In Captivity

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – In Captivity

Aragon filched back imperceptibly, only noticeable to those who really knew him, as the lead orc approached.

Straightening up as well as he could in his bounds with determination clear in his face, Aragon met the orcs eyes straight on with no fear present in his grey orbs.

"Why filthy human is it that you are asking to be released?" Uglúk spat.

Leaning over and whipping the black spit off of face and on his shoulder with a disgusted look Aragon replied "Well, unless you would like to have one less prisoner in your mist you will untie these horrid ropes and let me tend to my friend!"

Smirking Uglúk leaned in even closer "and just what makes you think wither or not I even care if pretty boy over here lives or dies."

"Because if you had wanted him dead you would have let your men beat him to death, you wouldn't have set rules that kept him from being seriously injured, and you wouldn't have forbidden any of those idiots from even touching us." Aragon said back with a smirk of his own.

No longer smiling Uglúk straightened back up and nudged Legolas's prone body with his foot. "And just what do you know of healing elves human."

"I was raised by elves, please just let me help him," at this point a pleading tone had crept into Aragon's voice as he looked down at his friend. Uglúk looked at Legolas a moment longer before bringing his sword back up and swinging it around at Aragon only for it to cut away the ropes binding him to the tree.

"Try anything other than healing your friend and I start taking fingers off of the small ones," he spoke pointing over at Merry and Pippen. He then turned and pointed at one of the orcs watching the exchange "You run and grab some bandages." Uglúk watched closely as Aragon rushed over to his friend's side and quickly checked his pulse.

Aragon about collapsed with relief to feel the faint but steading beating under his fingertips. By this point the other orc had returned throwing the healing supplies at Aragon's feet clearly unhappy that the elf was to be receiving any medical treatment but was also clearly unwilling to go against his leader's orders.

The supplies were meager and crude but they would keep Legolas alive.

Quickly Aragon set to work bandaging the various cuts and lacerations that marred Legolas's body and well as setting his various broken ribs. "E-ess-tel" Legolas's broken voice was barely noticeable at first as he came back into the world of consciousness.

Soon it was obvious that he was awake to all as ragged breaths and harsh coughs raked his lithe frame. "It's okay mellon nin, I am right here, relax." Aragon softly spoke back stroking Legolas's blond hair.

"Enough! You are to treat the elves wounds so he does not die, I don't want to see or hear him receiving any means of comfort, not another word out of you human," Uglúk growled over his shoulder. All Aragon could do was set back to work all too aware of the pain his friend was in now that he was once again conscious and silently wishing to no avail that he might pass out once again.

To soon there was nothing left for Aragon to treat and he was forced to sit back from his friend's body only to be forcibly grabbed and tied up once more.

The fellowship all had to hold back a wince as Legolas too was tied up to the tree without a care to his injuries. Once sure that all members were secure to the tree the orcs promptly left once more, leaving for the campfire to eat what looked a lot like the orc killed prior that evening much to the fellowships extreme disgust.

"How do you fare?" Boromir inquired looking over at Legolas.

Casting what was surely meant to be a reassuring smile Legolas replied "Ah, tis is nothing my friend, don't worry about me, how does everyone else fare?"

"We are all fine Master Legolas," Merry piped up. "Just Legolas please, "he replied with a small grin.

"Mas.. Legolas thank you for what you did for us," Pippin spoke quietly uncharacteristically subdued.

"Of course my friend," Legolas spoke leaning his head back on the tree.

"Where do you suppose that they are taking us?" Merry spoke fear present in his small voice.

It was Gimli who spoke to answer this time "I know not lad, but, I can only imagine that it is not going to be anywhere pleasant." For a while the fellowship just sat in a somber silence all worrying about what could be in their future.

"Aragon?" Pippin spoke breaking the uneasy silence after some time, "yes my friend?" "I've just been wondering you see, how do you know Legolas? The two of you seem to have known each other for a long while and seem to be rather close."

Despite the serious situation that they were in Legolas and Aragon both looked over at each other with wide grins at the memory. Looking back at the curious face of Pippin, Aragon saw that both Gimli and Boromir seemed to be listening rather closely to his response as well. "Well my small friend that is a story to tell, I was but seven summers old when I first met this crazy elf over here!"

"Hey! I don't believe that I am the crazy one between us!" Legolas said in mock outrage.

"Anyway, we had received word in Rivendell that a small party of elves from Mirkwood was to be arriving in a few days' time. I at that point had never met any elf from Mirkwood and so being the naturally curious child that I was I unwisely chose to ask my brothers about them."

"Why unwisely?" Boromir couldn't help but ask.

"Well if you know anything about the twin sons of Elrond it is that they are first and foremost mischief makers and I happened to be there favorite target," Aragon said with a fond smile at the thought of his brothers. "So they decided to inform my poor young self all about the horrors of the Mirkwood elves and how they were not like the elves I had met, no, these elves were dark and evil who liked to hunt down young human children and use them for target practice, or worse bait to draw out the spiders of Mirkwood."

