Listen To The Wind Blow


Erotica / Drama
Charlie Hoffman
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

"You lost, Daddy?"

Johnny's leaning against the counter smiling at the older man with the lovely, long and pale hair tied back into a ponytail. Normally, Johnny stays far away from bars like this, the clichéd gay pubs with the shitty Cher albums, bad lighting, and 'VIP' backrooms cut off with velvet rope. Sunni, however, wanted to have some company when they came to meet with a potential new client, and so far has been stood up.

Johnny, however, may have found some luck with the man in front of him now. This man with cool, blue eyes and the remains of what must have been an impressively strong jaw when he was closer to Johnny's age.

Which must've been forty something years ago, Johnny thinks to himself as he smiles over the rim of his vodka. Yet, the man had a confidence Johnny finds attractive. After all, he'd been giving Johnny looks all night, nodding at him when eye-contact was returned.

Joe's been watching the young man with the slim body and curly brown hair for a while now. He's built exactly how Joe likes them: long and lean, hips smooth and angular. Even the right facial features, with those sharp cheekbones and that fine nose.

It helps that he's wearing a mesh top and rather tight jeans. It helps a lot.

Joe hasn't been in the mood for a man in a while, but tonight is oddly different, and Eric is unavailable. He doesn't even usually go to clubs or bars for this sort of thing. Despite himself, he's getting far too old for it.

But tonight, Joe has been itching for something new.

He smiles when the younger man finally strikes up conversation, and he turns, tilting his head in invitation.

"Not lost at all. Found exactly what I'm looking for, in fact."

Johnny blushes prettily, and is thankful for the poor lighting hiding evidence of it. He forestalls his answer by drinking a bit more, and sets his now-empty tumbler on the counter.

"Flattery gets you everywhere," Johnny replies, charm coming easy when the way is smoothed by alcohol.

"Not flattery, just stating a fact," Joe says smoothly, finishing off his own drink and clinking his glass against Johnny's. "I came looking, and I've found what I was seeking."

"Do you dance?" Johnny asks with a little smile, and leans in close to murmur near the stranger's ear. "That is to say: do you wanna dance with me?"

He raises an eyebrow at the invitation, and his hand goes to rest on the younger man's hip. "I do, a bit, though do you really want to be seen on the dance floor with an old bear like me?"

Johnny grins and settles his hand over the one at his hip, keeping it there.

"Mm, wouldn't have offered if I didn't wanna, man," he replies and lets his lips brush lightly over the other man's ear. "Besides, maybe I like makin' everyone jealous. Silver foxes and bears are very in I hear, and I struck gold finding two in one."

Joe chuckles at that. "Well, if it's fashionable, I suppose we'd better go along with it, hadn't we?"

He takes Johnny's hand and pulls him onto the dance floor, pulling the boy back against him so that the younger man's ass can grind on him to the beat. He's never been much for dancing, but this can hardly be called dancing--more like humping--to music. And Joe can go along with that.

Johnny can do this, is quite good at bump-and-grind dancing, and so shows off the flexibility and endurance he's mastered at the clubs with this new partner. The man's hands are large, meaty even, and there's a pleasant heat coming off of them as they travel over Johnny's body.

The young man could get used to this, and it's been some time since he had a sugar daddy in-person. The Webcam business has been steady enough, but not overly lucrative, and the older men who buy him little trinkets too far and vulgar for him to get equal enjoyment from the relationships. If he can get a name or a number from this bear, though...

Johnny will get to work on it while he's got the man now. He's glad he wore the neon-green mesh number tonight, it seems to have his dance partner's attention, if the bulge digging into Johnny's ass is anything to go by.

One hand goes back to cup the back of the older man's head, playing with the long hair bound back there, and Johnny leans back to press open-mouth kisses along the man's jawline. He swears he can feel Sunni's eyes on him from the bar, which makes him smirk against the fine cologne-scented skin. Just because one of them is having a bad night doesn't mean they both must.

Joe always considered himself a bit too old and refined to do the whole bump-and-grind thing to techno or house or whatever the kids are calling this music these days. But, well, he wanted Different and he's getting Different. And he can hardly complain. The kid has a lovely, round ass, and he knows how to use it, grinding back against Joe even as he arches his neck back to kiss at him.

