Supernatural reboot

chapter 8:What????

"So you're saying that you're from a parallel universe where we are a the show????" Asked sammy.

"Yep" she said.

"Uh... Alrighty then, um...." Said Sammy he had his head in his hands and was rubbing his head almost as if a migraine was coming in.

"Are you ok? I mean I-I ran over you," said Dean surprised at the stutter that came out.

"Yeah I feel fine except I'm st-starving" said Denise. "Oh and I smell. I need a new shirt."

Dean walked over to his duffel bag and grabbed out a flannel. "Here," he tossed it to Denise. "Its gonna be big,"

" thanks" said Denise. She walked into the bathroom to change. she smelled the shirt. It smelled even better than she imagined it smelled like cherry pie, bacon and cinnamon. She took off her tank top and put on the shirt. She buttoned it up and rolled up the sleeves. The shirt really was huge but it was okay. She never thought in a million years that she would be wearing one of Dean Winchester's flannels.

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