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What if the phone call hadn’t come? Yes, I’m talking about the CALL which brought Arnav out of Khushi’s spell, on the DIWALI day.

Romance / Drama
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What If...?

IPKKND 9th Anniversary Special OS



Arnav was totally enthralled by Khushi’s beauty who was shining like a star in a RED saree. He moved towards her like an iron particle that moves towards a magnet. He cupped her face and leaned towards her plumy lips.

He arrested her lips and put it into his mouth prison for stealing his heart. Being a diabetic, he tasted the most sugary thing in the world. Now, he didn’t feel to avoid the sweetener which he usually does. As he consumed the sweetest thing, his EGO-INSULIN decreased from his body. Then he must feel dizzy. That’s what happened to him. He lost his consciousness… mind and himself. He dropped himself on a pure, innocent soul who was being prisoned by him. He pressed himself on her, forgetting who really he is. He was not mighty ASR but soft-hearted Arnav.

They stood losing themselves. That’s when Arnav’s phone started to ring, making their trance end. Arnav opened his eyes and sensed the most feathery substance in his mouth. He got apart shockingly. Khushi was also in the same state. They were looking at each other not understanding how did they let it happened between them. Seeing the shocking expression on Arnav’s face, Khushi closed her eyes. She cursed herself for giving-in. She left the place in a jiffy. Arnav closed his eyes in annoyance. How could he do that with a girl who is not his? How and why did he lose his control so easily?

Anjali saw Khushi running towards the exit.

“Khushiji, where are you going?”

“I have to go home Anjlaiji”

Saying she rushed out, not waiting there.

When Arnav came to the party hall, his eyes were automatically searched for Khushi. But she was not there.

“Anjali bitiya, where is Khushi?” Nani asked.

“She went home, Nani”

“But why?”

“Don’t know, Nani. I think she got a call from her home”

“Why did you send her alone? Today is Diwali. It’s not safe for a girl to travel alone”

“She was in a hurry, Nani.”

“Call her after the party ends and get to know what happened”

Arnav gulped hard. He left the place silently, towards Laxmi Nagar. He was looking for Khushi all the way to her home. When he reached her house, he saw her getting inside. He waited for a long to meet her. But she didn’t come out. He lost his patience. At the same time, he was not ready to leave the place.

The man who was waiting to write her name with Shyam’s name didn’t get a chance to do that because of Arnav’s presence. Shyam was perplexed when the man told him the matter. He asked him not to do that. The man left the place silently. Shyam got irritated, seeing Arnav waiting outside GH. He hid behind Happy Singh's carriage and waited for him to leave. Arnav dialed Khushi’s number twice and she didn’t respond to it. Arnav left the place getting angry.

Shyam slowly stepped into GH and as usual, he started his drama. Buaji knocked on Khushi’s room door and called her. Wiping her face Khushi came out. She didn’t smile at Shyam.

Buaji slowly started,

“Khushi, Shyam is here to wish you and also hear your acceptance”

That’s it….

“Buaji try to understand. I don’t want to marry Shamji. I can’t even think of him like that. I too have feelings Buaji. Please understand. Shyamji is just my friend”

She said in a flow… without any intention… as she was not in her sense. She was guilty… she was repenting for what she did a few minutes ago.

Saying she got inside the room and started crying. Everyone stood like statues.

“What is this Jeeji?” Garima perplexed.

“I don’t know what is in her mind”

Buaji was about to knock the door again, Payal stopped her, blocking the door.

“Didn’t you hear what she said? She said Shamji is nothing but her friend. Will you force her to marry him Buaji? How could she spend her life with a man who she doesn’t have any feelings?”

Buaji and Garima were shocked to the core. They looked at each other painfully.

“Payal is right Jeeji” Garima agreed.

“Shyam babuwa, Hope you understand,” Buaji said joining her hands.

Shyam was about to say something,

“Please… leave….” Said Buaji.

Shyam left GH fuming. What the hell is wrong with Khushiji? He had no idea. He believed he could turn things into his favor again, with the help of his buttering words.