The fact that this young man - who doesn't look a day over 19 or 20 - is so enthusiastic makes Joe's cock twitch in the cleft of the boy's ass.

He tilts his head so that he can kiss the younger man in return. One hand stays on the boy's hips, helping guide him, and the other slides up over the mesh until it finds a nipple, which he squeezes and rolls between his fingers.

That gets Johnny gasping, and his lips curling into a wicked smile as he jerks his hips back into Joe harder. The man's not really bitten Johnny's hook, he's coming to realize. It's more like they've gotten their lines tangled together.

"Hmmm," he hums, and lets his teeth scrape lightly over the older man's jaw. "S'nice, Daddy...Should give you a lil' treat."

Johnny adjusts a bit, pulling his head forward in time to see Sunni walking away from the raised stage at the back of the bar where the DJ is stationed. Sunni, Johnny notes, is smiling directly at him. The reason for it comes floating through the air as the first few notes of some heavily remixed hip-hop song starts up.

"Oh shit," Johnny murmurs, and turns himself around in Joe's arms, looping his own around the man's neck to speak directly in his ear.

Joe raises his eyebrows as the younger man turns to face him, and his hands move down to cup his ass, squeezing it gently. He certainly can't complain about this position, either.

Johnny leans in, and Joe is about to kiss him ...when he hears the boy's words: "The gays are gonna go crazy. Brace yourself."

"They're what?" he asks, but then he sees it for himself. A song he barely knows comes on, and the energy in the room just spikes upwards. There's some cheering, but mostly more intense grinding and dancing. Joe can see several couples making out as they dance, and he raises his eyebrows. He's certainly never seen a song work so powerfully as an aphrodisiac.

Joe can't help but ride that crest of energy, grinding forward harder against his partner, leaning forward to bury his nose in the young man's hair as he squeezes his ass.

There's a press of bodies around them, everyone jostling one another gently but finding that sort of unique rhythm that comes with crowded dance floors like this. Johnny's proud of his older partner as the man takes to it all with aplomb.

Clearly this place is not his usual fair, Johnny notes, and teasingly kisses the man's chin.

There should be just enough room for Johnny to slide down and rest on his knees without being stepped on. Johnny takes one of those hands kneading his ass, and raises it up to rest in his thick, curling hair.

"Give it two sharp tugs if you want me to stop," he speaks clearly and loudly into the other man's ear, and kisses his temple.


"I'm going to give you a gobbie!" Johnny shouts, vaguely annoyed.

"WHAT?!" Joe shouts, now looking more confused despite having heard him.

"I'M GONNA SUCK--you know what? Nevermind."

Joe can't hear a word the other man is saying to him, but when his hand is placed in the boy's hair, he keeps it there, and watches in surprise as the young man sinks to his knees gracefully and unzips his pants.

Johnny's hand slips in and wiggles past the other's briefs, and takes out the man's cock. It's not terribly long, but thick, and grows thicker already in a few short pumps of Johnny's hand. His mouth descends on it with little fanfare, and he sucks the man to the pounding bass beat.

Joe lets out a soft moan, hand buried in those curls, eyes falling shut as the boy takes his cock into his mouth without further ado.

And fuck, this kid is good with his mouth.

Johnny smirks inasmuch as he can around the hardening length in his mouth. It seems the man's caught on, and is more than happy to go along with Johnny's lead. He bobs his head along with the beat, the other dancers around them providing just enough space and a protective blockade from the bartender's view.

A lot of things can slide by in this bar, but outright cock-sucking on the dance floor is frowned upon. However, that's only if the perpetrators are caught. So, Johnny's tongue keeps playing along the head of the other man's cock, letting his teeth scrape lightly over his sensitive skin.

Joe moans in pleasure as the younger man bobs and weaves his head, combining tongue and teeth in all the right ways to drive him nuts. He begins moving his hips to the beat, thrusting lightly into the boy's mouth along to the beat of the song. His fingers clench in the boy's hair, but don't tug.

When he opens his eyes, he notices that most are ignoring them, though a few glance in their direction every so often. Someone raises his hand for a high five, and Joe gives it to him, because fuck, this is hot as hell. He kinda wishes everyone would just stop what they're doing and watch, but most are caught up in their own dance partners.

