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Love at first sight


Ivey and Brody meet at school they start to like each other then Brody starts to catch feelings for her but she has to tell him she is a demon from the underworld but she will not hurt him

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1 talks to boy

He came up next to to my locker and he look in my eyes and he smiled I looked at him and said "is this your locker " and he replied with " yes it is are you the new kid everyone is "talking about". Yes I am I need help getting to miss Smith class can you help me sure he said" and my name is Brody what's yours " I'm Ivey so we're is the class it down the hallway on your left. Thx see you around I walked in the class room and I took the empty seat in the back and then I saw Brody walking in a sat down beside me and the girls on the other side of the class started talking about him and I rolled my eyes. I whisper to Brody your popular arent you because the girls been talking about you. He smiled and looked at me and said "yeah them girls get on my nerves ". I told him meet me at recess ok. sure ok he said. About an hour later it was time go to recess Brody met me at the bench and he said "what did you tell me? I said you mite not believe but I'm a demon from the underworld but I only go after evil I won't you or anyone good here ok. He said wonderful you can protect our school from robbers and stuff I replied with don't tell anyone ok I can't let anyone know my secret" Ok but do you wanna come to my house later and can I have your number.

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