Arnav didn’t get the sleep that night. From where did he get the courage to kiss a girl? Why did he get close to her forgetting his limit? And that KISS? He sat on the bed closing his face with his palms. He had crossed numerous girls in his life, but he never thought of touching them. Why Khushi? And why didn’t she try to stop him? Didn’t she fight with him always? Why not today?

Next Morning

The first thing Arnav did in the morning is dialed Khushi’s number. But it was switched off. He threw the mobile on the bed in frustration. Don’t know what she is thinking of him. Whatever, couldn’t she say it directly like always? Why the hell she switched her mobile off? He had no idea. He wanted to speak to her for once. But how?


Lavanya rushed to Anjali completely tense.

“What happened Lavanyaji?”

“Di, Dad got a heart attack. I have to go to him”

She said with teary eyes.

“When Lavanyaji?”

“Today morning. He is admitted to the hospital. I should be with my mom.”

Arnav who came downstairs heard it.

“Chotte, could you arrange the tickets?”

“I will try, Di”

He dialed Aman to arrange Lavanya’s ticket. Aman arranged it in an hour.

“Your ticket is ready Lavanya. Your flight is at 6 o’clock. You should be at the airport at 4:30 for immigration. Be ready at 3:30”

Lavanya nodded yes and packed her stuff. Lavanya was ready at 3 o’clock.

“You have time Lavanyaji”

“I would like to meet Khushi before leaving India, Di”

Arnav raised his head from the laptop.

“I thought she will come today. How could I leave not meeting her? So, I will visit GH before going to the Airport.”

“Ok Lavanyaji. ”

“I’m leaving Di”

“Lavanya, I will drop you,” said Arnav.

“It will take time ASR”

“That’s ok…”

Hari Prakash loaded her bags in the car and Arnav started the car towards Gupta House.

“Lavanya, if anything needed, just call me”

“Sure ASR”

Arnav stopped the car in front of Gupta's house. Lavanya got down from the car and knocked on the door of GH. Arnav expected Khushi to open the door but it was Payal. Lavanya went inside and Arnav sighed. He wanted to meet Khushi. After the kiss, she didn’t attend his call… and switched the mobile off. Damn…

Inside GH

“Arrey, Lavanya, how are you? Yehhhh Kusiiii, See, who is here.” Buaji shouted.

Khushi came out and stunned seeing Lavanya.


Lavanya smiled at her.

“What happened Lavanyaji? Is everything ok?”

“No, chamkili… I’m going to London. Dad got a heart attack” she said sadly.

“Whaaat? Is he alright?”

“He is permitted in the ICU. Mom is alone. I want to be with her. That’s why I’m going”

“Don’t worry, Beta. He will be alright” Garima consoled her.

“Haan bitiya, by Nandu Kishor's grace, he will get well soon”

“Could you come to the Airport with me, Chamkili?”

Sha asked pitifully. Before Khushi said anything,

“Why not? Go and drop her Khushi” Garima ordered.

Khushi nodded yes.

“Let’s go Chamkili”

They came out. Khushi got thunder stuck, seeing Arnav’s strong and content gaze on her. She gulped hard and clutched Lavanya’s hand.

“Why did you call me if Arnavji is accompanying you, Lavanyaji?”

“Don’t you know ASR? He just drives the car. But your company is a different Chamkili. And I don’t know when we meet again”

“Why are you saying like that?”

“I don’t know what exactly Dad’s condition is. So how could I say anything now? I may not come again.”

“What does it mean, Lavanyaji? What about Arnavji?”

“ASR is always ASR, Chamkili. He was… is… will be the same. And he is clear in that. Then what’s the use of spending my life waiting? So, I’m going to my parents who need me”

“But… Lavanyaji…”

“I think I’m not destined for ASR. Leave it Chamkili. Please come with me”

Khushi nodded yes. She took back seat and Lavanya also sat beside her. Arnav started the car towards the Airport. His eyes were on Khushi more than the road but she didn’t even look at him for once which irked him to the core.

