Supernatural reboot

Chapter 6: in the know

Dean cleared his throat thinking bringing her to the hotel was a bad idea. But Dean thought she was so hot "How do you know my name?" Asked Dean making his voice go an octave lower.

"In my a world y-y-your on a-a-a tv show" said the girl Dean noticed the girl had a stuttering problem but he thought it was kinda cute. The girl had almost the same eyes as Dean. Dean was starting to think this was a bad idea but Dean thought she was hot as all get out. Dean remembered that this happened to dad a couple years back so he asked:

"How do you not know your not in the past when the actors were younger?" Asked Dean while raising one eyebrow, limping over to the chair and easing his sore ankle up on the foot rest.

"B-b-because I was ran over by a black 4 door hard top 1967 impala with the License plate KAZ2Y5 and you and Sammy were in it. " Said the girl " wait did I d-dent it? Oh Chuck I h-hope not! "

"Um there is a little dent but...." Dean started to say but was interrupted by the starstruck fan.

"I'm SO sorry" said the girl she reached over and hugged dean.

"I see you two bonding" said a voice from behind Dean. Dean turned moved out of the hug and turned around. it was sammy.

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