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Perfection (Diabolik lovers)


In the anime they showed it from Ayato's view, but what happens if you see it from Reiji's view? What happens if we change Yui into someone else who matches Reiji and make her "Miss Perfection", Katiara Shiroma's story in her 3 months stay in the Sakamaki Mansion.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1 :The Adoption

Today, I had to wait for the answer, the answer that would change my life. The doctor finally came to me and said "I am truly sorry Katiara , but I can't do more. Your father has very little time so he wants to see you, please follow me ."

I knew it, but why did it have to be so early, I thought. My adoptive father had health problems, he was to die soon but for me, it was too soon , I know no family except him, my dad was my everything. He always tried to convince me to marry or at least find a boyfriend , but I never told him the truth that I don't want to find love.
I followed the doctor as we entered the room, dad's eyes brightened when he saw me and he said "Oh, my beautiful daughter, were you waiting here this whole time? It's not good for your mind, you should take some rest."
"Don't worry dad, I'm alright. How are you feeling now? "I asked him, my dad was always so kind, even at this time he's worried about me. His smile never faded from his face, even though he is about to die.
The doctor got out and left us alone, I grabbed a chair and sat down beside the bed.
" I'm good. But now I want you to stay silent and hear me well "I nodded and he continued" You are still young to live by yourself, so after one day, a car will come to take you. An old friend of mine has six sons, he wants to wed one of them. It's not that I want you to marry, but it's for your safety. I have a letter which I had written for you in the library, the box under the table. It has things you will need there, if you want don't choose between them, but at least try. I am sure one of them will catch your eye, if not, you can come back here. I had some money transferred into your account, you can live by yourself. But, please my daughter, try for just three months...... What do you think? "
I was struck by that, I didn't want to disappoint him. I am a high school girl, I have plans for my future, wouldn't marriage distract me? I had to accept not to worsen his condition so I said" Dad, I will try it for you, but don't get too excited because I'm not sure if I will return to you with a man by my side..... But, m-maybe if I did, do you promise to wait as long as you can for me? And I know anything about them..... "Don't be fooled by what I said, I am not emotional at all! I feel sad for my dad, but I don't know why, the last time I cried was 7 years ago, do you believe that? Even I was surprised.
" I will try, too, don't worry dear, in that box you'll get whatever you need, but be careful. I know that you won't change your personality for a man, but be a little nicer, warm up that ice in your heart and be like the teen you are. "Dad said teasingly, I wasn't surprised by that, because he always says it. Five times a day, thirty five times a week and 150 times a month.
" Dad, are you serious? Never will I act like those crazy spoiled rich and everyone-under girls! They don't even think twice about what they do. And rule number one is, never smile to men, never show them your bright side. These are the rules I'm depending on, I will not change them, ever. "
Dad was tired of these statements but I will keep repeating them. He took a long breath and said" Ahh, fine as you wish. Keep it your way and never will a man turn to look at you. I just wish I could find the person who put these things in your mind and turn them to pieces. "He laughed trying to make me laugh, but as usual, I just smiled a half-smile and it faded quickly." Now you should start packing, so get on with it. Love you my daughter. "He said as I stood up.
I kissed his hand and went to the the door, but suddenly he started to caught. I was about to call the doctor but heard my father's voice saying" No!......... Don't,.. just come I want to tell you something.... "
" But dad - "I started, but he shook his head and gestured for me to get closer. I did, his expression turned serious and he said" I am going to add three more rules to yours, one, don't get involved with Cordelia, she is the mother of three of the six brothers. Two, don't wander alone at night, especially when the full moon is up. Three,don't let the Vampires bite. No more questions.......... you'll understand sooner than later....... "
By that he closed his eyes and went away, far away from my reach.
Doctors came in, but it was useless, they couldn't return him. I got out and rushed outside,, the driver was waiting for me near the car, I went home and started packing. Books, many books and notebooks, they took the shoulder bag completely. And a suitcase full of things I need, clothes, knives, and others. I went then to check what dad was talking about, the wooden box was under the table, dad always told me not to open it, that it was dangerous. I tell you, I am extremely curious, I once was told 'Curiosity killed the cat' but hey, I am not a cat. So I never listened to it.
I took it to my room, setting it down on the floor, when I opened it I saw three things. A notebook, a beautiful outfit and a decorated knife. Wow! I actually like the design of the knife. I took out the book first, and sat on the bed staring to read my father's beautiful handwriting.

"To my dear daughter, I must've been dead if you're reading this, I know it's hard on you, but I also know that the chance of you crying are little, so I won't tell you not to cry. I am telling you that you should not keep it in your heart. I am writing something that might make you annoyed with me, and I'm sure you guess what I mean with that smart mind of yours - "I did, I guessed it already, I am adopted, he is not my father. If you're asking how I know and why I'm saying it emotionlessly? It's because I had the feeling, any child must inherit at least one thing from each parent, but I don't. I am different from dad in many ways starting from how we think to how we write. Anyway I continued reading "Before 16 years, I was returning home from work as usual, practicing my daily routine. I entered the house and took a shower , ate lunch, and went out because the weather was beautiful. I headed to my secret place,the garden we used to play in when you were little, no one knew about the place I found there. In the back of the large pine tree I found a basement door, I climbed down and saw a large clean room. I used to go there for some time to think by myself, but at that day I found woman, a very beautiful woman. Her long black hair was a bit under her knees, her silver eyes were clouded with fear. She screamed at first and begged me not to hurt her, I didn't want to scare her so I sat some distance away from her. She wasn't dressed properly, just her undergarments and a short skirt, she wasn't answering any of my questions, so I went back home. It was a five minute run and by saying the weather was beautiful I meant snowy, I brought a blanket and a pillow and went back. I already had fixed a bed using my woods skills and a carpet for the room before so it didn't need anything except what I took. When I went back, I didn't find her, she disappeared leaving a little child and a letter that says 'take care of Katiara.' That wasn't the end thought, I took you with me, but in the second day she came, directly to my door, looking more beautiful. I thought she was going to take you, she didn't, she just gave me this outfit and the knife. I told her to get inside and that we should talk about it, she just told me that when you become 16, I shall send you to that mansion, make you wear the clothes, give you the knife, and just send you. She also said that you will know what to do there. I know it's hard to process, but after she said those things, suddenly, out of nowhere, she disappeared. I searched for her but couldn't find a clue about her, and so I raised you. I made some research about the residents of that mansion. "
I finally finished four pages and was struck, adopted, Supernatural mother what else? I wouldn't be surprised if you say the residents are vampires, hah! Gonna have to go on a mission, that's what I needed, perfect!
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