Johnny misses the high-five above him. There's too much blood pounding in his ears mingling with the bass and the sounds of others around them. It's a cocoon of noise, and the drugs and drink still flowing in his system carries him away from everything. Everything but the heat and salt pulsing on his tongue.

There's an art to sucking off another man, and Johnny's well-practiced at it. He hollows his cheeks as he sucks and pulls back, letting the tip of his tongue play at the slit. His teeth scrape again, careful not to go too hard, and takes him in fully to the base of the other man's cock. A gentle cupping of the balls, and Johnny's swallowing around the shaft and massaging at his partner in a way he knows is sweet torture.

Joe's had plenty of blow jobs in his life and this, he knows, will go in the top three. The way the younger man is playing with him is nothing short of expert. It's absolutely electric, with the boy knowing just when to lick and suck and bare his teeth.

The deep-throating is unexpected, though Joe realizes he should not be surprised in the least, not with this level of skill. The working of the hot, tight throat around him pushes him to the edge of an orgasm, and he feels everything in him tense, vibrating, ready to explode. When the kid reaches under and plays with his balls, that's when he loses it. His cry is lost in the pounding noise of the club, and he pumps his seed down that welcoming throat.

Johnny fights back an urge to cough, and just pulls back to let himself swallow it down and breathe. He pulls off nice and slow, licking the other man clean before tucking him back into his slacks. Dragging the back of his hand over his mouth to clean up a little more, Johnny gets back up from his knees with only a slight wince.

It's not the most comfortable place or position after all.

"Mm, should find somewhere quiet to sit for a bit," Johnny suggests to the other man, the music not quite so loud and pounding now, but the floor remains crowded.

Joe leans down, grabbing the boy up and kissing him. He can still taste his seed on Johnny's lips, and this makes him want to get hard all over again.

"I can get us access into a VIP area," he yells to Johnny over the music. He takes the young man's hand and goes to the bartender, showing him a credit card.

"Ooh, fancy!" Johnny shouts back, lips still tingling from the eager and forceful kiss. When they near the bar again, Johnny catches Sunni's gaze, and shoots his friend a quick wink.

Sunni rolls their dark eyes, raises their hand to mime a phone, and mouths: 'Call me.' Then, with swish of long, black hair, Sunni's set money on the counter and heading for the exit.

Johnny shrugs and lets his potential sugar daddy lead him upstairs to the bar's only pretentious feature.

The bartender nods with a little smirk and gestures one of the staff over, who in turn leads Joe into one of the nice, plush VIP rooms above the dance floor. They can look down below into the club floor, but there's also a lovely dark curtain there for privacy.

"Bring us a bottle of Grey Goose, please," Joe says, and the staff member nods before disappearing.

The seats are comfortable, the atmosphere quieter and secluded, and the service quick. They're opening a bottle of Grey Goose, per his partner's request, within minutes, and Johnny raises his glass in a little toast. "To new friendships?"

Joe smirks at that, and tinks his glass against Johnny's. "If you want to call it that, sure."

He takes a swig, and then sets it down. "So what's your name, gorgeous?" Joe scoots a little closer to the young man who'd just blown him on the public floor of a club. Already he quite likes this kid.

"Johnny," the young man answers with a beatific smile, and takes a drink as well. It's good stuff, and thus burns smoothly on the way down, taking with it the not-so-pleasant aftertaste of spunk.

"Though, gorgeous is a pretty fine nickname too. What should I call you, hm?"

Joe's hand drifts onto Johnny's knee, squeezing it. "I rather like being called 'Daddy,'" he says. "Let's keep that up."

Johnny arches a brow at that, but he's had weirder requests.

"Alright, Daddy. Can do."

Joe takes another sip of his vodka, and then leans in, sharing the cold liquor with the younger man.

Watching the other man drink, but not swallow, Johnny grins and meets him easily for the transferring kiss. Johnny's only done this a couple times, and with much sloppier partners than this Sugar Daddy here.

He moans quietly into it after swallowing, and shifts to better straddle one of the man's thick thighs, deepening the kiss. Joe lets out a soft hum as Johnny continues to kiss him after swallowing the vodka, and he helps the boy move and straddle him, cupping his lovely ass to give him support.

