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Out, Finally

Claire P.O.V

When I woke up I felt floaty, still very much asleep as awake. It was weird because I could hear Shane shaking me and calling me to wake up. "Shane what do you want?" I ask groggily."Time you woke up babe, doctor wants to give you your medicine" Shane replied as he came into focus.Pouting I replied, "Fine, but hold me, im scared of needles"Laughing and smiling Shane said "Ok then"

(15 minutes later)

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" Shane said looking at me with an eye brow raised. I was still shaking after everything that happened, because like I said, I really DON'T like needles. "S-sure, it was f-fine" I studdered. At that, Shane smiled and hugged me. When he let me go the doctor walked into the room holding a clipboard smiling."I'm not liking that look Doc" Shane said."Oh why not Mr Collins? Because I believe you and Claire, defiantly Claire, will be very happy to hear this news" The Doctor replied, looking at me with a knowing look."I GET TO GO HOME!" I screamed, then I started jumping up and down in circles around Shane and the Doctor, going "yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes" and then I spun around right into Shane's arms. When he wrapped his arms around me, I smiled to myself.

Finally, I get to go home to see my friends and best of all I get to be with my fiance.

"Hey, Claire. Please calm down. Otherwise you wont be able to go" Shane said setting me down on the bed."Fine, and I was right wasn't I Doc?" I asked, looking at him with a knowing look."Of course Claire, but I'm going to need Shane to sign some papers so you can go home and also, you friend Eve dropped off these late last night. But no, before you ask, she doesn't know that your coming home. So I will leave you to change and if you could please come with me Mr Collins. That would be very helpful" The Doctor said, then walking out the room."I'll be back soon. I promise babe. Then we can go home" Shane said smiling, then kissing me on the lips before running out the room to catchup to the doctor.

So lets see what Eve packed me, and hopefully go home real soon.

(When Shane got back)

"I'm back babe" Shane said walking into my room. "And your fully discharged so we can go home now!""About time! You took forever! And I'm really starting to get sick of it here. With all the anti-biotic smell and hospital food, I need a good taste of home" I replied standing up and grabbing my bag with one hand, and Shane's hand with the other."Great, lets go" And off we went out the room, out of the hospital (FINALLY!) and out into the afternoon sun and brezze of Morganville. Starting our treck home to the Glass House. With tacos and movies hopefully.

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