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A Way to Heal My Soul

By Izumi's Apprentice


A Way to Heal My Soul

"You don't think I'm strong enough to do this?"

"Stupid girl. You think it will make you strong to hurt yourself?"

"Oh, it does if it hurts you more," without batting an eyelash, Regina downed the drink confidently. Brows curling shortly afterward, a pained expression flew to her face and she struggled to take a seat, the pain in her abdomen near unbearable.

Cora stepped forward, a hand coming to rest upon her shoulder. "" she cooed in concern.

"Get the hell out of my life!" Regina roared, glaring at the floor in front of her, feeling the twisting and twining of organs rearranging and shutting down.

"Oh, Regina..." Cora started, listening to her only child whimper. "I really did come here to help you. I love you. I wanted you to have a child for your own sake. If I wanted to take your power I'd find a much more direct way." She wanted to turn over a new leaf for Regina, but the foolish girl would never listen to her.

Regina's focus remained on the goblet and when her mother spoke again, a single tear raced down her cheek. It was all she could bear to display in front of the woman who scorned her throughout her childhood. The woman who bared witness to her pain and refused to listen to the pleas of a trapped girl.

"Now please take one last piece of motherly advice. I hope you learn what it's taken me a lifetime to realize about myself. The only one standing in the way of your happiness is you," Cora spoke smoothly, hoping to instill this information in the queen who looked at her. She turned on her heel and began walking down the hallway to leave the late King Leopold's castle.

"Go back to Wonderland, mother. I don't need you!" Regina retorted seething, her hand firmly gripping the table beside her as she watched her mother walk out of her life. Hopefully forever. Once she was certain her mother had magicked her way to wherever the hell it was she intended to be, the queen hissed in pain and sunk back onto the chaise beside her, trying with her wavering might to retain her tears. Heaving in shaky breaths as her hands clutched her stomach desperately a single word escaped her lips before she cried out with another painful spasm.

A comforting hand curled around her bicep and in her blurry vision, Regina caught a glimpse of golden ringlets. "Maleficent," she murmured, gulping as she straightened up to look her friend in the eye. The dragon lady tilted her head to the side, wondering what had sent the mighty queen spiraling down a path that led to tears and pain. She could smell the weakness, the fear in the brunette and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her into an embrace. Regina clung to the fabric of Maleficent's dress, burying her face in the pale skinned neck.

"What happened, Regina?" Maleficent asked in that smooth, sensual voice that always made the young woman feel safe and at home. "I smell your mother has been here," she added softly, knowing it was a sensitive topic of which they've spoken only once, but the sorceress had gained all the knowledge she required to keenly avoid the subject in future conversations. Able to know what might set Regina off or discern what may have affected her that led back to her childhood.

Regina whimpered in response, her body shaking with sobs and she shook her head lightly, unable to admit her folly. Her head did tilt in the direction of the table briefly, but it was enough for the dragon to notice and she focused her magic upon the goblet she saw resting there. Immediately she winced, narrowly avoiding a sneeze upon realization of the ingredients. "Oh, Regina...why would you do that to yourself?" she queried, pushing the brunette back by the shoulders to look into her eyes.

"Mother wanted an heir from me. A way to control the kingdom once and for all. But...I miscalculated. Perhaps she did want to help after all..." Regina finally managed to spit out, choking back the bile the admission had sent to her mouth. Her mother correct? It was laughable that the woman could ever be anything but conniving and wretched, looking out for only her goals.

Maleficent's chin tilted up in further understanding. It always led back to the Heart-Ripper. She was under the impression she had been trapped in Wonderland, and then brought back to the Enchanted Forest by the pirate, Hook, deceased. She must have fooled Regina into believing such. It stoked an anger within the dragon at how horrible a parent could be towards their child. She couldn't blame Regina for what she did, not ever trusting the woman herself. A human without their heart was a dangerous thing and the sorceress much preferred to avoid power-hungry individuals like that. Sighing to assuage her own destructive desire, Maleficent lowered a hand to Regina's abdomen when the girl shook with a last remnant of pain, and a soft glow ignited. She couldn't fix the queen's infertility but she could ensure the pain receded and remained far from mind.