"Fuck, you're delicious. Where have you been hiding all this time?" Joe moans when they pull away for breath.

"Jus' waitin' to run into you, I guess," Johnny murmurs, a little breathless himself, and presses back into the hand groping at his ass. This guy is driving him pretty wild, and he hasn't had a chance to cum yet. Johnny's young though, he can hold out.

That flatters Joe, as does the fact that this young creature is practically salivating over him. He doesn't get that reaction too often from younger men. Johnny leans over and wraps his hand around the other man's, tipping his glass back to drink a little more from it. It's Johnny's turn to pass the vodka back with a kiss of his own.

Joe opens his mouth obediently, taking in the vodka. As he does, he lets his tongue slip into Johnny's warm mouth, twisting with the other man's as the liquor pours across them.

"Well, we have this room to ourselves," Joe whispers in return. His ears are still ringing a bit from the pulsing music downstairs. "You want to close the curtain or keep it open?"

His hands circle Johnny's thighs, squeezing them.

"Depends on what you'd like to do," Johnny smiles and kisses along the man's jawline, sucking on his earlobe when he gets to it. "You're the one payin' for the privacy of the room...up to you if ya wanna use it."

Johnny does sit back though and rubs along the top of the sugar daddy's thigh.

"I gotta warn you though...they're a lil' more lenient about oral, but throw us out if they catch anything more than a bit of heavy-petting and spit-shining."

Joe shivers at the heat of Johnny's mouth, pulling him close. There's a lovely scent to the kid, too. Sweat and musk and something else.

"Hm, well, we could have a bit of fun in here, and then take it outside if we want to go further. I have a car. Or we could be truly naughty and go in the back alley."

"Yeah," Johnny breathes, his pupils wide from the soft lighting and arousal. He kisses the other firmly, his hands pushing up into that long, pale hair.

"Wouldn't mind playin' a bit in here... And then you can fuck me right up against the wall outside."

It's dirty, thinking about taking it like some cheap hook-up in the dark, under some horrible flickering street light. God, though, but Johnny wants that.

"You're so fucking filthy, aren't you?" Joe groans. "Like to know anyone could come upon me fucking you raw, while you moan and whimper and beg for more."

As he snarls these beautiful things into Johnny's ear, one of his hands moves to rub at the bulge in the boy's jeans. It's achingly hard, trapped only by tight denim.

Johnny does whimper, fucking whimpers for this perfect stranger, and rocks his hips forward into the man's thick hand. He's hating how tight his jeans are, the rips in the legs of them too low to let his own cock just slip out through one of them.

"Yes," he whispers, the word dragged out of Johnny like it's a painful effort to speak. "Yes, fuck, I am...god I w-want it."

"That's right, darling," Joe murmurs. He's trying to drag this out a bit longer, let them get further into the vodka and let his cock have a rest before putting it to work again. "Tell Daddy how much you need him."

Johnny leans away, back arching as he drags his hands through his own hair, tugging at it to let the pain pull him back from the edge a bit. He leans away farther, shamelessly showing off his flexibility as he reaches back to pluck up his glass from the floor to drink from it. God this guy's gonna get me bustin' one in my pants, isn't he?

Well, if 'Daddy's' gonna play hardball and drag this out, Johnny's not gonna make it any easier on him. He sits up straight again, finishing off the remains of his forgotten drink, and gives him a crooked smile.

"I wanna have marks from the brickwork left on me, Daddy."

Joe grins and slams Johnny against the brick, tugging the boy's pants down.

"Fuck," Johnny breathes, the alley wall rough against his chest and skin, catching on the shitty mesh fabric of his shirt. "Condom in m' back pocket, Daddy. One of the lubed kind."

Joe's fingers fumble into the pocket and he pulls it out, rolling it on with practiced speed. He spits in his hand and quickly wets Johnny's entrance before pressing the head of his cock in.

"Nnnh! F-Fuck," he gasps and spreads his legs out a little further, hands pressed flat against the wall to help brace himself. "Fuck, jus' ....Fuck, ok..."

He breathes and forces himself to relax more, rising up on his tip-toes a bit to ease the angle and friction. "God...fuck, Daddy."

