Supernatural reboot

Chapter 10: Denise notices things

Denise got out Fairly quickly but Dean was a lot slower. His ankle injury was acting up again. When Dean hopped out of the car he put to much weight on his ankle and mumbled "sonofab*tch" while grimacing. Sam didn't seem to notice but Denise did.

"Ya ok?" She asked quietly expecting to hear ' no. 'I'm fine' but instead she got this response.

"I just hurt my ankle like 2 days ago it just hurts." Said Dean quietly while grimacing and limping heavily to the hotel Denise grabbed Dean's shoulder to support him but Dean pushed her away. She expected that from Dean Winchester. Dean Winchester hated people helping him. Denise sighed. Sam was already in the hotel but not for long! He walked out and ran over to Dean holding his flip phone.

"Mind if I go to my friends house for a little? Their mom just died and I wanted to Comfort her." Said Sammy.

Dean gave Sam a thumbs up "sure Sammy " Dean forced a smile.

"I'll take my skate board." Said Sammy grabbing his skate board out from the back seat of Dean's car.

" bye Sammy" said Denise. Sam sighed. Dean smiled looked down and laughed. When Sam was a good bit away Dean looked ahead and sighed he wasn't sure if he could make it with his ankle the way it was right now Dean was in excruciating pain. His ankle hurt so much he wanted to cry. But he didn't.

Dean looked at Denise shyly "can I have some help" Dean kind of mumbled this.

"Yeah," said Denise "anything for the legendary Dean Winchester. "

Dean laughed a little while Denise put her arm around his waist and Dean put his arm over her shoulder. Dean lifted his left ankle slightly. As they went back to the hotel.

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