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I Love You For You

By Prigle_TARDIS

Adventure / Romance

Chapter Four

I was sitting underneath a tree reading The Bell Jar on August 31st and it's about time too, It's just one more day till I get to Hogwarts and begin my 5th year at Hogwarts and learn from all new stuff.

“Lucy!” I heard someone call my name, I look up and see James come running to me

“What you want James?” I asked when I went back to my book

“Why are you outside?” He asked

“Because I want to enjoy the nice world around me while I read a good book” I answered

He nodded “I swear! You and Moony are always reading. He is right now reading in our Hang Out” James said and took a seat next to me

I look at him “you just can’t sit still and read a book that’s all”

James mockingly, put his hand over his heart and a fake pain face “you think I can’t read a book”

“other than school books” I said smirking

“and you are right Snowy, you are right” James said smiling.

I smile back “okay, leave so I can go back to reading” I told him pushing his arm to get him to move “Naw I’ll stay here with you and just listen to you read” he said

I smile and begin to read out loud at where I was

“These girls looked awfully bored to me. I saw them on the sunroof, yawning and

painting their nails and trying to keep up their Bermuda tans, and they seemed bored as

hell. I talked with one of them, and she was bored with yachts and bored with flying

around in airplanes and bored with skiing in Switzerland at Christmas and bored with the

men in Brazil.

Girls like that make me sick. I'm so jealous I can't speak. Nineteen years, and I

hadn't been out of New England except for this trip to New York. It was my first big

chance, but here I was, sitting back and letting it run through my fingers like so much

water.” I read out loud and I continue, James listening.

~September 1st, 1974~

James, Sirius, Remus and I were walking into Kings Cross Station about to run into the platform

“LUCY-LU!!” I heard someone yelled and I only knew one person who calls me that I turned around and see my fiery-red hair friend, Lily!! “LILLY-LILS!!” I yelled back and I ran and hugged her just ignoring my stuff

“I got your stuff, Snowy!” James yelled and he ran into the brick wall disappearing from sight

“How was summer?” Lily asked I looked away

“its...was fine” I said “come on let's get to platform!” I said changing the topic quickly

We both ran into at once and we were by the beautiful ruby red train of the Hogwarts Express

I smile “oh it's great to be back!” I said smiling and started to get into the train and headed to a compartment. When I enter the compartment I only saw one person, and that was Remus reading a book and I smiled “Hello, Moony!” I said as I sat across from him “where are the other three?”

“I have no clue, Luc” He said looking up from his book”They are probably not on the train yet since Prongs did take your stuff so you can talk to Lily” he told me

I giggle “hey it’s not my fault that I love talking to my best Girlfriend” I told him

He nodded and went back to his book I look outside seeing all the kids saying goodbye the there parents moms,dads and even grandparents. I mentally sigh. I look over to the compartment door when Sirius and James came in side holding three luggages “How could you leave me with your stuff, Snowy!” James complain

“Because I was talking to Lily, she even told me that she might ask you out this year” I said with a straight face

“SHE DID!?” He asked

I nodded “yeah she said that she started to fall for you during the summer” I told him

Both Remus and Sirius were trying to hold their laughter in as they can see that it was a joke

James smiled “okay I have to play it cool”

“or was it that she will date you when she was dead” I said tapping my chin that’s when Remus and Sirius laughed out loud and James look disappointed

“thank you for getting my hope up, Snowy”

I wink at him ”No Problem” I told him I look around

“Hey where is Peter?” I asked

They all shrugged “not sure”

I nodded and the train begun to move. As I gaze outside not listening to everyone's conversation ,I think about what my life become but Hey, I don’t mind I got away from my abusive father, but yet there are moments where I need to look up to someone, I sigh and just continue to look outside of the window. The compartment door open, I looked over and smiled “Lily!” I said excitedly Lily came over to me and sat down next to me “what happen over the summer?” she asked suddenly

I frowned at her “nothing, at all” I said “why ask?”

Lily look at me up and down a full body then her eyes rested on my leg that had a long scar my eyes widen She saw it!

“He hurt you didn’t he?” Lily asked looking at me I refused to look at her in the eyes, I nodded “yeah, but I got away before he can do any more damage to me so I went to James house since I knew your sister didn’t like witches so I went to the second person I trust more and that is James, because he’s like a brother I never had”

“Why, thanking Snowy” James said since he was listening to our conversion so was Remus and Sirius. I nodded and look at Lily in her eyes and see that she was… smiling? wait what?

“Why you smiling I thought you would be mad for not telling you anything or for lying to you?”

Lily shook “no, I understand but next time just tell me stuff even if it is hard” I smiled and nodded “Got it!”

“Oh I found them!” I heard and see that the compartment door was open, the one yelling was “Alice!” I went over and hugged her! then see Molly coming over and she joined the hug “yay all my girls are here!” I said smiling and the compartment was now, full I ended up sitting next to the boys while the girls sat across from us. We all started to talk about our summer break. The Next Thing we knew that we were at Hogwarts, we all left the compartment and split into five when we got to the carriage. James, Sirius, Remus, Me and Lily since we still haven't seen Peter, The it was Alice, Molly,Arthur who appeared with Frank who was followed with Severus who was still friends with Lilly but had to stay with the other group.

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