They reached the airport at the right time. Lavanya hugged Khushi to take her to leave. She shook hands with Arnav and went to the immigration section. Arnav looked at Khushi.

“I will go by auto,” She said looking at somewhere.

Arnav came in front of her.

“What did you say?”


Clutching her hand, he started walking, while dragging her.

“Arnavji, leave me… everyone is looking at us”

“Then Shut up and don’t create the scene”

Opening the car door,

“Sit in the car”

“No, I…”

“Sit in the car… Khushiii” he said taking a step towards her, tightening his jaws.

Khushi sat in the car. Occupying the driver seat, Arnav looked at her furiously.

“Why didn’t you attend my call?”

“Call? I… I didn’t get your call”

“Stop Lying. I called you two times last evening, standing outside your home and your mobile switched off today morning. Why the hell did you switch off your mobile?”

He shouted gritting his teeth as usual.

“I didn’t attend your call because I know what you will say which I don’t want to hear.”

“Whaaaaat?” he frowned. His expression changed when she continued…

“I don’t know what happens to me whenever you come close to me…. Why my heart beats faster when I see you… why I’m searching my solace in you…. I really don’t know why I’m getting weaker in your presence.”

She cried, closing her face.

Of course, Arnav Singh Raizada is an egoistic man. He losses temper if she challenges him. But… if she surrenders… he is the best consoler in the world. At first, he was shocked at her outcome, as he expected her outburst like always. But when she put her heart in front of him, a thin smile spread on his lips.

But… he cursed himself when she continued…

“I know what you will say…. You will say “it does nothing to me” which I don’t want to hear.”

Arnav closed his eyes. He couldn’t blame her though. It’s him who created such thought in her mind. she is thinking that whatever happened between them is not at all matter to him. How did she know that how did he suffocate the whole day?

He started the car said nothing. His mind is not in haste as he got a clear picture of Khushi’s mind. Giving answers through words is not ASR’s style.

Khushi sat straight wiping her face. But her eyes didn’t stop its job of flowing. Dropping her in GH Arnav rode towards RM all the way thinking about Khushi.

Closing his room door, he sat on the recliner, searching answers for Khushi’s “I don’t know whys”

That’s when he received a call from Lavanya.

“Haven’t you checked-in yet?”

“My flight is one hour late ASR”


“Actually, I thought to talk to about something, after reaching London”

“Tell me”

“My father didn’t get a heart attack”

“”Whaat?” He was shocked.

“Yeah… he is fine”

“Then why did you lie?”

“Because I wanted a reason to go from Delhi…and from your life”

“I didn’t get it”

“I had seen something last evening, ASR”

Arnav had frozen hearing that. Did Lavanya see him Kissing Khushi?

“I saw your constant gaze followed Khushi which I never had seen for me”

Arnav gulped.

“And I saw you wearing an anklet, keeping her feet on your thigh, forgetting your EGO”

“Lavanya, I…”

“You may not know what LOVE is because you never mind about it. But I know ASR. What I saw in your eyes for Khushi is love. What could we name it when a man kneeled down in front of a girl dropping his ego?”

Arnav closed his eyes.

“Understand your feelings, ASR. Meeting a beautiful girl is not a big deal for you but you never had shaken like last evening… right? Please put your ego aside and accept that you have fallen in love with Khushi. She is a girl of values. Don’t break her heart.”

“But… you?”

“Feeling must be mutual in any relationship, ASR. You were right in your point from the begging. It’s me who built a hope”

“I’m Sorry Lavanya”

That’s ok. Let’s continue as friends. I don’t say I’m fine. But I’m sure, I will be…”

“Could I do anything to make you feel better?”

“Yeah… you have to”

“What’s that?”

“Marry Khushi… she is the ONE, ASR”


“I have to go… will talk later”

She disconnected the call.

Arnav felt bad for Lavanya. At the same time, he was glad that she accepted the reality wisely.

He was also glad for getting answers for his wired actions towards Khushi. Is this what called love? Of course, if he loses his mind and heart and does something beyond the limits then what’s that?

