In Captivity

Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Boromir's Tale

Together what remained of the fellowship searched the small cell for any possible means of escape, but they could find none.

With nothing else to do, one by one, they all sat down along the walls of the cell. On one side you had Pippin and Merry huddled together trying their best to look brave, but their fear showed clear in their wide eyes.

Across from them sat Aragorn who was supporting an exhausted and injured Legolas, who despite his own pain still managed to send a reassuring smile the hobbits way.

Lastly, on the wall across from the bars keeping them inside, was Boromir and Gimli.

For a while no one spoke, for no one had anything to say but, for the every curious Pippin the silence was too much. "Aragorn, do you have any more stories you could tell us?"

"Yes, my young friend I could fill your head with enough stories to quench even your never-ending curiosity, however, I myself am wondering if we could hear a tale from our Gondorian friend."

Pippin's eyes light up at the suggestion and he eagerly turned to look at Boromir, "Oh! Would you please Boromir?"

"Well, now how can I say no to that?" Boromir replied with a wide grin, "Whatever would you like to know about?"

"How did you become such a great warrior?"

"Well it had to do with my baby brother, Faramir."



"Well shot brother! Keep that up and you will soon become the best archer in all of Gondor!"

Faramir grinned over at his older brother, "Aye, and you the best swordsman."

Together the two brothers, ages 13 and 17, had cleverly evaded their respective tutors and escaped away into the surrounding woods for a day of training and fun; recently their father, the steward of Gondor had been pushing Boromir harder and harder to learn the ways of leadership. Having had enough of books and writing lessons the two decided that they needed a day off.

Once in the woods Boromir showed off his skills with a blade while giving Faramir various places to aim with his bow. The hours quickly passed by and before they knew it, the sun was setting over the horizon.

"Brother I am afraid that we must return, father surely will have noticed our absence by now," Boromir spoke with an underlining tone of worry in his voice.

Faramir snorted, hoping down from the log he was shooting from, "You maybe, I bet that I could be missing for days and he would not notice."

Boromir just sighed, it was well known by those in the palace of the blatant favoritism the steward showed his eldest born. It would seem as though Faramir was more of a bother to his father, and try as much as he may to put on an indifferent attitude about it, Boromir could clearly see his brothers pain.

"Well know this brother should you ever go missing I will most certainly notice and raise hell until you are found once more."

Faramir smiled sincerely, clasping his brothers arm.

It was not even a moment later that the telltale whistle of an arrow was heard flying through the air. Throwing his weight forward on top of his brother, Boromir watched as an unmistakable black arrow embedded itself in the tree right where they had been standing moments before.

"ORCS!" Boromir cried out while drawing out his long sword. Beside him Faramir released an arrow into the woods and was rewarded with the screech of pain from an orc moments later. Faramir was able to take out two more with his bow before they were surrounded and he was forced to draw his own, rarely used sword.

For what seemed like hours the brothers fought back to back with Boromir taking the brunt of the assault, but surprisingly Faramir was able to hold his own.

However, as they continued to fight both brothers began to tire and their moves became sloppy. A cry of pain from behind him alerted Boromir that his brother was in danger. Unable to keep himself from looking Boromir glanced behind him to see Faramir still fighting but greatly favoring his right side.

They had to get out of here, they could not hold out of much longer; not two inexperienced boys, one of whom was injured. But, the orcs just kept coming. Soon Boromir was fighting five orcs at once, barely keeping up.

Swinging his blade around Boromir was blocked and disarmed by one orc while another kicked his knees form behind. Falling to the ground Boromir was sure this was where he was going to die. Just as the orc above him brought up his gruesome blade above his head ready to deliver the killing blow when a silver dagger embedded itself in his throat killing him instantly.

Turning back in shock Boromir watched as his baby brother was stuck down by another orc who had taken advantage of Faramir's distraction.

Rage filled Boromir's chest as he watched his brother crumble to the ground. Letting out an inhuman battle cry he snatched up his sword and chopped the head of the orc over his brother clean off. Then he proceeded to fight as though he was a man possessed until the last orc breathed no more.

Covered in blood, mud, and sweat Boromir crawled to his brother's side. Faramir was a deathly pale and a dark red stain was seeping through his tunic. "Please, please brother stay with me."


