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Chapter 2

Part 2

Arnav was standing at the poolside looking at the sky as usual. He couldn’t believe that he is going to marry Khushi Kumari Gupta. The girl who entered into his life like a rival…who never missed a chance to fight with him… who didn’t hesitate to stand against him? The man, who writes his own destiny, smiled thinking about his fate.

“Don’t know what she is doing…she should be blabbering something.” He supposed.

He thought about the only condition which is delaying their marriage. “Payal’s Marriage” until Payal gets married; he and Khushi can’t get married.


Khushi was sitting in front of Devi Miya’s idol, munching a jalebi.

“What’s all this Devi Maiya? Don’t you have limits for your drama? I got engaged to Arnav Singh Raizada… could you believe this? I can’t believe that. I agreed to marry him but I don’t know how I’m going to handle his WHAT THE for a lifetime”

She stuffed one more jalebi into her mouth.

That’s when the GH landline rang. She attended it.



Her eyes popped out as the call was from Arnav.


“Haan, m…m… main”

Khushi bit her nail.

“Are you there Khushi?”


“Have you guys got any proposal?”

“Proposal? What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about Payal’s proposal”

“But why?”

“Didn’t your Buaji say we can get married only after Payal’s marriage?”

“But you just came today. How could we get proposals for her in one day?”

“Ohh yeah…. Good night”

He disconnected the call. Khushi looked at the phone frowning. Did he really call her to ask about Payal’s marriage?

Switching off the lights, Arnav laid on the bed smilingly. Being Arnav Singh Raizada, how could he say I just want to hear your voice before sleeping?

Next Morning

Akash was pleading on the phone.

“Please Payalji… listen to me. I love you so much. You know very well I’m in love with you from the beginning.”

“But your mother won’t accept me”

“You just leave it on me Payalji. I will make my mom say YES”

Not only Akash but also Payal jerked hearing,

“I will never say yes to Patti sadi’s sister”

“I will talk to you later Payalji”

Disconnecting the phone, Akash went to Manorama.

“Ma, please don’t say like that. I love Payalji very much”

“No… it will never happen. That Padi sadi trapped our Arnav bituwa and now her sister?”

“You know they are not that type”

Raizadas gathered in the living room hearing their argument. Arnav raised his brows as it was an unexpected issue.

“I want you to marry a rich and stylish girl. So, just forget that Patti sadi’s sister”

“But, Mamiji…”

“You shh…top Anjali bitiya. Don’t make me say NO to you”

“If Akash bituwa likes the girl then what’s your problem?” questioned Mama.

“I want my bahu to be a rich girl, equal to my status. That’s it.”

“I don’t care what you want. I will get them to marry” Mama shouted.

“See, that Patti sadi’s sister changed everyone against me, before stepping into this house”

Manorama rushed to her room crying. Akash looked at Arnav miserably.

Arnav knocked on her door.

“No Arnoow bituwa… don't say anything...pleeej…”

She continued crying.

“You are right Mami. Expecting a rich girl as your bahu is justified. But you should make yourself ready to dance on her words because no rich girl will like to be in your control. She will make you do things for her because you are not rich by birth and everyone knows that. Akash is already upset with you. He won’t support you over her wife for sure. If you want to stay like a queen, you have to accept Payal because she will never go against you. Akash also will be grateful to you. The decision is yours… whether you will be a queen or a slave. I will find the richest girl for Akash if you want”

He left the room giving her the space to think.

Since the time, Guptas put the condition about Payal’s marriage, Arnav was thinking about it. Now he got a good chance to implement it. Khushi will be happy if her sister also becomes Raizada Bahu. Payal is a good girl. Akash will keep her happy and Guptas would be relieved about their daughters. Let’s see, what Manorama decides.

Manorama was thinking about Arnav’s words. He was not wrong. A rich girl won’t like to be in her control. But she can make Payal as her slave. She waited for Akash to approach her. As expected Akash came to her room and kneeled down in front of her.

“Ma, please, if you don’t understand me then who else will understand me?”

Manorama was silent.

“I believed you will never say No to my wish because you never said NO to me. I want your acceptance as you are very important to me”

“I don’t know how much I can believe you”

“I promise. I will keep my word”

“Let’s see”

“Please say yes to marry Payalji”

“All right, I say yes only for you”

“Thank you ma… you are so sweet”

Akash rushed out and did an announcement about Manorama’s YES.

Anjali was so elated.

“My both the brothers are getting married”

She fed sweets to everyone.

“Di, where is Jeejaji?” Akash asked.

“He is in Lucknow for a case.”

“When will he come?”

“He said nothing about his return”

“We will go to Payal’s house after him returning”

“No no Akash, we should go to Gupta House today itself before Mami’s mind gets changed. We will give him a surprise. Let him know about your marriage when he returns”

Akash nodded OK.

Arnav Singh Raizada smirked as his trick worked. The only hurdle to his marriage removed by him itself. What will be Khushi's reaction? He was curious to know about it... no no... he wants to see her face when she got to know about it. His smile widened when she thought about her bows like brows and widened eyes.


Raizadas were ready to go to GH. That’s when Manorama received a call. It’s an overseas call. Her face brightened, seeing the number.

“ohh my Nandhkisor”

“Maasiiiiii… call me Nk”


“Yeah… short and sweet”

“NK bituwa, I will talk to later as we are going to fix Akash marriage.”

“This is not fair Massi. How could you forget Nk?”

“It’s just an engagement Bituwa. Marriage will happen only with your presence”

Akash chuckled inwardly, seeing Arnav's annoyance.

Manorama disconnected the call and they started towards GH without announcement.


As usual, Khushi opened the door. As usual, her eyes popped out, seeing Raizadas at her doorstep. She smiled at them like an idiot.

“Namaste Naniji… Namaste Mamiji… Namaste Anjaliji…”

“Khushi bitiya, it’s not necessary to greet every single person.”

“Ji… Naniji”

“Will you let us in?”

She gave them space to enter and was about to close the door, someone stopped her, keeping a hand on her hand. Khushi was dumbfounded as the touch felt familiar to her.

To be continued…

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