Supernatural reboot

Chapter 11: more strange things happen

When they got inside Dean basically collapsed on the couch. Denise helps Dean ease his ankle up on the foot rest.

“Comfy?” Asked Denise.

" No I’m sweating like a b*tch” said Dean out of breath.

He took off his jacket and his flannel and was about to take off his Bon Jovi tee shirt. He stopped and looked over at Denise. “Ya ok with me taking my shirt off?” Asked Dean .

“Yeah,” said Denise ” why wouldn't I? ”

“Ok,” he pulled off his tee shirt.

" Do they like have the heater all the way up or somethin’ ? ” asked Denise.

“I guess,” said Dean while shrugging his shoulders.

“Hey ya said your friend dropped off some clothes where are they?” Asked Denise.

Dean looked around. “I don’t know” Said Dean “I’ll call her later.” Dean laid his head back and breathed out. His ankle was hurting so much he wanted to cry but he held it in. he could tell that Denise was staring at him. Dean could see the expression on her face, it was a mixture of ‘oh God he’s hot!’ And a worried look because he knew that she knew he was in pain.

Denise looked at her watch. “Im gonna go to sleep. Um... What bed should I sleep in and when Sammy comes back where you gonna sleep?” Asked Denise while raising one eyebrow

“You can sleep in any bed you want. And I’ll sleep here” said Dean while pointing to the couch he was currently sitting on. At the moment Dean was in to much pain to get up.

“Okay,” said Denise she got in the bed that was farther away from the door and it was also closer to Dean. ‘how can I fall asleep when I’m stuck in the tv show Supernatural?’ That was the last thing she thought before she fell into a dreamless sleep.

*heat of the moment Shone in your eyes!* The radio blared.

"it’s Tuesday ? Mumbled Denise sleepily "I thought yesterday was Tuesday" then she giggled at what she had just said. She turned and looked over at Dean who was still shirtless and wearing the same jeans he was wearing yesterday. His shoes were off and he was wearing grey socks his left ankle was propped up on the foot rest an ice pack was resting on his sore ankle.

" hey, Denise, " said Dean staring intently at the screen of his computer with a pair of head phones on.

"Are you watching porn?" Asked Denise .

"No! Uh... of course not! How'd you know? " exclaimed Dean while Frantically trying to turn off the computer, take off the head phones, and close the computer.

"I know the look on your face when you watch porn." Said Denise. "Oh and by the way....where's sammy? Did you ever pick him up?"

" Oh he's gonna... " Dean started to say but was interrupted by a flash of light. "What the h*ll!?"

neither Denise nor Dean could see anything but white light.

Dean felt him self being thrown against the wall, he fell to the ground and landed on his already hurt ankle. "Sonofab*tch! Son of a mother f***ing b*tch!"

then the light was gone Dean was all the way across the room clutching his ankle and trying to rub away the excruciating pain in his ankle. Denise was laying flat on her back next to Dean. "Denise? Ya ok?" Asked Dean in a shaky voice, " still clutching his ankle. His ankle was hurting twice as much as yesterday and yesterday it hurt a lot. He couldn't fight back the tears that streamed his face.

"Yeah," said Denise. "Don't say your fine cause your not." She took a deep breath trying to hold back tears and failing to.

"I'm fine" said Dean stubbornly getting up but only for a second "sonofab*tch! Sonofab*tch! " collapsing back down clutching his ankle.

Denise tried to hold back tears when she saw Dean in so much pain. Dean had always been her favorite. And even before she came to this world, when she would just watch Supernatural in her room she always cried when ever Dean was in excruciating pain.

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