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Kyochuu Rettou X Jurassic Park Male Reader


You are the main character for this story. After an airplane crash during a big school trip, you and your classmates are stranded on a hazardous island. However, the island that they are stranded in, is inhabited by resurrected dinosaurs. You must do whatever it takes to save your classmates from surviving until rescue comes.

Adventure / Horror
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You were busy flying on a airplane, flying on it for the first time, soaring through the wind, enjoying the view, until something went wrong unexpectedly, and everything faded total darkness.

Name: (Y/N, L/N)

Hair: (favorite hair color)

Eyes: (favorite eye color)

Hobbies: reading dinosaur stuff, watching movies, hanging out with friends, surviving,

watching documentaries about dinosaurs, being optimistic, and staying positive

Other Names: Dinosaur Boy


- Oribe Mutsumi

- Naruse Chitose

- Matsuoka Ayumi

- Miura Mami

- Kai Kazuhiko


- Dreadtooth (red Tyrannosaurus Rex)

- Rapture (the red Velociraptor)

- ??? (you decide what you want)


When John Hammond, the founder of Jurassic Park, flew out of Isla Nublar with the surviving members of his endorsement team, the entire face of the company changed. There was no longer a plane to manufacture the animals and housed them in a tropical Costa Rican zoo. Now, the company became dedicated to covering up its losses while it hid itself away to lick its wounds. Jurassic Park became a huge disaster; an expensive failure that couldn't pass its first real inspection, InGen was in real trouble. They'd invested millions of dollars into bringing these extinct animals back to life and now all of their hard work had seemingly amounted to nothing more than two islands with large amount of secret dinosaurs that they couldn't even profit off of. They couldn't even talk about the animals without making some sort of big fuss, thanks to the deaths that took place in 1993. And so forth, Jurassic Park was forever abandoned.

27 Years Later...

On a foggy day. There was an airplane flying by during a takeoff, and it came from an airport located on the east of central Tokyo in Narita, Chiba. It is called "Narita International Airport." You're going on a big school trip with your friends & classmates. While you're on a plane, you're watching the sky at the window.

You're with Oribe Mutsumi, an adorable, well-endowed brunette with a love for all things creepy-crawly. She is passionate about insects with a wide knowledge in their biology and behavior. She wore a green camouflage jacket over a white shirt and dark blue skirt with black stockings, and lastly, a brown trademark cowboy hat atop her head. Though it's obscured by her hair, she also carries around a blue and white backpack that has a fish design, named 'Gomaotto.'

Oribe was currently sitting to your right at the window seat and sleeping, her head leaning on your shoulder, she was drooling a little.

You have a childhood friend, named Naruse Chitose. Who is another very attractive and well-endowed brunette. Naruse is a natural leader and has a sense of rectitude, and is constantly standing up to what she believes incorrect, such as when she defended Oribe Mutsumi when things let her down. She wore a pair of glasses and our school's uniform, a brown blazer with a white dress shirt, a ribbon around her neck, a short brown plaid skirt, and some black leggings.

She was sitting to your left, reading a book. Naruse is the class's chairman, and a Straight-A student. Recently, she joined the kendo club.

Naruse was one of your closest friends, her pushing you and tutoring you was probably the only reason you got into Houshou Private High School. She was also the one to bring you and Oribe together after you had my nasty break up with your ex-girlfriend, Jinno Misuzu. She's a slim young woman with a generous bust. She has long copper-red hair that matches her eyes.

She wears a white, long-sleeved button down shirt with a black tank-top, tiny navy blue shorts and black boots.

One time, Naruse caught her cheating on you with your homeroom teacher, and told you shortly after. Revelation was shortly followed by a confrontation with your ex, which included a lot of shouting, screaming, and slamming a door.

...It wasn't pretty at all.

Naruse introduced you to Oribe as one of her friends since high school started, you actually got along pretty well since you thought her love of insects was pretty awesome. She filled you in on a lot of cool bug facts and you shared your amount of archaeology you gained from dinosaur facts from paleontologist, Dr. Alan Grant. She finds it interesting of what you learned about archaeology and dinosaurs.

Needless to say, you and Oribe have bonded pretty quickly.

Even more so after the nasty break up and you fell into a sort of depression in which Naruse convinced me to go with Oribe and a rather hot entomologist by the name of Enoki Inaho, to a field survey. Enoki was the one who made Oribe interested in insects. She is Oribe's mentor and familiar with the ecology of insects. It was fun, you got along well with Enoki, she liked your corny jokes, that you got to beat up this unpleasant guy that the Tama no Moriyama City Forest Office decided would be our guide, thought he could try and assault Oribe. A black eye and a bloody nose, along with being tied up from a tree and left for city hall, that taught him a lesson.

After that, Oribe and Enoki kept dragging you along for further field surveys. As the trips continued, or those two just asked you to hang out, You slowly forgot about your ex-girlfriend, and started bonding a lot more with Oribe. And it escalated until you started dating, and she became your girlfriend.

Now your friends are relaxing while flying, until something bursts from the clouds, a large flying reptile, it was a Pteranodon. This single attacker is followed by 15 others, a gorgeous and terrifying sight. They attacked the plane and one of them smashed its windows in an instant. But the overeager pteranodon was too close to the jet turbine, trying to fly away, but the turbine of the plane was so strong it pulled the pterosaur in, and gets decapitated by the blades. Soon the whole aircraft was destroyed as a few passengers screamed as they fall out, now the aircraft comes falling out of the sky as it was making its way to a crash landing.

Moments later...

You woke up to see what happened and you see that you are on a deserted beach area, seeing parts of the airplane around you damaged, and noticed that you crashed on an enormous island that appears on Costa Rica. A more hazardous island, it is apart of the Five Deaths island chain. This island serves as the primary setting for the aforementioned series.

Isla Muerta (Island of the Dead)

Site C

16 Miles South of Isla Matanceros

Well that is it for now, hope you guys enjoy the prologue for this story and the first chapter will come. I decided to do my first male reader story based off the manga than the anime/movie, and also based on the Jurassic Park series, btw I am a huge fan of Jurassic Park. The intro inspiration came from Klayton Fioriti, which he explains about what happened after the incident of Jurassic Park from the movie.

Other than that,

Kyochuu Rettou (aka The Island of Giant Insects) belongs to Yasutaka Fujimi, REDICE, Shu Hirose

The "Jurassic Park" Franchise belongs to Universal Studios, Amblin Entertainment, Steven Spielberg, Michael Crichton, etc.

I'll see you guys on the first chapter, and take it easy :)

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