In Captivity

Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – In Captivity

The next morning the six members of the fellowship were awoken to the unpleasant sensation of water being thrown in their faces.

"Rise and shine! Hope you caught some of that water because it is all that you are going to get from us today!" Uglúk informed them happily while the fellowship members groaned internally seeing as it was looking to be another hot day of traveling.

After each member was bound and assigned an orc to travel with, the company was once again on its way to a still unknown location. For hours they traveled, thankfully no faster than a brisk walk.

Aragon anxiously looked around him at his friends.

Boromir was pale but seemed to be doing alright even with the healing arrow wound in his side. Gimli was rather red in the face clearly feeling exhausted not to mention very hot under all of that thick hair. Pippin and Merry looked tired both not used to traveling for such a distance but otherwise seemed to be doing just fine. Legolas on the other hand was looking a little worse for wear.

His normally flawless skin was now covered in bruises that had just darkened in color from the night before. The elf had always been pale in complexion but now he was white as the sheets in Lord Elrond's healing rooms, a place both friends where very familiar with, and he was glistening with sweat even though such a journey should have barely phased the elf.

After watching the graceful elf trip for the umpteenth time Aragon fought to make eye contact with his friend.

The two had soon learned after setting out that verbal communication was forbidden and would only serve to earn a sharp punch to their already hurting ribs.

Finally the blue eyes met the worried grey ones. Aragon gave a slight tilt of his head silently asking *are you okay?* Legolas gave back a light smile that said*I'm fine* clearly trying to reassure his friend but from the glare he received in return it was obvious he was not believed.

Shaking his head at the healer in his friend Legolas looked ahead still trying to determine the destination to which that headed.

For much time all he had been able to see was miles of open plains and the occasional struggling tree here or there.

As they came up over a rather steep hill he nearly let out a gasp in shock at what he was finally able to see. There looming eerily in the distance stood the fortress of Dol Guldur; a horrible place known by most beings on Middle Earth but especially known by the elves of Mirkwood.

Once it was a thriving place, the capitol of his grandfather's Silvan realm before it was overtaken by Sauron and turned into a dark, dangerous fortress full of evil and pain.

Located on the southern border of Mirkwood, the elves of Mirkwood had, had to face many dangers and attacks from said fortress. The few elves that had been captured and returned spoke of terrible pain and darkness.

They never were the same again.

Seeing the elf tense Uglúk knew that he had discovered there destination. "Ah, like where you are headed elf? I believe that you are quite familiar with the horrors of Dol Guldur am I right?"

Anger in his eyes Legolas spat at the orcs dirty feet.

Furious Uglúk backhanded him across the face knocking him down and leaving a thin gash across his cheek.

Reaching down Uglúk grabbed Legolas by the hair and dragged him back to his feet. "We keep moving, we shall reach the master by nightfall." And so they continued on all lost in their thoughts on the horrors of Dol Guldur except for the two hobbits who mercifully had never heard of the dark place, but, from the looks on their friend's faces and the glee on the orcs it was clear this was no place nice.

True to his word the company orcs and their prisoners found themselves approaching the menacing gates as the sun began to disappear giving the fortress and even deadlier feel.

Without hesitation the orcs marched the prisoners up the front steps and heaved open the large iron doors before pushing them into the building and shutting the doors firm behind them. The interior was no more welcoming then the exterior.

Run down and looking deserted the building gave off a sense of forbiddance seeming to urge the members to leave. That was out of the question however, as the prisoners were dragged down the nearby stone steps and thrown in to the dungeon cell at the bottom.

Here thankfully released of their tight bonds and thrown harshly to the hard ground before the thick bars were slammed and then locked in place. For a moment all the six could do was try to take in their surroundings. The cellar was not overly small and was stained in various places with the blood of what must have been past prisoners.

"So," Boromir spoke trying to break the silence, "We're screwed."

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