"Wait spiders?" Merry spoke up. At this Legolas responded sadly remembering the evil creatures that had taken so many lives and brought fear into the elves of Mirkwood "ah yes, the forests of Mirkwood are plagued by giant spiders that kill and eat our people, many elven lives have been lost battling these horrible creatures."

Sensing the dark change in mood Aragon hurried on to continue his story, "So of course as the days leading up to the arrival of the elves I grew more and more fearful of what would be coming into my home until I was quite terrified of the thought of these elves.

Then they arrived," A smile crossed Aragon's face at the memory, "Adar just could not figure out why I was so adamant not to be a part of the welcoming party and I was certain that he must not love me if he was so willing to put his son before these creatures! So eventually I was given no choice and stood between my brothers as the elven party of Mirkwood rode through the gates. At a glance they looked just like any other elf that I had ever met, I must admit that I cannot tell you what words were exchanged I was so terrified!"

"Yes I remember it well, the small human child between Elrohir and Elladan positively shaking like a leaf on a windy day!" Legolas laughed, "You ran off quicker then I knew a human child to be able to run!"

"Yes, well, I was terrified! I was sure that you all were going to take me away and feed me to the spiders!"


The majestic sounds of an elven horn spilt through the peaceful air of Rivendell announcing the arrival of the Mirkwood elves. Moments later a large party of elves rode through the gates to be welcomed by the many elves of Rivendell including the Lord Elrond and his family.

At the front of the party from Mirkwood was a regal elf that gave off an air of authority and intimidation. Upon his fair blond head sat a beautiful crown of twigs and berries marking him as the notorious Elven-king Thranduil.

Taking all of this in with wide grey eyes was a small boy, not an elf but rather one of the adan taken in by the elves of Rivendell and given the name of Estel. He watched the elves with a mixture of fear and awe as he stood between his two elven brothers.

As the king approached, Estel shook with fear as he remembered all of the horrible tales his brothers had so helpfully told him of this king. Desperate to avoid meeting his eyes and drawing attention to himself Estel looked quickly away only to be met with a pair of bright blue eyes of another elf. This elf, also from Mirkwood, stood slightly off to the side of the king and looked at this terrified boy with curious eyes.

This elf, Estel noticed looked to be a mirror image of the king before him, surely this had to be Legolas, an elf even more ruthless then the king, according to his brothers that is.

Quickly breaking eye contact Estel abandoned all since of politeness and darted away from these elves as quickly as his small human legs could carry him. He knew that his father would be furious for his actions but at that moment fear for his life outweighed his fear of his father.

He was sure that since this elf Legolas had noticed him he was bound to be his next target. So he ran, oblivious to the shouts of his brothers behind him, across the courtyards and into the safety of the woods he knew so well. Once he was sure that no elf had followed him he allowed himself to curl up beneath a tall oak tree and catch his breath and his wits.

The poor boy was so confused and sad as to why his brothers and father whom he loved so much would hate him enough to sacrifice him to these evil elves! Hours soon passed by and the young boy was alerted by the pains in his stomach that he had skipped breakfast in his anticipation of the arrival of the Mirkwood elves as well as lunch.

His mind was made up. He would sneak into his home and gather what was needed for him to survive out in the woods. If his family hated him so much as to sacrifice him for spider food then he would relive him of their burden and simply leave on his own. It was easier then he even imagined sneaking back into the palace and up to his room.

In Estel's mind this was just another show of how little his family cared for him that they would have already forgotten about the small boy they had taken in and were off someplace else enjoying their freedom from taking care of him.

What he didn't know was that all of the Last Homely Home was in a panic at his disappearance and were currently in all crammed together in the dining area putting together search parties to look for him with the help of the elves from Mirkwood.

After Estel had gathered up a change of clothing and the grabbed the small sword gifted to him by his father on his day of birth last summer the boy was once again off into the woods this time leaving the safety of the Rivendell borders.

For the rest of the day he traveled swiftly by foot using the skills taught to him by his brothers to leave no trace behind. As night fell he was forced to take shelter up in a tall, strong tree vowing to stay alert all night.

But stubborn as he was Estel soon felt his eyes grow heavy and before he knew it he had fallen asleep exhausted from the day. Unknown to Estel he had chosen to make his camp right in the path of a group of orcs traveling his way.

It wasn't long before the blood thirsty creatures were only a few hundred yards out and awoke Estel with their terribly screeches and horrible stench.

Even more terrified then before, Estel clutched his sword tightly in his hands causing his knuckles to turn white at the force of his grip. Within several minutes the orcs were traveling directly beneath him.

Estel didn't even dare to breathe.

