Supernatural reboot

Chapter 7: coffee

"Could ya ever learn to knock?" Asked Dean and the girl at the same time. They both look at each other.

Sam laughed then shook his head looked down and smiled. His glossy hair flipping around in his face. "I bought coffee, ya want some..... Uh..... Ma'am....?" Asked sammy .

"Sure Sammy and my name's Denise" said the girl

Sam looks over at Dean with a classic b*tch face.

"What's with the b*tch face sammy?" Asked the girl.

Sam looks back at Dean " how much did you tell her? "

"I didn't tell her any thing." Said Dean.

"Can we just have our coffee? I'll explain later." Said Denise.

"Ok," said Sammy he handed Dean and Denise their coffee. Sam handed Dean two cups of cream. "Ya want some cream Denise?" Asked sammy.

"Yeah sammy, 2 please." Said Denise still really excited, nervous, and confused all at once.

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