Supernatural reboot


Sammy Winchester is a Genius Dean Winchester is a drop out dad goes missing when Dean is 17. He goes to get Sammy who is already in high school and has his own apartment Sam's only 13. After dean gets Sammy they meet a girl who says she's from a world where supernatural is a tv show will they trust this girl? Can she help them find their father or Wil it all come crashing down?

Drama / Romance
Cole Johnson
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Chapter 1

Authors note: if you watched supernatural you don't have to read this it's almost the same as the scene Dean breaks in to Sam's house on season one but it's slightly different Sam does not live with his girlfriend. And some miner parts are changed. Enjoy!😎

*Thump! "Ah sonofab*tch man! that hurt, god!" Sam heard that coming from the living room.

Sam gets out of bed, walks out of the door of his Bed room in his apartment with a baseball bat. He saw a figure slightly shorter then him Sam swings the bat at the figure but the bat gets knocked out of his grasp. The figure knocks him to the ground.

"Wow, easy tiger," said the figure.

" Dean?" Said Sam Dean laughed "you scared the Crap out of me! " said sam the figure was Dean Winchester, sam winchester's brother.

"Guess your out of practice," said Dean. Sam flips Dean over. "Guess not, get off of me. " Sam got up off of Dean. Then Dean got up but it looked like he was trying to hide a grimace but it was hard to tell in the dark so Sammy ignored it.

"Dean what the he** are you doing here?"

" well, I was looking for a beer. " Dean chuckled.

" What the he** are you doing here?" Sam said very sternly.

"Well we're gonna have to talk." Said Dean.

"Uh the phone?" Said sam.

"If I had a called would you have pick up?" Asked Dean.

*knock! Knock! Knock!*someone was knocking on the door.

"I'll get it Sammy," said Dean. He stated to go over to the door But Sam grabbed Dean's arm

"Its SAM and I'll get it" Sam pushed Dean out of the way Dean slammed against the wall.

"He's stronger than I remember." Mumbled Dean.

author 's note : hope you like.

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