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RUN AWAY ·bts au·


"You ran away?" "I couldn't even if I wanted to. I'm not a run away." <><><> Welp_Jimin 2020 All rights reserved. jiminxbts Began; Feb 13, 2020 Ended; May 15, 2020

Other / Fantasy
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⚠ This isn't the happiest story and it's a direct copy frim my wattpad so some thing might not make sense (authors notes, days and times, etc..)

Saying Jimin was in pain, would be an understatement. His throat was aching, from the screams that had ripped from his throat. He was huddled against the rough wall, covering himself up with his jacket, the best he could.

He had been left. Left for dead, everything hurt. His trust broken. While the pain wasn't what made him feeling horrible. The feeling of abandonment made his skin crawl.

He was left. By his own family, for something he couldn't even control. Left for strangers to take advantage of.

He shifts, body numb from staying in the same position. He cries out, finally feeling the pain truly, the worst of in his lower body.. Or maybe even his heart?

He didn't know. The only thing his mind settled on, was the feeling of emptiness in his entire being.

He didn't even know where he was. He could in Daegu for all he knows. He was pretty sure be wasn't though, judging from the salty smell of the ocean, he was still in Busan.

"Hyung, what is that?" A voice says, "Against the trash bin."

"I think thats a person." Another voice says, Jimin flinches at the sound of the nearing footsteps. The strangers pause, taking in the tattered omegas looks.

"Oh my god." Someone whispers, reaching a hand out to caress his face. Jimin flinches back with a small snarl. The stranger flinches back, "Sorry.. I'm SeokJin. I'm a beta." He greets.

Jimin doesn't meet his eyes, looking down at the gray pavement. "We want to help you." SeokJin whispers, motioning for another person to come close.


Jimin growls as the alpha comes up to SeokJin, eyes narrowing as his throat aches from the strain. "Maybe you should just let Yoongi.." The alpha excuses backing away from SeokJin.

'Yoongi' comes closer, Jimin feels his body stiffen at the sight of another omega. "He doesn't even seem okay with him." Another voice mutters.

'Yoongi' crouches down in front of Jimin, "Hey there. I'm Yoongi."

They all watch with observing eyes as Jimin back himself against the fall, trying to get away from Yoongi. "J-Jimin." He stutters, eyes panicked.

"We want to help you, will you let us?" SeokJin offers from behind Yoongi. Jimin freezes.

"O-Okay." He agrees, shivering from tbe sudden burst of wind. "Run and get the extra jacket." SeokJin tells tje alpha. Jimin watched with fearful eyes, waiting for the alpha to dominate the beta.

But he never did.

"Let's get to the car?" Yoongi whispered, offering his hand to Jimin. "I-I can't stand.." He stammered, averting his gaze. Yoongi smiled softly, "That's okay. Jungkook, will you help me?"

Jimin's eyes widened as the alpha came close, "N-No alphas. Please." He added, eyes fearful.

SeokJin frowned at the mood change, "Go and help NamJoon.." He offered to the alpha, earning himself a nod. It was breaking his heart to see the omega so confused and fearful, he could never imagine Yoongi in that position.

SeokJin came closer, "We're gonna pick you up, kay?" Jimin nodded, his throat going dry as SeokJin wrapped his hands around his waist.

He held back from pushing the beta away, he knew his fear was obvious, from the shaking of his body. "We aren't going to hurt you." Yoongi promised, leading SeokJin towards their vehicle.

"What are we gonna do with him?" The one alpha that Jimin didn't know the name of mused. "Take him back to the house? At least till he's healthy." NamJoon replied, looking at tbe others for conformation.

"That's fine with me." SeokJin shrugged. "Me too." Yoongi whispered, watching closely as SeokJin sat Jimin in the backseat, he winced as he noticed how little clothing the omega was wearing.

"Do any of you have an extra shirt?" He asked, looking at the others. "There should be one in the trunk.. But it smells like Taehyung. He's an alpha, is that okay?" NamJoon asked softly, watching his tone carefully.

