Supernatural reboot

Chapter 3

Author's note : here's where it gets different.


Two days later


"It’s all the same Only the names will change Everyday It seems we’re wastin’ away Another place Where the faces are so cold I drive all night..."

"Dean!" Whined sam.

dean was driving and looking for a hotel or motel to stay at. The song that was playing was wanted dead or alive by Bon Jovi. Dean was singing along. And we'll Sammy hated it when Dean sung along with the music.

"What sammy?!" Exclaimed Dean clearly annoyed.

"Can you stop singing along with the music? Especially Bon jovi."

"come on sammy! I picked you up from Stanford two days ago! Could you stop being such a b*tch?! " exclaimed Dean. Dean stopped the car they were at a red light. He turned towards Sammy deans forest green eyes meeting sam's brown ones. "and what's SO wrong with Bon Jovi?"

" I just don't like it " said Sammy.

"Well driver picks the music shot gun shuts his cake hole." Dean turned up the music. Then the light finally changed.

All of a sudden a blond Haired girl appears in front of the car (or maybe Dean just didn't notice her) Dean tries to stop but ends up slightly bumping the girl. the girl collapsed Good thing Dean wasn't moving to fast or it could have gone way worse.

"Oh my god!" Cried Dean frantically. He unlocked the door and quickly got out. Sammy got out in a similar manner. Dean rushed over to the girls side. She was wearing ripped jeans a black tank top tucked in, a black and silver belt, a silver chain around her neck and black biker boots with buckles on the sides.

Dean picked up the girl "sammy open the door." Sam walks over and opens the door to the back seat. Dean gently lays the girl in the back seat Dean feels for a pulse and sees if she's breathing. "Ok theirs a pulse and she's breathing." Dean looked tried out and ever sense Dean had picked Sammy up from Stanford Sam had noticed Dean looked like there was something wrong with his left leg cause he limped basically all the time sometimes his limp was more pronounced other times not.

"Lets take her back to the hotel." Said Dean trying to hide a grimace as he limped heavily to the driver side door. Sam didn't ask because it would end with a fight. Of Dean saying he's 'fine' and Sam knowing he's not.

"Dean was driving a lot slower than he usually does. 'his leg's probably acting up again' thought sammy. 'Why won't you tell me Dean?' thought sammy. 'I worry about you '

Authors note: hope ya like

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