"You like that, little slut?" Joe groans, dizzy with lust. "I bet you love being fucked in back alleys by dirty old men like me, don't you?"

Johnny groans, reaching back around to grip the man by the hip, and holds on tightly to him.

"Believe it or not, Daddy," he pants, twitching around Joe's cock. "You're ...the first."

Joe groans at that and thrusts in harder, hips smacking against Johnny's.

"Good. Wanna break you in. Make you my sweet little bitch."

"Christ," Johnny pants and gasps, the brick warming quickly under his feverish body, even as the cool air bites at his exposed skin. "Yeah, fuck, Daddy."

Johnny reaches back with his other arm, dragging Joe's hand around to rest on Johnny's flat stomach. Joe lets his hand go where it's moved, leaning forward to kiss one sweaty shoulder through mesh.

"You want that stomach filled with my cum, boy?"

"Yes, fuck, fuck," he whimpers, and grinds back hard and eager until Joe's flush against his ass. "S'fuckin' filthy, jesus. Jus' fill me up, Daddy, please!"

"Gonna fill you up so much you'll need a stomach pump later," Joe growls, and spills himself inside Johnny. None of it actually fills him, of course, with the condom on, but it's the fantasy that counts.

With a soft groan, he pulls out, leaving Johnny empty and open, and tugs off the condom, tossing it away.

Johnny whimpers at the loss, his own cock still painfully hard and leaking. There's a smear of precum just below his navel, and it's drawing the night chill to him all the more, especially with the loss of the other man right up in and against him.

"Nnh...f-fuck, Daddy," he whines, legs trembling as they struggle to hold Johnny up, even with him leaning against the wall. Johnny brings his hand down to stroke along his poor dick, fucking into his fist hard and fast before he can drift too far from the edge.

Joe's zipping up his trousers when he hears the boy's whine and notices what he's doing. He turns Johnny around, smacks his hands away, and kneels heavily, taking Johnny into his mouth and sucking hard and fast, determined to drag the orgasm out of him.

Johnny yelps when he's flipped around and goes silent with shock. The older man's mouth is warm and thorough, the suction and play of tongue making Johnny's eyes roll back as he's rocked with pleasure.

"Nnh! F-Fuck, Daddy, fuckfuckfuck, m'gonna--Ah!" Johnny's babbling chokes off into a low moan, back arching off the dirty alley wall as he cums down his partner's throat. He shudders through the aftershocks, hands gripping tightly to the other man's shoulders, and he whimpers when the sensitivity becomes too much.

"Oh...g-god...tha'...fuck," he says eloquently, helping the man back up off his knees, and kisses him hard, tasting and swallowing some of his own seed back down.

Joe grips the younger man's hips hard, holding him fast as he reaches his climax. The sudden spurt of warm cum down his throat almost makes him choke, but he manages to swallow it down without incident.

It's a little embarrassing, being helped to his feet like an old man, but when the younger man kisses him afterwards, swirling his tongue in Joe's mouth to take his own spunk, Joe can't help but smile.

This kid is amazing.

"That was good," he whispers as he pulls away. "Better than I expected when I went out tonight."

"M'good, what can I say?" Johnny teases, and drags his nails lightly down over Joe's chest and stomach. "An' I definitely wasn't expectin' of this tonight either. And you didn't have to do tha' for me either. S'real sweet of you, Daddy."

"Hmm." Joe presses his forehead to Johnny's, squeezing his ass with both hands. "I'd like to see you again, if it's possible. Maybe do that for you a few more times, too."

"You read my mind, Daddy," Johnny replies with a sly little smile. He rubs both hands now up and down Joe's chest, and kisses along his jawline to his ear.

"Got somethin' I can write my number on or with?"

Joe reaches into his pocket and pulls out the latest iPhone, and when Johnny gives him his digits, he punches them in.

"I'll call you," he says, kissing the boy long and hard before heading back into the club. He doesn't give his number in return.

Johnny smirks, leaning against the wall, and then remembers to finally tuck his dick away. Christ. What a fucking night.

He decides it's better to get walking back to his place, and does so with a bit of a limp. Not an unusual sight at this time of night in this part of town. Of course, he sends a little update to Sunni, who is less than amused to get a smug text from Johnny at four in the morning.

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