It's a Magical Life


Multi-chaptered fic centred on each Potter and Weasley Sorting. Who will end up where? First Chapter deals with Lily Luna Potter's Sorting.

Humor / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

When it came to the day when I would finally leave for Hogwarts, I wasn't exactly jumping with excitement as I previously thought I would. It has to do with everyone talking about how great my brothers are, and how am I most likely to follow in their footsteps.

It wasn't that bad if you think about it, but when it happens in literally every shop and every corner you turn to, you start hating that your brothers left so much impact. Even if said brothers are only starting their fourth and second year respectively.

"Oh Lils, darling, I really hope that you'd have the great experiences both of your brothers had"

I carefully roll my eyes as Aunt Audrey crashes me into a bone-crashing hug. My mother caught my eyes in the process and smirks, giving me an eye roll in return, acknowledging how annoying my aunt is being.

"Leave the poor girl alone, Audrey, you're suffocating her." Aunt Hermione says rolling her eyes as she's trying (Unsuccessfully) to straighten Hugo's clothes.

"Mum, Gerrof, People are starting to look!" Hugo whisper-shouted, his nose turning to a shade of pink and I smirk inwardly.

"Hugo Ronald Weasley, you will not shout to your mother in public."

I subtly ignore their conversation, knowing full well how it ends and I look away in the opposite direction. That's when something bright and silvery blonde finally catches my eyes.

"Who's that?" I asked the nearest person to me, who happened to be Rose, upon seeing whom I was motioning to, Rose's expression darkened slightly and she rolled her eyes in contempt.

"Malfoy, don't waste your time looking at gits like him. He's the one father warned us about last year. Turns out he's exactly like what father said. Save yourself the time Lily, and don't look at him."

Rosie looked away and I sighed and turned to watch Malfoy again, but this time, his eyes meet mine, and his small frown started slowly to soften. His eyes slowly talking a questionable stance, a small question mark seemed to be forming as he stares right back at me. "Have we met before?" his eyes seem to be saying. I shook my head and turned away, knowing full well that conversing with Malfoy right now might make Uncle Ron start yet another brawl with his father, and heaven knows, we still haven’t gotten over the one that happened in Diagon Alley two months ago.

Everything seems to have died down the moment we start boarding the train, as Aunt Audrey was reaching out to hug me again, Mother thankfully intercepted it and took me in her arms instead.

"Now Lily, I want you to promise me, that no matter what, you'll be proud of whom you are. I know how you're feeling Lily, even though you're not saying it out loud, I could see it each time in your eyes when someone mentions Albus or James. I was the first female born into the Weasley family in generations, if that's not a proof that the both of us are one of a kind, than nothing else is."

I look up and smile as my mother softly mirrors me and hugs me tightly. "Have a good term sweetheart."

I nod my head as father takes his turn and hugs me tightly. Ensuring me, like he did with Albus last year that I will be loved no matter what house I'll end up in. At this point, James found it necessary to but in the conversation.

"Don't worry dad, Lilikins isn't going to stray too far away, if she's not in Gryffindor she'll most likely be Huffelpuff. Airy fairy Huffelpuff."

He smirks and runs away catching up with his friends and I bubble in fury. Father catches my eyes though, and the little twinkle in them assures me that he knows that James' is just bluffing.

"Loved, no matter where you are Lily, No matter where you are."

I slowly nod and slightly wonder if father knew something I didn’t. Nevertheless, I hug him once again and then I race to where the train is and I slowly start to climb it, looking back for a minute to look at my parents who wave gently. I smile softly and turn away.

The ride to Hogwarts was uneventful to say the least, I already know most of the people who were to be in my year. I was sitting next to Sage Fawley, one of our distant relatives and a close friend of mine who was ranting about how her brothers are driving her crazy and she's out to prove to them that she's vastly different than any of them. I could somewhat relate to her, The Fawleys are known to be more or less like the Weasleys; meaning they are pure-blooded wizards who have no problem with the non-wizard community and who have been Gryffindors for generations. Sage doesn't strike me as the Gryffindor type though; fiery and determined, she'll do anything there is to be unique from her family. I would love to see her brothers' faces when she gets sorted somewhere else other than Gryffindor. It would be priceless.

