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RUN AWAY ·bts au·


Jimin winced as he attemped to lift his leg, he couldn't ask for help now though. Yoongi had gone to talk to the others. He gulped as he lifted his leg despite his bodies protests, eyes widnening as he knees buckled.

"Jimin?" A voice says in the dark bedroom just past the bathroom door. "You okay? It's me, Hoseok." The alpha paused, no reply. "I'm gonna come in, okay? Just make a noise if you don't me to." Silence. Hoseok took action, opening the door.

Jimin whimpered as the alphas scent infiltrated his senses, "H-Help.." He stuttered, clenching his eyes as if he was waiting for a hit.

"I can-n't get these on." He confessed.

Hoseok's mouth opened, then closed. He couldn't figure out the words to respond. "Do you want my help?" He finally pushed out, inchimg closer to tbe omega. Jimin nods.

"Okay.. I gonna help you stand."

Jimin let him, his body tenseing as the alpha reached his waist, lifting him onto his feet. Jimin stumbled lightly but saved himself by grabbing Hoseok's arm.

He snapped away, releasing his hand. Hoseok frowned, "Go ahead, you can lean on me. Always." Hoseok whispers the last part, grabbing the boxers from the counter. "May I?" He asked, getting a nod.

Jimin tried not to panic at the feeling of Hoseok's finger brushing against his thighs, eyes closing fighting, memories attempting to be reborn.

"All done, now the pants." He whispers alnost to himself, grabbing the black pants. One leg then the other and they were done. Jimin shivered, covering his upper body lightly, though his bruises were still visible.

Hoseok slipped the loose shirt on quickly, backing away. "Good job." Hoseok praised, walking out of the bathroom.

Jimin took a deep breathe as the scent left the room. He quickly follwed the alpha out though.

"Hey, are you feeling better?" Yoongi mused, turning in his chair. Jimin nodded, "I am. Thank you, all of you." He paused, "Would you like me to leave now?" He whispered, voice weak.

The others freeze. SeokJin shook jis head, "No. You don't have to, you're free to stay." Jimin kept his head down, "I don't want to be a burden. You already have an omega." Jimin said hoarsly, eyes casted to the floor.

Yoongi frowned, "So? You can be the packs omega as well, but you aren't going to have to take part in any.. you know. Acts."

Jimin looked up, confusion on his features. "I'm an omega though, its my job to please the alphas, and even you and SeokJin." SeokJin sighed sadly, running a hand through his hair, stressed.

"You're not just an omega, you're our equal." Taehyung said from behind Hoseok, "We don't want to force power over you, you don't have to please us." He added, voice becoming more confident.

"Yes, alpha." Jimin said, eyea widnening as he realized his mistake, "I mean.. Hyung?"

Taehyung grinned softly, "I don't know. How old are you?" Jimin let himself relax as he follwed Taehgung into the living room. "20."

Taehyung whined, "Why is everyone older than me?"


It was the day after Jimin had been found, and he could say he felt odd. He woke up without an alpha going into rut, or just forcing him his bedroom to scent him. He woke up peacefully for once, Yoongi had left him, assumingly to make breakfast.

"Hey, you up?" A voice says, Jungkook coming to reveal himself. "Yoongi and SeokJin Hyung are making breakfast. NamJoon, Taehyung and Hoseok went out, I don't know why though."

Jimin nods, not wanting to leave the comfortable bed, it was so different then the hard mattresses he wad used to. Jungkook smiled fondly at him, "You don't have to get up, I'll bring you food." Jimim shook his head, "I s-shouldn't-" He replied sitting up.

Jungkook ran to his side, hearing the males loud cry of pain, "You're muscles must hurt, it's because they're relaxing." He promised, feeling the omegas panic, "I'll be roght back, or would you rather I'd be here?" Jungkook questioned, running a hand through Jimin's hair.

"St-tay." Jimin pleaded, pressing the side of his face agaisnt Jungkook's hand, watching the alphas eyes widen.

"O-Okay.. I'll wait till Yoongi or soemone comes up here." Jungkook told. "Lay wi-ith me?" Jungkook hummed, laying in the bed with the omega.

"Thank you." Jimin whispered.

"Is he okay? Why aren't you comimg down to.." SeokJin's voice trailed off, a warm smile dancing on his features.

He backed out of the doorway, closing the door softly.

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