In Captivity

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 –In Captivity

"PLAY TIME!" Uglúk shouted out with a gleeful tone in his horrid voice, "Here are the rules," at this several groans of disappointment was heard throughout the ranks of the orcs.

"Now, now, it is nothing too good for the elf, don't worry. There is to be no permanent damage to the elf, and no absolutely no damage that will inhibit him from telling the master all he needs to know."

Uglúk stepped up to Legolas cracking his knuckles and smiling a terrible smile.

"Good things elves heal quickly!" At this he rammed his ugly fist into Legolas's stomach knocking the air out of his lungs.

The chants and the cheers of the orcs grew louder after each punch with each wanting a turn at the elf.

Orcs hated most beings on middle earth but they detested the elves above all other creatures. The elves had slain so many of their own with ease, one elf could take out many of their own without trouble and the orcs hated them for it. The elves made them look weak, and powerless, and oh how they just loved to put an elf in their place.

Blow after blow, rained down on Legolas.

The orcs were being careful not to cause any serious injury but that didn't mean the constant blows didn't hurt like crazy.

Still through all the pain Legolas remained quiet; they couldn't, and wouldn't, make him scream. He refused give them that satisfaction, to let them know how much he was hurting. Uglúk bent down and grabbed Legolas's chin in his filthy hands and forced him to look into his face.

He was so close that Legolas could smell the rotting flesh of his breath. "Come on you elf, I want to hear that terrible voice of yours, I want to hear you beg!"

"Never!" Legolas gasped out through clenched teeth.

"You hear that boys, it seems our little elf wants more!"

And so it continued, blow after blow, was given; to Legolas's face, ribs, chest, anywhere that the orcs could get their hands on. But, Legolas refused to make a sound.

After a while Uglúk let out a shout of frustration, kicking Legolas in the ribs. "We set up camp here tonight; tomorrow we continue on, nobody touches the prisoners without my knowledge."

The surrounding orcs let out groans and shouts clearly disappointed that the fun was over and that they would not be getting the chance to play with the others.

"ENOUGH!" Uglúk screamed, "Do as I say or you will be the main course for tonight's meal."

This certainly caught their attention and sent the orcs scrambling to do as commanded for they had no doubt that there leader would follow through on his threat.

Legolas was tied up alongside his friends, though he was quickly leaving the world of consciousness.

"Legolas, mellon nin, come on, stay with us," Aragon spoke from his place on the tree fearing that his friend had a serious concussion. "Tell me what are your injuries?"

In truth Legolas looked awful. Dark purple and blue bruises were already starting to cover what skin they could see and he could barely hold his head up or keep his eyes open.

"Ah, I'm fine Estel; don't worry so much you will give yourself even more grey hairs!"

"Yes, well forgive me if I do not trust your self-examination. The last time that your were "fine" as you so say, you passed out three minutes later from excessive blood loss and had a severe infection already setting in, and I don't have any grey hairs!"

"Not that you are so much better Estel. It seems that you manage to obtain some serious wound every time that we leave Imladris."

"Oh, says the elf that could manage to be attacked by orcs in his father's gardens!"

Laughing the two continued to bicker back and forth on who was the most accident prone to the confusion of the other fellowship members.

"What do suppose they are talking about!" Merry whispered over to Pippen

"I have no idea, do you suppose that Strider and Mister Legolas knew each other before this quest?"

Merry shot Pippen a look that clearly said no duh. "Why do you suppose that he keeps calling Strider Estel?"

"Estel, is the name given to this crazy adan by the Lord Elrond when he decided to give up his sanity and adopt Estel here as one of his sons in addition to his twins who on their own could cause enough mischief to drive all of Middle Earth crazy!" Legolas spoke having heard the hobbits talking as clear as day.

Merry and Pippen jumped at the sudden sound of Legolas's voice clearly not used to the amazing hearing of the elves.

"Just like those elves to eves drop in on any conversation," Gimli muttered under his breath earning him a glare from Legolas but he was saved from any sharp remark by Pippen.

"Wait! You were adopted by Lord Elrond Strider?! When? Why?" Pippen could hardly seem to contain himself in his excitement at this new information. Even Boromir and Gimli seemed to lean in a little closer as there binds permitted, both were clearly curious to hear the answer.

"Pippen! You cannot just go asking people about their adoption!" Merry scolded

Aragon laughed at the two hobbits "No, it is fine my friends, I have no problem talking about those who I consider my family! When I was just two years of age my father was killed by orcs and my mother fearing that I would be killed for my lineage brought me to the Lord Elrond and asked him to take and raise me while keeping my true lineage a secret even from me."