My thoughts flash back to the unmistakable platinum blonde haired, grey eyed Malfoy whom I'm met on the platform. For some reason, his eyes didn't strike me us unfriendly, just merely curious. As if wondering why the hell is the Potter kid staring at him like that. Nothing drew me in except the underlying intensity of his stare. It was weird and hypnotic in some way. I was almost positive that I've met him before, and when I say met him before I didn’t mean the incident that happened two months, my meaning is somehow deeper than that. It was as if I knew him from another lifetime.

I shook my head at how unbelievably stupid I’m sounding. Another lifetime? Seriously Lily? Get a grip.

"Lily, where do you think you'll end up?"

I look up and stare at Anastasia. Anastasia is the daughter of my father's cousin Dudley and his wife and our parents' previous classmate; Cho Chang. I shrug indifferently and I level up with all their stares and say defiantly; "To be honest, I would be okay with anything as long as it's away from James and Albus".

I roll my eyes as Frankie gasped. Frankie, or Frankie Longbottom, has been using her birthday wishes ever since we were 8 to wish to be in Gryffindor; according to her, at least. I’ve never met her before today, having only heard about her father and how he was a friend of my parents. Back to Frankie and her Gryffindor mania though; when her older sister Alice became a Gryffindor, it only intensified her obsession. It's like the only reason she wants to go to Hogwarts is because she wants to be a Gryffindor.

"But…But…that means that we won't be in the same house." Sage slowly rolled her eyes and said in a bored voice "Calm you horses Longbottom, you aren't even sorted in the house yet."

Frankie didn't say anything, and I looked away to smile at Sage and to high five her. "So Potter, you never answered the question. Where would you rather be? And I want a house not a statement. Heaven knows, I want to be anywhere away from Marco and Stefan" Sage rolled her eyes again and looked at me bored.

"Well…" I start; as my mind flashes back to the Malfoy kid and I smirk ever so slowly as I remember his silver and green backpack. "…I wouldn't mind if I broke the tradition and became a Slytherin..."

I smirked as I heard the horrified gasps around me. Even Hugo looked up from Quidditch weekly to give me a look. I shrugged at him and looked innocently back and he rolled his eyes.

"Nice…Well to be honest with you Lils, I wouldn't mind ending up there as well. I wouldn't mind at all…"

But off course, Frankie won’t give it a rest.
"How…How could you, I mean, Slytherin is horrible. I heard stories about how their common rooms are in the dungeons and that they're located underneath the black lake. Who would want to be living anywhere near that?"

Frankie was blabbing and I decided to effectively shut her out. I looked at Sage who rolled her eyes and looked away as well. It's only when Anastasia opened her mouth when I looked back.

"Well, I could see you there Lily, to be honest, it wouldn’t come off as much as a surprise; to me at least. Though I would pay to actually see your brother's faces after that…"

At her last statement, I smirked slowly.
"I couldn't wait to see them either, to be honest; I'm more excited about that than the sorting itself."

The rest of the ride passed uneventfully, if you count Sage getting so worked up when James, Albus, Fred and George, Lorcan and Lysander Scamander along with her brothers; Stefan and Marco and their friend Adam decided to enlighten us with their appearance briefly. The taunting from her brothers didn't help and when their friend Adam joined in; Sage whipped out her wand and to our astonishment she jinxed Adam and Fred accidentally with a bat-bogey hex. I think the shock that a student who never got any education could pull off a really hard spell like that was what hit them all hard. I spent the rest of the ride laughing at how much Sage would be a huge force to be reckoned with in school.

When we finally arrived and were escorted by Hagrid to the boats. I caught again the unmistakable shining of the blonde hair of one unmistakable Scorpius Malfoy. I learned his name in the train, when Anastasia, being the nerd that she is; whipped out a genealogy book she was using so she could trace out her ancestors. I briefly took the book until I landed on the page of the Malfoy family and underneath the multiple generations of Malfoys, I found his name at the last entry, shining along with his birth year; Scorpius Malfoy, Born 19th of April 2006.

Sage caught me as I rushed to close to book, and stared at me until she said, "Fine, I'll stay away from the Malfoy spawn, He is kind of cute though. Good luck with all the girls throwing themselves at him." I rolled my eyes at her statement but didn't say anything. With Sage, I know she'll twist whatever I have to say.

"Firs' years! Firs' years over here! C'mon, follow me - any more firs' years? Mind yer step, now! Firs' years follow me!"

I make my way towards Hagrid and motion to the others to come along until we finally caught up with the fiercely friendly guy my father always talks warmly about.

“I was wonderin' when I'll get see yer, Little Lily Potter" He said ruffling my hair, I smile at him and he chuckles.

