Supernatural reboot

Chapter 9: a dream come true

"Ok sammy, you go sit in the back seat." Said Dean .

"Why?" Whined sam.

"Because she's a guest and She gets to sit shotgun."

"Do I have to shut my cakehole?" Asked Denise.

Dean looked down and laughed. "No sweetheart."

Denise giggled at the fact that Dean called her sweetheart. 'He calls every one sweet heart' Denise thought. "Okay" she giggled and hopped in.

************************** at the diner


"This is the best bacon cheeseburger I've ever had!" Said Denise with her mouth full.

"Yeah I know right?" Said Dean with his mouth full.

"Would you guys please stop " said sam taking a drink of his water.

"What?" Asked Dean his mouth still full.

" Never mind! " said sammy then took a bite of his salad.

************************** after dinner the car.


"So is this a dream come true to you?" Asked dean. The song fire of an unknown origin was playing quietly in the back round.

" I don't know..... sure I guess, " said Denise while looking down and smiling.

They pulled into the hotel parking lot. Dean turned around to Sammy who was now...... Asleep.

" You thinking what I'm thinking?" asked Denise.

Dean nodded he grabbed a white plastic spoon gently stuck it in Sam's mouth. He took a picture then went over to the radio. Turned it up high. And sung along so did Denise:

"Fire of an unknown origin took my baby away!" The instant the music turned up Sammy jerked awake and batted at the spoon in his mouth.

" Dean what the h*ll was that for? " exclaimed sammy.

"No reason," said Dean nonchalantly. "Let's go. Oh and a friend of mine texted me and said she dropped of some clothes for you She hopes they fit." He was looking Denise directly in the eyes.

" Ok, " said Denise.

'This really is a dream come true.' Thought Denise.

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