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Falling Gravity


After the absolute shamble that Weirdmaggedeon left behind in gravity falls, the Stan brothers couldn’t leave for their adventure because the Stan o’war broke down. Dipper & Mabel take advantage of their Grunkles misfortune and visit one more time in the late autumn. Maybe this time they could actually enjoy their time together, but of course, nothing is that simple in Gravity Falls.

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1: Grunkleception


The newly teenaged girl quite literally screamed into her poor brothers ear.

“Ah- ouch, Mabel” he said wincing at his sisters proximity. Her lack of understanding ‘personal space’ was overwhelming sometimes. Especially on Dippers ear drums.

He didn’t want to show it, but Dipper was also very excited. He spent the whole summer looking for the author of the journals and then to find that he is RELATED to him? That was the cherry on top of his awesomely weird summer sundae.

“I am so excited to see Grunkle Stan again! I can’t wait to pull my new prank on him.” Mabel snivelled, rubbing her freshly cotton candy scented moisturised hands together as if she was an evil villain. “You get to hang out with Grunkle Ford, Dip! Maybe now you can finally get some answers he couldn’t provide earlier.” She quipped.

He didn’t want to admit it, but he was absolutely obsessed with his great uncle Ford.

The rest of the ride through Oregon was quiet and uneventful. Mabel put her earbuds in and indulged her new passion for 70’s music.

Dipper, who started his own journal, couldn’t really focus on writing. He was eager to get to his Grunkles Shack already... well, Soos’ shack actually. But since the Stans’ couldn’t leave, Soos decided to visit melody in Portland for a couple weeks.

As the near empty van passed through thick forests and mundane little ghost towns, Dipper thought to himself that these towns probably wished they were even half as exciting as Gravity Falls.

Dipper doesn’t remember dozing off but he woke with a startle that resembled a heart attack when his sister shook him uncontrollably.

“W-WHAT HAPPENED!?” Dipper screamed

“WE’RE HERE, BRO-BRO!!” She yelled and with a swift push she grabbed her belongings and bolted pass Dipper.

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