"C'mon follow me" He strode off towards the boats and I tell the others to get a move on and we follow him.

I chose a boat and Sage, Hugo and Anastasia joined me as we're taken to the castle. I hold my breath as I watch the big castle unfold in front of my eyes. To me, this is the most magical thing to have ever happened to me; getting to see this castle in real life instead of photos.

When we finally arrived and stepped out of the boat, Hagrid motioned for us to continue following him through the entrance of the castle until a figure finally became visible. I heard a short-intake of breath from beside me from Frankie as Proffessor Longbottom, or Professor Longbottom as he's going to be, starting from now on, came into view.

"The firs' years, Professor Longbottom," said Hagrid smiling.

"Thank you, Hagrid. I will take them from here." Professor Longbottom said, smiling at Hagrid briefly before he turned to us. He pulled the door wide and we followed him across the flagged stone floor. Professor Longbottom stirred us to a small, empty chamber off the hall. We all crowded in, standing rather closer together than we would usually have done, peering about nervously.

"Welcome to Hogwarts," said Professor Longbottom.

"The start-of-term banquet will begin shortly, but before you take your seats in the Great Hall, you will be sorted into your houses. The Sorting is a very important ceremony because, while you are here, your house will be something like your family within Hogwarts. You will have classes with the rest of your house, sleep in your house dormitory, and spend free time in your house common room."

"As if we don't know already" Sage whispered in my ears, faking a yawn and I rolled my eyes.

"Shut up, and Listen." Anastasia whisper shouted at the both of us, and Sage rolled her eyes for the umpteenth time today but didn't say anything as she looked ahead.

"The four houses are called Gryffindor, Huffelpuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin."

I briefly heard one of the many muggle-born wizards whisper to some of his friends "What the hell is a Huffelpuff?"

I bit my tongue to stop the laugh from bursting out, nevertheless though, some people heard and laughed out loud, causing Professor Longbottom to look at them sternly.

"As I was saying, each house has its own noble history and each has produced outstanding witches and wizards. While you are at Hogwarts, your triumphs will earn your house points, while any rule breaking will lose house points. At the end of the year, the house with the most points is awarded the house cup, a great honor. I hope each of you will be a credit to whichever house becomes yours." Professor Longbottom paused for a second before continuing,

"The Sorting Ceremony will take place in a few minutes in front of the rest of the school. Please, get ready while I go back inside to announce your arrival."

With that, Professor Longbottom left us in the room and went towards the noise coming outside from the great hall, I was distracted until I felt Sage nudging me to look at Frankie and I burst out laughing. Frankie was biting her nails in both anticipation and fear; her eyes giving away how much she truly felt afraid of whatever the sorting hat decision will be.

"You do know that wherever you are, your parents will still love you right?"

I nodded slowly as Anastasia tried calming Frankie down.

"I know, but…but, I've always wanted to be a Gryffindor, it's what father is and well…he's also the head of the house. I just really want to go there. Like Alice"

I smiled thoughtfully and then faced Frankie. "You do know that you're mother is a Huffelpuff" I said, vaguely recalling Alice sharing that piece of information in a family gathering.

"I know, but…"

"No buts Longbottom. I know for a fact that the sorting hat does take your wishes into consideration, but you and I both know that the sorting hat will place you where you do belong; regardless if it's what you want or not. So man up, and even if you don't end up in Gryffindor, you need to know that not one of us is going to view you or treat you any differently, we're friends and we'll remain friends, no matter what houses we'll end up or what house rivalries we'll be caught up in-between" Sage finished Frankie's sentence and gave one of her rarely seen full smiles. Usually with sage, if you're lucky enough, all you get is a smirk.

Frankie nodded her head and ever so slowly, she started pushing away the stray tears from her eyes.

"Alright, let's get this over with."

Sage smirked and held up her hand in a high-five position for Frankie who took it smiling.

She looked at the group of the students and motioned for them to follow her as she started towards the room's doors. I smiled at her attempt in leading and followed pulling Sage and Anastasia with me.

"That was actually a nice thing you've done there." I said smiling at Sage, who for a moment looked bewildered.

"Excuse me; I'm actually capable of being a nice person when I want to."

I gave her a look and she smirked and shrugged. "I thought she would need it, I mean I could almost imagine her outburst when she doesn't get sorted in Gryffindor."

Anastasia looked at us briefly before looking up at Frankie who was trying to round everyone up.

"You think she won't end up there after all that?"