How would he say I LOVE YOU? After all, he is a man who needed a lot of rehearsals to say just SORRY.

Khushi’s “I don’t know, whys” echoing in his head.

“Why my heart beats faster when I see you… why I’m searching my solace in you….I really don’t know why I’m getting weaker in your presence.”

He remembered how she hugged him in the hospital. Falling on the bed, he smiled thinking about falling for Khushi.

Next Morning

Anjali was on call.

“How is your father Lavanya?”

“He is fine, Di. Di….”

She dragged.

“What happened Lavanya?”

“Mom wants me to marry, dad’s partner’s son. She is worried about Dad’s condition. She thinks dad will be alright if he sees me settling down. She doesn’t want me to wait for ASR nor does she want me to force him.”

Anjali was shocked.

“But Lavanya…”

“I don’t think she is wrong, Di. How long they could wait when Dad’s condition is critical?”

“Are you accepting their decision?” she asked worriedly.

“I’m sorry Di. I have no choice. I want to make my parents happy”

“I can understand but what about Chotte?” She chocked.

“Can I say something?”


“Ask him to marry Khushi”

“Khushi?” she frowned.

“Yeah… just tell him about my marriage and ask him to marry Khushi. He may agree”

“But…” she wiped her tears.

“Only Khushi can handle ASR, Di. Didn’t we see that many times? Just give a try. She suited him than me.”

“I will try Lavanyaji. Thank you so much”

“Thank you for everything, Di”

They disconnected the call. Anjali started to think about Lavanya’s suggestion. She conveyed it to Nani. She became excited.

“I always want Khushi like a traditional girl as Raizada Bahu”

“Can we try?”

“Why not? I too saw him not interested in Lavanya. We will try for Khushi”

“But, Chotte doesn’t like her”

“Don’t forget Anjali bitiya, opposite poles always attracts”

As Anjali also likes Khushi so much, she too wanted Arnav to agree. And she believed that she can make Arnav say YES.

They waited for Arnav and saw him descending stairs.

“I can’t believe Lavanya could do like that”

“Please don’t be upset Nani”

“I told you she is not a suitable girl for Chotte”

Arnav couldn’t understand why they are talking about Lavanya like this.

“What happened, Di?”

“Lavanya is getting married to her father’s partner’s son”

“Whaaaat? Who said?”


“Lavanya? When”

“She called me”

Arnav frowned. Why didn’t she call him? Is it true that she is getting married?

“I would have searched a good girl for Chotte. Because of her, I stopped the process”

Arnav rolled his eyes.

“I want Chotte to get married as soon as possible.”

“But how”

“Why not? Can’t we find a good girl for Chotte?”

“What rubbish are you talking to?” Arnav said irritatingly.

“Chotte, listen to me at least now,” Nani said sternly.

“Nani, I’m not ready to marry anyone. And that’s final”

Saying he was about to leave the place.

“What can we do Anjali bitiya, I thought to ask Khushi bitiya’s hand for Chotte.”

“I know Nani, you always wanted Chotte’s wife to be like Khushiji. But what we can do, if he is not listening to us”

Arnav stunned at their decision of marrying Khushi to him. They really want him to marry Khushi? he couldn’t believe everything can fall in a place so quickly.

Arnav came back and sat beside Anjali.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you, Di. Actually, I ….”

“I can understand Chotte. You don’t have to bother about us and our wish”

She said sadly.

“Di, how could you decide without knowing Khushi’s wish?” he put them into the process.

“Means, are you ready to marry Khushi if she is ready?” Anjali asked wiping her tears.

“She fights with me but she is not a bad girl…..”

“Exactly, she is a good girl Chotte. She will be suitable bahu for our family. What say?”

Arnav nodded yes. Anjali hoped happily.

“Nani, we have to go to GH”


“Di, relax”

“Not until I bring Khushiji to our house permanently”

Arnav faced a tough time to control his smile.

They heard Manorama….

“Whaaat? Patti said is going to be our bahu?”

