Supernatural reboot

Chapter 2

Authors note: a lot of what they say in this chapter is the same but there are differences. And it gets really different in chapter 3 or 4 so... Yeah, enjoy!

Sam opens the door. ” Oh Jessica, hi. ”

“Ya ok I heard lots of loud noises.” Said the blond Haired girl named Jessica.

“Hey. Dean, this is my girlfriend, Jessica. ”

Dean looks at her appreciatively.

“Wait, your brother Dean?” Said Jessica

Jessica smiles and Sam nods then Dean grins at her and moves closer.

“Oh, I love the Smurfs. You know, I gotta tell you. You are completely out of my brother’s league.” Says Dean

“Just let me put something on.” Says Jessica kind of Embarrassed .

Jessica turns to go But Dean says ”No, no, no, I wouldn't dream of it. Seriously.''

Dean walked back over to SAM without taking his eyes off Jessica. Sam watches Dean with his classic b**** face.

“Anyway, I gotta borrow your boyfriend here, talk about some private family business.” Said Dean while smiling and winking.

“No, whatever you want to say, you can say it in front of her.” Says Sam .

”Um. Dad hasn’t been home in a few days." Says Dean looking Sam straight in the eyes.

"Dads working a lot he'll be back sooner or later." Says sam.

" ok let me rephrase myself. " Dean took a deep breath "dad's been on a HUNTING trip and hasn't been home in a few days. "

"Jess will you excuse us." Says sam. " I might not be back for a while. "

"Ok bye honey." She kissed Sam on the forehead.

When Jess was gone Dean said "ok let's hit the road, "

" Alrighty, " said sammy "let's go!"

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