I looked at Sage as we both smirked and replied at the same time.

"I don't think so"

"Whatever makes you say that?" Anastasia said, still bewildered. I shrugged and didn't reply, Sage was about to open her mouth when Professor Longbottom made an appearance again and motioned for us to follow him to the Great Hall. I felt everybody stiffen at that and they began following him mechanically.

I felt nearly everybody's eyes on us as we finally entered the great hall. The place that was extremely nosy a couple of minutes ago, now became as calm as a library. You could actually hear a pin-drop.

As Professor Longbottom motioned for us to stop, He climbed the two steps and stepped in front of a stool that had a withered looking hat on it.

"Now when I call your name, you'll step right up and you'll be sorted into your houses. Now we've had, a couple of incidents in the past few years, No matter what the Sorting hat says, you are to be placed into that house, You cannot change the house once it's determined. Now shall we start?"

I felt all the others in my line of vision nodding and Professor Longbottom nodded and looked at the scroll in his hands.

"Abrahams, Maisie Elizabeth"

A small petite girl with dark blonde hair stepped up shaking and sat at the stool. A few moments passed until the sorting hat bellowed,


The girl bounced happily and left the stool.

The sorting went on; Avery Abraxas became the first Slytherin, while ironically her twin brother Arnold became a Gryffindor. I didn't perk up until I heard Professor Longbottom mention a familiar name.

"Dursley, Anastasia Petunia"

I smiled at Anastasia encouragingly and she smiled back a bit nervously mouthing some words underneath her breath, most likely bible verses.

"Five sickles that she's a Ravenclaw" Sage whispered in my ears. I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

"Only a blind person would doubt that Anastasia isn't a Ravenclaw"

Truth to be told, the moment the hat touched Anastasia's head, It bellowed "RAVENCLAW!" I high-fived Sage as Anastasia took her seat midst the cheers in the Ravenclaw table.

"Now it's show-time…" Whispered Sage as Professor Longbottom started the first name starting with an F.

"Aren't you worried?" Frankie whispered to Sage.

Sage smirked, "Not in the slightest"

"Fawley, Sage Spencer"

As her name is finally called, I felt the once cool and collected girl stiffen next to me, and then she let go of my hand abruptly and walked forward. As she sat down, she discreetly sent me a wink. I smiled at her and she became focused. As she sat there, I saw as her smirk became more pronounced until after a minute or so, the sorting hat bellowed exactly where I imagined Sage would be.


A shocking silence followed, only broken with a shout of disbelief coming from the Gryffindor table and suddenly an enthusiastic person next to me clapped hard and bellowed


After that, the entire Slytherin table was up cheering for their newest addition. I followed Sage and gave her a thumb up and she winked at me again, following it by smirking heavily in her siblings' direction and waving sarcastically at them and mouthing "toodle-oo". I looked at the Fawley boys who were still staring at their sister in shock and disbelief, I rolled my eyes; they certainly had it coming.

After the cheers have died down Professor Longbottom continued; still in the F's he called out the next name.

"Finnegan, Maggie Catherine"

A girl with long bright brown-blonde hair woven in a braid went up the stool. I recognized her from one of the parties. She was the daughter of two of dad's classmates; Seamus Finnegan and Lavender Brown.

After a few minutes the sorting hat finally shouted "RAVENCLAW" and I heard a disappointed groan midst the cheers coming from a boy with the same hair color of Maggie in the Gryffindor table. I shook my head and chuckle, seems to me that many siblings are going to get disappointed today.

The sorting continued as I shut it out, only regaining my focus when they started calling the L's. Next to me, Frankie was shaking silently. I rounded her again and whispered softly in her ears.

"Remember, loved wherever."

She relaxed slightly only to get worked up again when her name is finally called.

"Longbottom, Frankie Hannah"

A slightly shaking Frankie went up and sat. After a couple of minutes have passed, most of the great hall groaned in boredom and I heard the word Hat-stall thrown around. I glared at a couple of students in the Gryffindor table and I looked forward again. Throughout the whole six minutes, the expressions on Frankie's face changed in sequence; first she was nervous, then calm, then her expression turned to horror than to relief. I then saw a hint of sadness in her eyes. But by the end I saw a glimmer of hope and a satisfied smile. I made up my mind to ask her about what went down between her and sorting hat. I guess the great hall was all waiting in anticipation for Frankie's sorting to finish that when the sorting hat finally shouted out "HUFFELPUF" the entire great hall, even some of the Slytherin went up in cheers.

