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Him // Jeon Jungkook


He's a playboy and he has his eyes set on her. Somehow he wants to be in a relationship with her for his own reasons. But what will happen when he will try to get her? Will they develop a true love connection or will his toxicity prove it be another bad match?

Romance / Erotica
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One | Move out

6:00 am

I was peacefully sleeping on my bed when I suddenly heard some grumpy voices yelling my name and snatching the sheets off me. "WAKE UP! Honey you still need to get ready!" I heard him while he was attempting to wake me up.

"Dad 5 minutes," I said sleepily. The next thing I felt was my own dad pouring a glass of water in my face. I quickly got up huffing. "Dad!!!" I mumbled completely annoyed. "Y/N, I don't want tantrums. You yet have to pack." I unwillingly got up from my bed and went to my bathroom to take a shower.

I am Min Y/N. I am nineteen years old and today we have to leave for my university. My dad, Min Yoongi, is a cop. And the person who has been trying to get me up for a while now.

I got into the shower and turned on the water. The warm water hit my skin making me more awake.

I was going to leave my dad and live alone at university. I was a bit anxious and nervous, but ultimately one day I have to grow out of all these things. Dad is already stressing out thinking about how I will exist alone, and if I stress out too it will be just worse for him.

Anyways, I have planned out everything for university. I wanted to be in this university from 10th grade and now when I have got the chance I won't let my insecurities take me down. "Harlow University" was one of the leading universities and getting admission in it was like a dream coming true for me.

I struggled so hard to get in there. I didn't let anything distract me nor disturb me. I felt so many emotions running through me. A sense of fear as well as enthusiasm in me.

"Y/N! We don't have the entire day" I heard my dad screaming from downstairs. I just sighed and got out of the shower. I got into my room and wore a comfy outfit.

I left downstairs to have breakfast before getting into packing. When I went down, I already saw everything being kept on the table ready to be eaten up. Dad was sitting by the table waiting for me. "Finally, the queen is downstairs after a long shower" he taunted me while pointing me to sit on the chair.

I grinned while taking the seat. I began to pick my food. "You did all laundry already, right?" Dad inquired me. I nodded a yes. "You grabbed your medications," he asked again. I nodded once more. "And what about your all those makeup and skin stuff?" Omg! This man never stops. "Mr.Min Yoongi, I am going to university, not leaving you forever. Don't stress dad. Chill out" I teased him while smiling a bit.

He cackled. "Gosh, you grew up so fast...I wish your mom was here to see you" he spoke while his smile turning into a frown. "Dad! She doesn't deserve this. She left us. She made this choice. For me, you are my everything" I said to him being a little dejected that he mentioned her.

She left dad when I was 1 year old or that's what he wanted me to believe. Dad wanted and chose to look after me. She went after some other man. She never even bothered to come and meet us. No matter how much dad denies it but he still misses her.

He got up and laid a kiss on my forehead. " Ok ok, I am sorry. Go pack up the stuff fast. We should leave in while now" he said while caressing my hair

I finished up my breakfast and went into my room. I packed all the clothes and the rest of my stuff like some books. It took me half an hour. I packed my laptop, charger, some glasses. I tidied up my room for the last time. Before leaving the room, I took a final long look at it.

I felt so pessimistic. Suddenly, I wanted to stay back but...I can't now. Well, I hate when life gives to something so good but you have to make a sacrifice for it. I went downstairs with my bags.

Dad helped me to get them into the car. While we were about to leave the house someone knocked at our door. I opened it and suddenly there was a familiar hug. "Ok, hoseok that's tight" I hugged him back giggling. Yoongi smiled and greeted him.

"Aww, you are about to leave I guess" I just nodded after he asked me. "I brought this for you," he said while passing over me a pink container. There were cookies in it. "Thank you so much hope!" I said while hugging him once again.

"Keep calling, I will miss you," he said almost about to tear up. He was my dad's best friend. He was with us throughout all the sufferings and miseries. "Hoseok! You will make me cry too, stop" I said smilingly.

Dad and Hoseok made minor talk and then we both got into the car.

After a few hours

After a good 12 hours ride, we reached the university. Since it was late evening and moving into the university going to start the next day so we both agreed on staying in the nearby hotel.

We got inside the hotel. Dad went to the reception. "I want a room for myself and my daughter. My name is Min Yoongi and she is Min Y/N" I just stared at them tiredly. I was so drained out by just sitting in a car. Without much effort, we got our room key.

"Are you hungry?" Dad asked me after I changed my clothes and dramatically fell on the bed. "Yess" I never say no to food. I feel it's a sin to say no to food. "Good, instead of ordering I will go down and get something," he told me while wearing his jacket. "Why? Just order" I said to him making a confused face.

"I really need to stretch after driving for so long. I am not lazy like you" he said chuckling at how I was laying on the bed just after 10 minutes we got into the hotel. "I take that after you" I blamed him teasingly for my laziness.

No sooner after dad left I got bored. I took my phone and decided to read some fanfics. Well, I am addicted. I was reading the updated chapters of my favorite book. "Omg! Why do you always lie?!" I annoyingly said at the fictional character supposed to be played by me. "OH C'MON! Don't act so naive! It's not like you are so silly to not know this" I was getting mad at the fact the character in the fic was way too not relatable. But still, I will keep reading since it has.....smut.

I swear whosoever is going to be my roommate. She or He is going to be hella annoyed by me. Yes, there was a possibility that my roommate could be a boy. But that really didn't matter. I was very focused on myself to have time for others. I was doing a major in Business Administration and Human Resource Management as a minor course.

After a good half an hour, Yoons came back. We both had our dinner and headed to sleep. Dad dozed away just in few minutes. I was unable to sleep thinking that from tomorrow I will be staying away from dad, hoseok, and my own bed. How will all this end up?!

It's not the beginning that's fearing me but the end.


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