Shinsekai yori - Reaper

Chapter 10 – Kid

As I was told, I could find the kid irresponsibly wandering outside his home at night. Doesn’t he know that such a thing can be severely dangerous? Sheesh.

I wasn’t about to just summarily execute the kid, so I called his attention so we could talk for a bit. “Hey, nice night, isn’t it?” He looked at me with some suspicion, but I guess it was because of my mask. Or not, I’m not sure he could see it clearly.

“Oh, hey mister, are you here to lecture me like everyone else?”

“Who, me? Oh, no, I’m not in the business of lecturing. I find that there are better ways to make people do what you want. I’m here mostly to talk with you.” Not a lie, really. I squatted to have a better conversation.

“Really? Oh, whoa! Mister, your mask looks really cool, can I take a closer…” But that stupid runt was extending his hand, and before I could put myself under control, I reacted.

“Don’t you fucking try to touch that, you brat!” Entirely by reflex, I slapped that kid’s hand away. He was spooked, but at least he didn’t run away, which I think he would have done if he could see my face. That is, assuming that I had an expression that matched my feelings at the moment.

The child scoffed. “Huh, fine, I don’t care about any masks anyway.” He was sharp actually, I’d imagine that most kids would be stupid and call it a “stupid” mask. That would be just stupid.

It took a few moments for me to restart the conversation, but I finally did it. “So, I hear you’re quite unruly. Why do you keep doing bad and dangerous things?” I said it as gently as I could, so as to get some form of answer.

The boy became agitated. “That’s just, not true!” He said it with conviction in his eyes. One could almost believe in it, really.

“Really? How so?”

“I just, train my Cantus alone sometimes with pebbles or small animals. I’m trying to control it better, but nobody believes me!” He stomped his feet in frustration and tears were on the verge of bursting out. Immediately I figured it out. So simple.

At the same time, a soothing voice seemed to come from within. “He’s not, nor will he ever become a Fiend.” It was the voice of my beloved. I agreed to her. That boy was just naïve, too naïve. In his attempts to train his powers, he most likely left behind a trail of victims, which the people from the Education Board likely mistook for budding sadism and psychopathy. How humorous, they gave me such a great chance because of an error.

“Hey, come here.” I signaled him to approach. “You wanna know a secret?” He nodded furiously like a kid usually does when offered seemingly secret information. I put my face near his ear and whispered. “I hate people with psychic powers.” His life finished alongside my phrase, he twitched some on the ground after that, but he was bleeding just too much. He was as good as dead the moment my knife touched his neck.

Mission accomplished, we all go home happy now, supposedly. Nah, of course not. As I was leaving the Board’s building after giving my report, I was pelted with insults, including many variations of the word “liar” by one very distraught mother.

She did a mixture of shouting and sobbing that was quite annoying, so I felt compelled to do one last act of cruelty upon that family. As I walked by her, I whispered softly.

“Your son would have never become a Fiend, I did it for fun.” Then, for the first time since I put it on, I lifted my mask to show my face. Man. I must have been wearing one hell of a wicked face, as she shrieked like a nothing else I’ve heard.

Imagine my surprise when I got a face-full of fire. Man… that vaunted Death Feedback does take an eternity to kick in. I’m sure I was to have died there and then, but too bad, I know that her, my beloved, is still watching over me in some way. No Cantus works as well on me as it does on anyone else. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that because of that fire, the mask pretty much became my face.

But still, it was all worth it for what I got the permission to do with her, the insufferable mother. “Oh my, I guess that the apple does no fall far from the tree. I guess I will have to help you battle your fiendish tendencies.” I suppose my smile was unneeded, since all she could see was a mask.


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