Supernatural reboot

Chapter 12: Dean and Denise talk about things

Denise helped Dean get over to the closest chair.

Denise helped Dean ease his ankle up on the foot rest.

"Can I see your ankle?" Asked Denise.

"No I'm fine," said dean.

" Yeah right, " said Denise "You always say that." Denise was trying to hold back tears."Dean, you collapsed!"

Dean looked down tears streaming down his face. Dean Winchester winced as a sharp pain rushed up his ankle. "Dean reached down to take off his sock he got off his sock but winced at the pain it caused.

Dean's ankle was slightly swollen and bruised all around the ankle.

Trying to lighten the mood Dean looked down at his ankle and said "eh, I've had worse."

"Do you have any ace bandages or somethin '?" Asked Denise.

"I have an ankle brace in my duffel bag." Said Dean out of breath.

Denise walked over to his duffel bag and searched around till she found it.

Denise walked back over to Dean and gently lifted his ankle to put the brace on Dean winced.

"Sorry," said Denise.

"It's ok sweetheart," said Dean.

When she was done putting the brace on She asked "how's it feel?"

Dean got up and put his braced ankle down. He walked a few stiff steps. The brace was limiting most of Dean's movement in his ankle. "It feels way better than before." Said Dean and he was telling the truth. There was almost no pain.

"So why didn't you wear that brace before?" Asked Denise.

"Because it limits a lot of movement and I walk REALLY funky so I didn't want Sammy to know." Said Dean he sat down and pulled on his sock.

Dean.Dean. Dean

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