"Thank you," Regina murmured, both of her hands grasping the one Maleficent had used to heal her. Her chocolate eyes were downcast at their hands as she concentrated on evening her breath. "I never gave it much thought, but now that I can't have a child...I find I want one," she revealed, biting her bottom lip nervously.

The sorceress smiled slightly. "That's not surprising. When without, the desire to have is far stronger. Having children isn't for everyone, perhaps you may be one such individual, perhaps not. But there are plenty of children who may need a home in your future, should that be a path you wish to pursue. Never feel obligated to, though, Regina," Maleficent spoke serenely, uncertain if she should reveal her own current desire. It was hardly the place after what her friend had put herself through, but she was slowly coming to terms with the decision. No, not now.

The queen looked up at the blonde and a ghost of a smile crossed her face, but she looked down too quickly for anyone who didn't know her to see it. Spending as much time as she had with the woman, Maleficent caught it, her own smile widening. "I suppose you're right," Regina agreed, taking in a deep breath of air, warm and heavy with the dragon so close to her. The heat from the larger hand was a comfort as she clung to it, her own fingers relaxing with the continued touch.

Regina's tongue darted out to lick her lips as she sought cerulean orbs that were easy to melt into. She had always had a special connection with Maleficent since reminding her who she was and kickstarting her life again. What she hadn't realized was that the dragon had roared to life because of Regina, and stayed aflame because of that companionship, that friendship, that...magnetism. If it weren't for Stefan attacking Regina, Maleficent may never have transformed into a dragon again. Wide, welcoming blue eyes stared into brown, ignoring the feeling that something incredible was going to happen. Slowly, the brunette leaned forward, eyes fluttering closed before she captured the blonde's lips in an intoxicating kiss. Involuntarily, Maleficent felt herself gasp at the intimate contact, but rather than pull away in shock, she kissed Regina back with equal fervor, wrapping her free hand around the nape of the queen's neck.

They pulled apart when breath was a demand, foreheads resting together as the brunette collected her thoughts. She didn't apologize, didn't feel the need to. "I...need to feel something. Anything..." she admitted, her chest heaving as she gulped and looked into Maleficent's eyes again. It wasn't an escape, she wasn't intending on using the dragon, she finally felt free enough to be herself. To come forth and give herself fully. All at once and not at all Regina felt herself free falling as though flying through the sky, hardly registering the fact soft, plump lips were once again dancing upon hers, her back cushioned by the pillows of the chaise as she sensed the older woman hovering above her. She kissed back desirously, groping Maleficent's dress for a hand hold, quickly becoming flustered so instead tangled her hands in blonde curls, keeping their faces close.

She moaned when a hand raked up the side her body and Maleficent's lips trailed down her neck sensuously languid. Regina's eyes closed as she tilted her head back and a tongue protruded to lick the tops of her breasts, chest heaving upwards for more contact. A dark chuckle escaped the dragon's lips, the vibration on her lips tickling the queen's suddenly sensitive skin. Maleficent left a sweet kiss on each breast before capturing those alluring lips she adored once more. "Is this okay?" she murmured, unable to mask the attraction in her eyes and the seductive tone of her voice.

Regina's eyes opened and she blinked for a few moments before they half lidded and she tugged on Maleficent's hair to smash their lips together in another heated kiss of tongues and teeth. She roved a hand over the blonde's body and cupped her breast tentatively, hearing a low groan in response as a smirk came to her face. Before she could tease her again, they were magicked away to the glorious four-poster bed Regina claimed as her own. The remainder of the night was spent giving and taking in a most magnificent clash of two hearts with nothing but each other in mind, the entire world left behind as they flew to the heavens and back on a cloud of true ecstasy and love.

Months later it was unbearable to admit the folly of underestimating a desperate couple.

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