Just as the last of the orcs passed beneath his tree one decided to look up right into the eye of young Estel.

Letting out horrible screech the orc began to try and climb the tree alerting his companions of the boy's presence. Soon Estel was surrounded by seven orcs all thirsty for his blood.

Lucky for him orcs were not known to be particularly good climbers and failed to reach him in the tree.

Realizing that they would not be able to reach the boy in the tree one of the orcs took out his crude bow and aimed a killing shot directly at Estel. With nowhere to hide and too scared to move all Estel could do was stare terrified into the face of the black arrow that was sure to take his life.

As the orc drew back the bowstring Estel closed his eyes preparing for the pain that would take him to his death only to feel nothing at all.

Opening his eyes to the sounds of a battle below him he was met with the sight of several dead orcs with an arrow buried deep in their skulls and a blond elf fighting who quickly managed to dispatch the rest of the group.

With a shock Estel realized that this elf who had saved his life was none other than the Mirkwood prince Legolas!

The sounds of the battle drew the attention of the other elves nearby and Estel was so relieved to see his brothers running his way panic clear on their faces as they searched for their little brother. "Estel, Estel! Where are you?" Forgetting his previous anger at his brothers Estel launched himself from the tree and into their arms.

With tears of relief streaming down the twins faces they held their little brother tight to them in their arms. "I'm so sorry Dan and Ro, please, please, take me back, I love you."

Pulling back in shock at their brothers words the two twins looked back at Estel in confusion. "Estel, calm down gwador, what are you talking about?! Of course we love you!"

Sniffling Estel looked up at them wide eyed, "But, why were you going to let the elves of Mirkwood take and feed me to the spiders?" "Oh Estel, no! We were merely jesting with you! The elves of Mirkwood are not really evil!" Elladan quickly reassured Estel.

"Really?" Estel spoke barely above a whisper. "Yes, come here we will show you," Elrohir turned away and moments later returned with the elf Legolas by his side.

Letting at a soft peep Estel darted behind Elladan. Casting a quick glare the twins Legolas bent down in front of Estel. "Hello, there young one, I can assure you that I mean you no harm and I certainly would not wish to feed such a cute young boy to the spiders!"

Slowly, one grey eye peeked out from behind Elladan's legs and then another until Estel was looking into the kind blue eyes of Legolas Thranduilion. "You don't look very evil I suppose," Estel spoke causing the three elves around him to laugh.

"No, young one I should very much hope not!" Unable to help himself Estel felt a small hesitant smile spreading across his face as his looked at this blond elf whose eye's shinned with laughter.

Seeing that Estel was no longer terrified of the elf before him or scared that his family was abandoning him the elves with Estel in tow started back for Rivendell.

Estel's true colors started to come out as the energetic, curious boy that he was now that he no longer feared for his life. Legolas was bombarded with a series of fast questions as they walked back, but, he was more willing to amuse the young boy and rather enjoyed the innocence of them. "Legolas?" Estel spoke his tone suddenly very serious.

"Yes, Estel,"

"Do you think that ada will be mad with me for running off?"

"No, my friend, I am sure that your father will understand as soon as your brothers here tell him the exact circumstances that led you to run away into the woods and be attacked by orcs, right Elladan and Elrohir?" Legolas said with a cheeky grin!

The two twins had suddenly gone very pale, "Umm, I just remembered I had to do something important at….. at the training grounds," Elladan spoke while backing up.

"Yes, and I…I…. need to help him," Elrohir spoke turning with his twin and running of in the exact opposite direction of the training fields much to the amusement of Legolas and Estel!

"I like you Legolas! I am sorry I thought you evil," Estel spoke happily.

"I like you to, say why don't we go get you cleaned up and then you can show me some of the sword work your brothers told me you had been practicing!"

The young boy's face lit up like the morning sun and quickly grabbed the Prince of Mirkwood's hand and proceeded to drag him back up to the palace starting what would become an unbreakable friendship.


"Wow, you really thought that Legolas was evil?" Pippin spoke thoroughly enthralled with the story, "But, what happened to your brothers? Did you wind up getting in trouble?"

"One question at a time young one!" Aragon laughed, "No, I did not wind up getting in trouble but, my brothers did indeed. I recall our ada having a rather intense talk with them before they were sent to clean out the vast Rivendell stables for the remainder of the day!"

"Ah, yes, that was rather the highlight of my visit, watching those two clean up after my horse!" spoke the quiet voice of Legolas.

The fellowship sat in silence for a moment all imagining the two twins of Rivendell cleaning up after hundreds of horses and found their spirits greatly lifted. One by one the exhausted members drifted off into a restless sleep feeling just a little lighter in spirit then they had the night before.

Elvish Translations-

Ada: Dad

Adar: Father

Adan: From the race of man

Gwador: Brother

Mellon nin: My friend

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