Keep Me Secret || Min Yoongi


Yoongi has been an agent since before he can remember. He's trained his whole life for his missions, and has never struggled with a single one. Until Yanna becomes his mission. To keep his polar opposite target safe, he'll have to learn a few life lessons the agency failed to teach him.

Action / Romance
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Yoongi softly knocks on the door before proceeding to enter once he hears the chief's voice inviting him in. He bows low and waits for instruction to rise before asking with a flat voice, "You called for me, Chief?"

The older gentlemen lifts his gaze from his desk after the many moments of silence build within Yoongi's chest, "Yes." He says with a pause, "You've been selected... again."

Yoongi nods professionally, "Yes, Sir."

The Chief starts to organize a few papers into a folder, "I have to warn you before you accept. This mission is not going to be like past assignments."

Yoongi's brow furrows, "In what way, Sir?"

Instead of answering the younger agent's question, the Chief pulls a picture from the drawer of his desk, and holds it out for Yoongi to take.

"What's this?" Yoongi asks with caution when he takes a look at what he's been shown.

"It's your next assignment."

Yoongi shakes his head, "I don't understand. It's just a picture of some girl. What's my mission?"

"She is your mission."

Yoongi only blinks, and nods. Normally, he isn't permitted to know anything more. He gets a name, a location, and a time, and the rest is up to him. And not to boast, but Yoongi doesn't even need that much information for most of the missions he's given. Taken the man has been in this organization for- however many years it's been by now- some agents argue he is the best in the company. If one thing is true, Yoongi is good at what he does.

"You see." The man leaning back in his chair explains, "This mission requires you to protect. Your target is not to be harmed in any way. In fact, we expect the opposite. Instead of putting your life on the line to end someone else's, you will be placing yourself in lethal situations in order to SAVE your target. And if you would like to know, you were selected especially for this case considering we need someone younger than our senior agents to see this mission carried out efficiently."

Yoongi folds his hands with the picture and bows respectfully, "Understood."

"Good." The Chief smiles, "Any questions?"

Yoongi has never been the one for extra information or to ask questions after a briefing. This is what Yoongi does. He doesn't ask questions. He takes his instructions and sees them through... but maybe this time will be an exception.

"I have one question, if I can ask."

The older man gestures for Yoongi to freely speak his mind, his hand opening, and his eyebrows raising.

"Sir, why does she need such drastic protecting?"

The Chief just smiles, "Because I said so."

Yoongi immediately nods and bows, understanding what that kind of an answer implies, "Yes, Sir."

He looks back down at the picture in his hands. This girl. She looks... high school age? Eighteen, maybe nineteen. She seems happy enough. Maybe that's why she needs protecting? She's just an innocent girl who has found herself caught up in an evil world she never asked to be a part of. Yoongi starts his process of memorization, and recognition so when he finds this girl he can be sure she's the right one.

In the picture, she's walking with a huge black book bag making her slump over in her bright yellow rain boots. She doesn't have an umbrella, but her jacket hoodie provides enough covering. Her glasses have half-way fallen off her face, her hand half-way lifted towards her nose in order to fix them. She has long, tangled, brown hair, and headphones so pink they could blind someone even through all that rain.

Should Yoongi be feeling sorry for her? Her life is about to be flipped upside down. Either way, Yoongi isn't one to "feel" much of anything. Emotions have no place in his line of work. Now he just has to figure out a way to get her to the Safe House and then--

"I don't want her taken to the Safe House." The Chief suddenly says as if he was reading Yoongi's thoughts.

"How would you see this mission carried out then, Sir?" Yoongi's voice is still flat, just waiting for further instructions.

The Chief explains that he doesn't want the girl taken out of her environment. He wants her to stay steady and happy until this whole situation blows over. The Chief explains that he wants Yoongi to go undercover.

"Undercover?" Yoongi repeats, "Undercover as what?"

The Chief smirks, "What do you think? How are you gonna make an eighteen year old girl trust you enough to put her life in your hands...?"

Yoongi stands still and waits for the answer.

"Only one way," The Chief says as if it's obvious, "You're going to be her boyfriend."

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