"Good thing to! I cannot imagine how unbearable you would have been had you known you were the heir to the throne of Gondor"! Legolas laughed.

Aragon aware of Boromir tensing on the topic of him being the heir to Gondor and quickly continued with his story, "So, Elrond took me in and gave me the name of Estel meaning hope in the Sindarin language and I was raised as one of his sons along with his twin sons Elladan and Elrohir. It was an interesting childhood to say the least filled with so many elves! But I was well loved and accepted by the people of Rivendell and treated by Lord Elrond as though I was truly his son. Then when I turned twenty Lord Elrond reveled to me my true lineage and gave to me both the shards of Narsil and the ring of Barahir. I was shocked to say the least."

"And quite a bit angry, I must say" Legolas spoke with a grin.

"Yes, yes, quiet you elf, let me tell my story," Aragon scolded with laughter in his voice. "I was quite upset having been raised among the elves my whole life and then being told that I was expected to leave and rule was a huge shock. I was a bit hysterical for a while there."

Legolas simply raised a perfectly formed eyebrow crusted with blood from his head wound but said nothing.

"Soon after a few talks with my brothers and father I came to accept my destiny leaving Rivendell and assuming the role as the sixteenth Chieftain of the Dúnedain and the Rangers of the North. Of course I still saw my elven family and friends every so often. We would run into different elven scouts and parties every now and then and my brothers also rode out on occasion to see me so that did make the whole experience easier to accept!"

The fellowship listened to Aragon's tale with great interest for they really knew nothing about their great leader, except Legolas of course who seemed to know Aragon's life story and more!

"How do you know Mister Legolas?" Merry unexpectedly questioned.

"Well," Aragon grinned looking over to his elven companion only for the grin to fall off his face in worry at seeing that Legolas no longer appeared to be in the land of consciousness. "Legolas! Legolas, talk to me mellon nin!"

The rest of the fellowship, even Gimli watched with worry as the ranger's attempts to wake Legolas were unsuccessful.

"Damn these ropes!" Aragon snarled fighting against the ropes, trying in vain to get free and to his friend but was woefully unsuccessful, "hey you orc, yea you, the ugly one, well uglier than most at least."

"Those two are insane! No sense of self-preservation among these monsters….." Gimli muttered under his breath as the orc in question marched over furiously.

"What did you say to me you miserable human!"

"Ah, good, say now that you over here do you think you might be able to undo these ropes for me? You see my friend that you so kindly beat up is not looking so well and I really would like to take a look athis injuries!" Aragon spoke with a cheeky grin.

"Why you…" the orc growled pulling his fist back no doubt show Aragon just how felt about his demands.


By this point all of the nearby orcs had gathered around the prisoners to see what would happen gaining that attention of their leader Uglúk. At his enraged voice all of the orcs stepped to the side giving him a direct view of the orc about to disobey his express order not to touch the prisoners.


The orc so named Gurukk, slowly turned around lowering his fist with fear clearly written on his face to see his ruthless leader glaring down at him. "S-sir," he stammered out, "This prisoner was insulting our kind and demanding to be released."

"Ah and you being the upstanding orc that you are decided to step in to defend our race and teach this man a lesson."

"Right, yes! I was just showing him a lesson, yes!" Gurukk spoke quickly, nodding furiously relief present in his voice clearly thinking that Uglúk agreed with his actions.


Gurukk shrunk back in obvious fear of his leader "please sir, I apologize it will not happen again!"

"No, no it will not," and with that Uglúk took out his sword and in one swift motion chopped of the head of what was once Gurukk.

"Let this be a lesson to you all, no one defies my orders UNDERSTOOD!" All the remaining orcs nodded furiously in agreement before running off to the tasks they were doing prior eager to get away from the furious Uglúk.

Uglúk then with his sword in hand still dripping with the black thick blood of Gurukk, turned and advance on the fellowship displeasure clear on his horrid face.

Elvish Translations:

Mellon Nin: My friend

Adar: Father

Saes: Please

Adan: Man

A/N: Oooh what will happen to the fellowship as they face an angry orc caption and what about our lovely elf Legolas! So here we had a little back story on Aragon in this chapter and soon in the upcoming chapters the fellowship will learn more about the strong friendship between our dear elf and ranger! Thank you to all my wonderful readers for reading and following/favoriting my story! Special thank to Saphira, wearylily, 2000Aerobars, and Oliv-san for reviewing chapter 2! It means so much to me to hear your thoughts on this story! So please everyone take a moment to type up a review for this chapter! I would really appreciate it!

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