Jimin shook his head slowly, scooting himself to Yoongi as the omega sat down. "We'll be there soon."

"W-Where are we goi-ing?" Jimin stuttered, voice meek. "To our pack house." Yoongi replied, grinning softly.

"A-Are there other a-alphas?" He questioned, frowning whenever Yoongi nodded. "There's only one, he's really sweet though.. Why?"

Yoongi felt the urge to slap himself, he bit his lips, clenching his eyes art his stupid question.

"M-My old pack.. They-They-"

Yoongi cut him off, "You don't have to tell us.

Yoongi takes his turn to lift Jimin into the house, watching the omegas face as he entered. "T-Thank you." Jimin whispered.

A fond smile, "Its nothing."

"I'll make some food. You must be hungry." Jimin didnt respond, looking down.

"Hoseok, can you get the first aid kit?" He asked, the alpha nodding and runnung off. Yoongi looked over, notcing how quiet the omega had become, "Hey you okay?"

Jimin didn't respond once again, his eyes dull. Yoongi paused for a moment for beginning to speak, "Do you want to meet Taehyung?"

Jimin shakes his head, "N-Not right now.." Yoongi nods, getting why the omega is so jittery. "I-I.." Jimin began, his voice cracking. "I don't want to ve a b-burden.. I can go to-o the homeless shelter." He offered, voice sounding weaker than be intended.

"No way, you'd get hurt there." Hoseok chimmed in as he entered, handing Yoongi the first aid kit, earning a quiet thank you.

"Can I clean your wounds?" Jimin nods, eyes darting to Hoseok. Yoongi watched closely as Jimin froze, not even allowing himself to blink, waiting for the alpha to say something.

"Do you want him to leave?"

Jimin nodded lightly, hoping the alpha wouldn't get mad. Hoseok smiled lightly as he left the room. "I'll begin now."

Jimin leant against the omega, eyes drooping as he forced hinself awake. He sat up, "C-Can I sleep?" He said, hoping to distract the omega from cleaning his injuries.

A sharp pain struck in Yoongi's heart, "Of course. I'll go help SeokJin Hyung with the food." Yoongi watched closely as Jimin curled up, almost in a way to protect himself.


Jimin's eyes opened slowly, his nose stinging from the scents surronding him. He opened his eyes completely, jumping when he met another's. "Hi! We haven't met yet, I'm Taehyung." The alpha smiled, going to sit beside the omega.

Jimin growled loudly, lip curling. Taehyung looked at him in confusion, "Do I smell weird. Sorry, I haven't took a shower yet." Jimin let out another growl, this one more like a snarl.

Taehyung watched as Jimin pressed himself against the corner of the couch.

"Taehyung!" SeokJin yelled, eyes wide as he took in the situation. "Leave him alone, he's going through stuff." He emphasized. Taehyung shot up from the couch, "I'm very sorry."

"Yoongi, he woke up." SeokJin told the omega, "Taehyung was torturing him."

Yoongi threw the alpha a glare. It quickly faded as he turned to Jimin, "How do you feel?"

"H-Hurt?" He whimpers, his body ached from moving so quickly. The bruises on his body straining.

"I know.." Yoongi whispered, running a hand through Jimin's hair. "I brought you some clothes, and SeokJin Hyung wants to look at you.. You're wounds." He clarifies.

"Okay.. I-I think I can get dressed."

Yoongi nods, handing the omega the cloths and turning away. Jimin held in the cries of pain as he stood up, pulling the black boxers on. He felt hinself shudder. "S-Shouldn't I shower first?"

Yoongi hesitated to turn around, "Do you think you should?" He asked, avoiding the omegas gaze. "Yes, please."

Yoongi held Jimin as he walked up the stairs, leading the omega to the bathroom.

note; first chapter is inspired by Ours by i_am_bts_trash with permission.

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