In Captivity

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Legolas groaned in frustration as he helplessly pulled at the ropes that bound his arms together.

Each member of the fellowship was being lead by a separate orc who dragged them alone by the rope that bound there hands together. While the company did not know where they were going they knew that it could be nowhere pleasant. What gave the members of the fellowship hope and strength that there quest was not yet over was the knowledge that together Frodo and Sam with the one ring has managed to avoid being captured.

The company had been traveling on for hours now in the hot sun with no sign of stopping. Sweat dripped down the faces of his companions and he could see the toll that this journey was beginning to take on the hobbits, not to mention Boromir.

The man was in serious pain from the arrow wound. Though Aragon had been permitted to clean and bind the wound before they headed out it was clear the travels had not been pleasant for the man.

Being an elf Legolas was able withstand more than most but it was becoming more and more clear to him that the others were on the verge of collapse and even he was starting to feel the effects of the journey. Constant exposure to the sun with no food or water was certainly taking its toll on the fellowship, not to mention being viciously dragged along my there oh so lovely hosts. He just had to do something to help his friends!

Knowing that this probably was not the best idea and deciding that he just really didn't care anymore, as he watched Pippen stumble for what must have been the fiftieth time, Legolas sat down.

Yep, just like that in the middle of walking, he just sat down.

The orc leading his ropes lurched back at the sudden transfer of his weight, nearly falling over in his surprise. For a moment everything and everyone stood still. The orcs were still in shock that this elf would have the nerve to just sit and the rest of the fellowship was silent in fear for what would happen to their crazy friend.

"Get up elf!" the orc snarled, tugging at the rope around his wrists.

"No, no, I think I am good, feeling a bit tired actually. Hey do you think I could get some water while we are stopped, really starting to feel the thirst you know!" Legolas spoke with a cheeky grin.

The orc just stood there sputtering while the rest of the fellowship looked on wide eyed and fearful; except for Aragon, he was just trying his hardest not to burst out laughing at his friends antics. Legolas and Aragon had been captured together more times than either could ever count and Aragon had to say this was a new tactic!


The large, head orc, whose name the members had learned along the way to be Uglúk, snarled as he pushed his way through the masses ofback orcs to where the fellowship stood, or in Legolas's case sat.


"Oh, no thank-you, I am actually quite comfortable done here, this dead grass is surprisingly soft, not as soft as the grass in my realm, but you know it will do."

Legolas's grin was cut off when a large orc fist was rammed into the side of his face at the end of his remark. "Don't speak to the master that way you filthy little elf, or I will show you the true meaning of pain." Uglúk held out his hand to the orc, "If the elf, wants a break, let's take a break…" A cruel grin spread across his face, "We have been traveling for a long time. I think that we could all use a little…..entertainment!"

At this the orcs erupted into cheers; chanting and yelling. Legolas was dragged up from his spot and thrown into the middle of the orcs while the other members of the fellowship where dragged over and tied up to the only tree around for miles.

Aragon fought and squirmed and did everything that he could to get to his friend. "Daro you miserable creatures, Legolas!"

Boromir put a restraining arm around Aragon, "Aragon, stop this, calm down!"

"No, are you crazy! We must help him, we cannot let them do this, they'll kill him!"

"Stop, you will only make it worse and you know it! You will just wind up becoming there play thing and then where would we be? The three of us injured! No, we need you to be strong if we are to have any hope of escaping and finding Frodo and Sam once again! Not to mention that Legolas would not want you to get hurt in his place!"

"Fine, but if I am given the chance don't expect me to just sit here and do nothing. The two of us have been through this many times before, the elf only has so many lives."

"You'll get yourself killed lady," Gimli piped in.

Aragon looked up at him, deadly calm, with a storm brewing in his grey eyes, filled with determination to save his friend, "Then so be it."


Daro: Stop

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