"Finally she finishes, I can't believe it. She'll most likely break down though; she always wanted to be in Gryffindor"

I turned towards the new person and I found a blonde haired girl who weirdly enough shared the same facial features as Frankie. Having only interacted with Alice before coming here and I only interacted with Frankie because she sat with us in the train, I didn't exactly get who that girl is until she smirked lightly and held out her hand.

"Sorry, forgot to introduce myself. I'm Sylvie, Sylvie Tabitha Longbottom, Frankie's twin sister and Alice's other younger sister."

Before I could open my mouth to reply, Sylvie's name was called.

"We'll continue this later."

The confident girl who was so unlike her twin sister strode up to the stool and sat down and made herself comfortable. Unlike her sister though, her sorting didn't take two minutes, and the sorting hat shouted out "SLYTHERIN"

I looked at her with a calculating expression, and she smiled calmly, and gave me a wink. "Hope to see you there!"

I chuckled despite myself and waved at her as she joined the Slytherin table and struck a conversation with Sage.

When the sorting finally came to the P's I was tired from standing for too long. I was actually pretty pleased and I lost all the nervousness I had when Professor Longbottom finally called out my name.

"Potter, Lily Luna"

I shut out the whispers coming from nearly every direction and climbed up to the stool. As I sat down, the hat was lowered onto my head and I smiled.

"Ahhh, I was wondering when I'll get to be finally acquainted with you, Lily Potter"

I smirked at that but didn't say anything.

"Not feeling particularly talkative are you? So unlike Your brother James, he talked a mile a minute"

I rolled my eyes at the mention of my brother. "I'm nothing like my brother, excuse you. Can we focus on me right now? I'm the one being sorted here!"

I heard the sorting hat chuckling calmly at my outburst.

"Fiery, independent, longing to be free of your brothers and make your way into the world. I must say, Lily Potter that you are indeed nothing like your brothers."

I smiled and thanked it calmly.

"No need to thank me, I see everything. But don't you worry little Potter, you'll be free from your brothers. In fact, your impact on the world around is going to make everyone ask the world for you. Not your brothers. You."

I straightened up and listened carefully at that. What does that even mean?

"You're a force to be reckoned with Lily Potter. You'll do great things in your life. But remember that Love conquers all. For with Great power, and Great love, comes the urge to turn. But you Lily Potter will never turn."

"What are you saying?"

I whisper at the sorting hat hoping it could hear me.

"It's all here in your head dear, your power, your destiny and your soul. What I see when I look into your mind is the mind of one of the brightest witches I've ever seen, but with great power comes greater enemies. You'll be free of your brothers' burden, but remember that you'll never be free of yourself."

I got more and more confused by the second.

"How is this got to do with me being sorted?"

"Oh but where you're sorted is where your journey of self-discovery will start. You've got your mother's wit, but you've also got Lily Evans Potter's brain. These two combined could and would make you someone that this school will remember forever."

"Where do you think I belong though? Not in Gryffindor right?" I calmly said, fearing that it's going to place me in the one place I never want to be placed into.

"Oh no no, even though I think your brothers would be less than thrilled. But a hat's got to do its job. Gryffindor suits you, but Gryffindor isn't who you are. Your heart, your mind and your soul will forever belong in SLYTHERIN"

As soon as the sorting hat shouted the house, Sage burst into cheers and in suit every person in the Slytherin table followed; the sounds of their cheers surpassing all their previous ones, the shock of a Potter and Weasley child being a Slytherin effectively amusing them but at the same time made them feel triumph. I could hear the shouts coming from the Gryffindor table and I looked at it to see a furious James and an equally angry Albus being restrained by Rose, Roxanne, Violetta, Lucy and Alice.


"There's no way that this is right, NO WAY AT ALL"

The shouting continued until a strong shout sounded from the staff table effectively silencing everyone.

I smiled in relief and threw a smirk in my brothers' direction who in turn grew red in the face and sulked in silence. I reached the Slytherin table and took a seat next to Sage and Sylvie.

That's when I finally took notice of the blonde hair again. Along with the mesmerizing silver like green eyes.

"Potter, fancy seeing you here."

I stopped and looked at him again at the sound of his voice.

"I can assure you it won't be the last time you see my around." I smirked and his mouth twisted into a small smirk of his own.

"Oh I think we're going to get along just fine Potter."

I smirked again and gave him a look. "You wish, Malfoy."

I think I'm going to like it around here.
I really do.

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