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She lives in central city but when the particle Excelerator burst she gained super speed and use a force like magic, but she also lost something do to the particle Excelerator she lost her older sister, she hid her powers for many years but now she wants to help save people, but she comes across central city’s hero the flash along the way but danger also lurking around the corner the more people know about her.....

Action / Scifi
Junko kinnie
Age Rating:

Before it happened

I’m Delilah and I’m 14 years old and I live in central city, for me I’m not popular but I have good friends, but my older sister she’s amazing, she’s a singer, she’s talented, famous, and so many people love her. But let’s get to where it all begins the day it happened.

It was a sunny day and I got to for first class for they day and two of my best friends are there.

“Hey Luke, Hey Mia” I said

“Sup” said Luke, “Hey” said Mia

“I can’t wait for tomorrow”

“Yeah it’s gonna be fun” Mia said excited

“Yeah it’s gonna be lit fam” said Luke a little loud

The bell rang and we took our seats, the classes after that weren’t fun but school isn’t supposed to be fun, but then came lunch. I walked in the line to get my lunch and got some of my favorite things to eat, but also I just payed for it Leah Marn is walking towards my way, Leah Marn she’s the basic mean girl and a stupid bitch. So I goes to the table my friends are sitting at quickly and sat down.

“Hey you ok?” Said Ally concerned

“Yeah it’s just the mean girl was walking my way”

“Oh not that bitch” said Mia

“Ok she is a mean bitch also she thinks she can get with me but I’m not letting her” said Luke

“Good for you.”

We were eating our lunch when the Leah came over.

“Hey Luke~” Leah said

Luke said with a sigh “hi Leah, what do you want”

“Well I wanted to know if you want to go to the movies with me tomorrow”

“No I’m gonna be watching a movie with my friends tomorrow” Luke said looking annoyed.

Leah looked mad and stormed off, we watched her but as soon as she was gone we all started laughing.

“She just stormed and she just” I said laughing

“But did you see her face” Ally said laughing

“Yeah it was like this” Luke said trying to make the face

“No it was like this” Mia said trying to make the face.

We all were just dying of laughter, it was all just fun but I never knew that day everything would change, my hole life was to change.

After lunch was the other classes but my last class was science, we where working with chemicals.

"Ok class it is almost time to leave I want to bring your chemicals home and finish what we started today" the teacher said

I grabbed my chemicals and put a cork on top of them and put them in my bag, I then walked out of school then the bullies saw me and rans towards me and I ran off, it was like I was running for my life but then my older sister's car was right next to me.

"come on get in" Said Lily.

I got in her car and she drove me home, we got there and went inside and I put my bag down,

"bullies again" she said


she said with a sigh "don't be afraid of them, stand up for yourself"

"I'll try next time"

"hey since mom will not be home till late why don't I make you dinner then we go out and see a movie"

"really" I said with a smile

"yeah really now why don't you do your homework and I'll get the thing ready for dinner"


After 6 hours from dinner to the movie theaters, it was great, but when we were walking to her car the Particle Excelerator, was turned on about to explode.

"I had fun" I said as I was skipping

"well I was hoping you did."

Then a loud crack in the and beam of light went in the air and a energy force was coming this way, it pasted us and we were about to get in the car but also I had the chemicals I did for homework on me in my bag, but a lighting hit the car blasting us back from the car, some of the lighting hit me and the container that the chemical had broke and was all over me.

I looked around for my sister but vison was somewhat blurry, I saw she was laying on the ground bleeding badly, I gathered all the strength I had and crawled over to her and held her in my arms.

"lily, lily wake up!"

She slightly opened her eyes and looked at me,

"d-don't cry, I-I need you t-to s-stay strong f-for m-me"

"no don't talk like that your gonna be ok"

"I-I'm sorry, I-I will a-always b-be with y-you, promise m-me you'll k-keep running, and f-fighting f-for me" she said has voice got weaker,

"I promise but please don't leave me!"

"I-I l-love you my sweet little sister" she finally said and her hand dropped from my face and became lifeless

"no please don't leave! please! please....." I hugged her and took my hair clip out and held it close, she gave it to me went I was little, I put it back in my hair and held her close, but everything started to turn black, and all I saw was black, complete darkness.

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