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The devil's youngest Son


I will mainly write this story from Lucius' perspective. As you can all see from the title, his Lucius will also play a role in this story and her father and brother will also play a role. (I hope you like this story because this is my first one. You are welcome to express criticism if you want or if you should have ideas for the long chapters then please write this. I am always open to new ideas often write stories but I hope you are not angry 😈 so let's get started !!!

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1. The Visited

This fanfiction is the videogame Lucius which will contradict Lucui's calm character.

In this story Lucuis is cheeky, cunning and a manipulative he would do anything to preserve the mask of the "innocent" for the stupid in Hills Gold. Since his biggest brother will teach him how to behave as the real son of the evil devil. That's why Lucuis will start speaking in this fan fiction and also reveal his emotions to his family for Love.

Lucius POWERS:







( think)


# telepathic #

Demonic voice

From Lucius' point of view:

/ 9:10 p.m. \

I've been here at Hills Gold for a few days. Since these "great" encounters with Gabriel and these stupid children, the detective has probably thought (yes, I just leave the son of the devil alone in my house, what should go wrong).(That idiot, although he promises my father. That he takes care of me.) I thought to myself and went to the kitchen to make myself a sandwich. I opened the fridge with telekinsis and closed it again. After I sat on the sofa and read the newspaper, then it occurred to me that I could train with my strength and I finally did.

After about 50 minutes the detective finally came back from work. The only thing that had to say was.

"Boy don't you have to be him in bed already?", "Because you know that I promised your father that I would help you with your plans, but that only works if we get up in the morning. So please go to sleep now, I have a lot of stress at work now, "said Detective (Mg) annoyed to me.

(He should have stress at work that I don't laugh, I have the devil as a father, who visits me every night in my sleep) I thought.

"Okay". I said softly and barely audible.

But the Human who seemed almost enthusiastic, especially since he had a joyful expression on his face.

"Did you just talk little one?" "That's great, maybe you can say something but only if you want, of course," Mg said to me.

But this time I went to my room without saying anything and went to bed.

/ Dream world \

#Hello my son #

(What was that? That voice in my head?) I thought to myself.

I look around and found the source of the 'noise' (Great, as if my father did nothing better than visit me, there are no more souls in hell or what?)

"What is my son?"

"Why don't you say, hello to your daddy?"

My father was sitting on his throne. My father had black trousers, a black shirt and, of course, medium-length black hair combed to the left, long black fingernails or, better said, his claws. On his neck was a black elegant leathercollar, where there was a druid foot in the middle and this leathercollar was apparently connected with a silver chain. On the chain hung a black petrus cross with a blood-red (garnet) stone in the middle.

Unfortunately I got on with the first one, my father didn't get any further. Because I became rights, stronger from two pairs of red eyes.

"Lucius Morningstar it is really nice when you look at your father and I have something to say to you," said my father in a friendly tone.

"Yes?" "But I have one more question, father," it came from me.

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