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Werewolf Danger


Henry Hart is a werewolf. On his 16th birthday he walks into the man cave. Can you guess who he found? His mate. His mate who doesn't know about werewolves. His mate who is a human. His mate who sees Henry as a brother. His mate who he wants nothing more than to be with. His mate who he loves. (This story is currently unedited. the chapters will be short. I hope that's okay! Enjoy the story!

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1- Mate

(Henry's POV)

My whole family are werewolves. Crazy, huh? And no, we aren't crazy, furry, two-legged crazy beasts like in movies. We are basically humans who can fully shift into wolves. We have heightened senses, soulmates, faster healing, and we can speak to other werewolves through mind-link. It's basically we can have conversations in each other's brains. Werewolves also have our wolf inside our brain. When we shift into a wolf we are the human inside our wolf's brain. We can't shift or know who's our mate until the age of 16. And today's my 16th birthday! I already shifted at midnight. I have the same blonde fur as hair and the same brown eyes. Right now I'm walking into the man cave-

"Oh my fluffing god that is the best smell ever!" I tell my wolf, Sand.

It smells like rain and freshly cut grasses. My eyes scan the room for the cause of the wonderful, calming, smell. My eyes land on a certain person.

"Mate." Sand screams is my head, trying to take control to go to our mate and never leave.

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