Supernatural reboot

Chapter 13

Dean and Denise were laying on one bed watching Batman returns while eating extra cheesy popcorn. They were snuggled up next to each other. Dean had his ankle elevated on two pillows.

"Oh! I love this part!" Dean said pointing to the screen. Dean and denise watch as Batman takes to villains and bangs their heads together. Then theres a knock at the door.

Dean sighs "I'll get it," he wiped off his hands pauses the movie. Then gets up. He stiff legged limps over to the door.

"Bobby!?! What the hell are ya doin' here?" Asked Dean.

"Sam told me to check on you and the new girl," said Bobby . He looked down at dean's braced ankle. "And what the hell happened to your ankle?"

Dean shifted his weight. "Long story."

" Ok... Well can I come in ya idjit? " said Bobby

Dean sighed. "Yeah,"

Bobby walked in and sat down next to Denise. "I'm Bobby singer," Bobby held out his hand.

" Yeah, I know" said Denise. "I'm Denise Sam Harrison" she shook Bobby 's hand.

"Your middle name is sam?" Exclaimed Dean.

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