"Yes, yes I am here just hang on, just a little longer."

"So tired…"

"NO, don't you dare close your eyes on me!"

Off in the distance the unmistakable shouts of men could be heard. Listening closely Boromir could hear that it was their names the men were calling out.


Moments later a group of no less then ten Gondorian soldiers burst through the trees and ran for the brothers.

In the lead was the captain of the army, Beorn, who had always had a soft spot in his heat for Faramir. In many ways he was the father Faramir never had, while Faramir was the son Beorn never had.

Beorn rushed to the brothers sides. "Boromir, you have to let him go, let us help him."

With great reluctance Boromir let released his vice like hold of his brother and allowed the healers enough space to tend to Faramir.

The other warriors quickly constructed a makeshift stretcher which the healers carefully laid his brother upon.

"We must move swiftly, the young lord has lost a lot of blood and has serious injuries," the head healer reported.

Without another thought the company moved back towards the halls of Gondor. The trip back was silent and the air was thick with worry for Faramir. Everyone loved the young quiet lord of Gondor who had a gentle spirit and a kind heart.

Boromir's heart was filled with guilt as he walked beside his brother on the stretcher and held his cool, white hand in his own. His brother was on hanging on to life because he failed as a warrior, if only he had been quicker, maybe his brother would not have not needed to risk his own life to save his own.

Looking over at Beorn, Boromir could see that the captain was seriously worried for his brother, this only served to further the guilt eating away at Boromir's chest. Finally the halls of Gondor were in sight and a whole host of healers were waiting for them at the gate to take his brother back to the healing ward.

Another set of healers ambushed Boromir, checking him over for any serious injuries and treating the various scratches and minor cuts he had received from the battle. "Please let me go to my brother, I have to see my brother."

Finally Boromir was allowed back in to the healing rooms and saw the still form of his brother lying at the far end of the room on a clean white bed. "His lord sustained several serious injuries to his abdominal area. On top of that one of the blades that struck was coated in an orcish poison which we thankfully were able to administer that antidote to in a timely fashion. In time, he shall make a full recovery," one of the healers explained as he walked Boromir back to his brother.

Boromir could now see that while Faramir was still too pale he no longer was white as death and the blood that had stained his body was now cleaned away and his body was wrapped in a multiple heavy bandages. Taking his brothers fingers in his own Boromir settled in by his side to wait until he awoke.

Several hours later, Beorn had visited multiple times as well as most of the other warriors and people of Gondor for that matter, but not their father. Boromir had never felt such hatred towards his father as he did in that moment. Did his own son really mean so little to him?

Finally when the sun began to rise once more Boromir felt the slight twitch of fingers in his hand.

"Brother, can you hear me? Are you awake?"

"Well one can hardly sleep with you making so much racket," Faramir rasped out slowly opening his eyes.

It was all Boromir could do to not throw his arms around his brother, but given his abdominal wounds that would only serve to make things worse.

"Brother, I am so sorry, please forgive me."

"Forgive you? For what?"

"If I had not let that orc get the best of me you never would have had to let your guard down to save me," Boromir spoke unable to look his brother in the eyes.

"You idiot, your my brother, I would do anything to save you, I would do it again if I had to. You did not fail; you fought like true warrior of Gondor, there were just too many."

With tears in his eyes Boromir squeezed his brother's hand "I can always count on you brother."



"And so after that moment I vowed that would become the best warrior that could ever become so that I may protect my people but most of all so that I may protect my brother."

The fellowship was silent for a moment before Pippin walked over to where Boromir sat and gave him a warm hug.

"You brother is lucky to have someone like you looking after him."

"Thank you, young one, but I fear that I am not doing so well in my brotherly duties at the moment," Boromir replied sadly.

"Well then I suppose that we will just have to get out of this accursed placed so that you may fix that," Merry said with a grin.

A sharp cruel, laugh announced that they were no longer along. "Well, well, well, isn't that just so touching?"

Hi everyone! I am so sorry that I have not updated in forever, I have had some serious writers block (and lack of writing time). Thank you to everyone who has stuck with this story, it motivates me every time that I see a review, follow, or favorite! You guys are the best!

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