“Stop calling her as patti sadi Mami. Chotte may get upset with you” Anjali chuckled.

“Call Damadji and tell him,” Manorama said.

“He went to Lucknow Mamiji. We will tell him when he is back”

“What so urgent Anjali bitiya?”

“Of course Mamiji, before Chotte’s mind changes,” she said looking at Arnav.

Arnav went to his room smilingly. He was excited to meet Khushi. Raidazas were ready to go to GH. When they reached GH, Garima, Buaji, and Payal came out with a plate to go to the temple. They got confused seeing Raizadas at their doorstep. Still, they welcomed them. Khushi perplexed seeing them. She had no idea why they are here. She refused to look at Arnav but he was looking only at her.

“We are going to take Khushiji to our home,” Anjali said smilingly.

Garima and Buaji glanced at each other.

“But, Lavanya went back to London. Then what would she do in RM?” Buaji questioned.

“We want her to fill the place which Lavanya left”

They looked at her shockingly. What does that mean?

“We are here to ask Khushi bitiya’s hand for Chotte” Nani broke the egg.

Khushi’s eyes popped out in disbelief. She couldn’t hold her eyes from looking at Arnav who stood not looking at him till then. She found him smirking at her. That smirk mixed her stomach up. Guptas were hesitant but they understood that something is wrong with Lavanya.

“We will be happy if you agree to this marriage”

“We are so glad but Payal is elder than Khushi….”

Buaji dragged hesitatingly.

“No problem Buaji. We will wait.” Anjali.

“Haan Madhu Mathiji, as of now, we confirm this proposal.”

They gave Shagun to Khushi. Khushi was standing like a statue couldn’t believe anything. Arnav Singh Raizada is ready to marry her. She thought that she would wake up from her sleep anytime as she believed it must be a dream.

Raizadas took leave from Guptas. As per their plan, Garima, Buaji, and Payal went to the temple with additional happiness.

Khushi was sitting in the living room, staring at the floor blankly. She jerked hearing a knock on the door. Coming out of the spell, she opened the door. She was bomb shelled seeing Arnav standing. Khushi moved back when he stepped in. Closing the door he stood folding his hands.

“What did you say?”

“Whaaaattttt?” she stammered.

“It does nothing to me… or something?”

Khushi gulped.

“I thought….”

“I will throw you after crossing the limit?”

“No… Arnavji…”


“I was….”

“Confused. Right?”

He began to take steps towards her and as usual, she moved backward.

“What about now? Are you clear?”

She was stopped by the dining table. Arnav kept his hands either side and locked her.

“I asked, are you clear now?”

He asked smiling. How cute he looks when smiling she supposed.

Khushi nodded yes hurriedly.

“But you look tensed. Why?”

He tucked her hair.

“I… Water….”


“I’m thirsty,” she said gulping down.

Arnav gave her the glass of water smilingly, looking at her panicking figure. Khushi gulped it in a go. Taking the glass from her hand he kept it on the table. Next second, clutching her waist he lifted her and made her sit on the dining table, making Khushi’s heart rush erotically.

“Are you ok with this marriage?”

Khushi looked at him widening her eyes.

“I mean, do you like me?”

Khushi closed her eyes gulping.

“Answer me”

Taking a deep breath she nodded yes.

“I know”

She looked at him opening her eyes.

“That’s why you allowed me to kiss you.”

She blinked her eyes parting her lips.

“And I too like you, that’s why I kissed you”

A cute smile crept on Khushi’s face. She bowed down blushing. He lifted her chin. In no time, Arnav pulled her from the table and hugged her smilingly. Khushi rested on his chest closing her eyes.

“When will Amma and Buaji come?”


“Ok. Send me off with a good-bye kiss”

Khushi broke the hug and looked at him.

“Why? We are getting married. Remember?”

“But, Amma and Buaji….”

Before she completed it, she was kissed by him…this time with full consciousness…full of passion. Breaking the kiss, he cupped her face.


“I too love you Arnavji” she hugged him again. Arnav hugged her back feeling ecstatic.

The End

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