leading me to one of the rooms on the third floor, room 3C. Ironic really, level 3, first initial of Claire's name.

"I will leave you two alone for a while, until Claire's medicine is needed. Please try not to exhaust her, but if she does fall asleep wake her up at about 3/4am. Its 12am now, so you've got a while with her." The doctor explained before walking off. I waited until the doctor walked around the corner then I knock on Claire's door and poked my head through. "Hey babe, can I come in?""Of course Shane" Claire replied smiling. I must admit, she did look pretty well for what happened only two hours ago."How are you?""I'm fine Shane. How are you? And also what's the time?" Claire asked innocently, hugging me."I'm fine babe and its 12am" I replied then I kissed her. We smiled at each other then I got on to her bed and we snuggled close and I let her fall asleep, I'll wake her up in a couple of hours.

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