Shinsekai yori - Reaper

Chapter 5 – Greetings

It was so dark in there. At least at first, but I soon started think that perhaps darkness wasn’t so bad. Just as a strange glow seemed to come from the walls, I started to encounter creatures and plants twisted by the Karma-Demon. Now, I’d rather you don’t ask me to describe them as it would be exceedingly difficult, for now, let me just tell you that I have no idea what they were supposed to be like before they were twisted.

After I started seeing those things, it didn’t take too long to find the Karma-Demon herself. Now, let me be frank here, I only claim that it was a she because she claimed such. She was dressed in dark heavy clothes that hid any hints of how her body might have looked like, in addition to wearing a mask.

She was looking away, but turned to me as I entered her abode. As I saw her sitting upon a chair made of something I had no idea what it was, I couldn’t help feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of things she was levitating and spinning around. “Are you also here to kill me?” She sounded sad as she asked me that.

I couldn’t think of any other way to answer, so I was straight. “Yes, I was told to do so.” Being honest is the best way to disarm somebody’s unconscious.

I heard her chuckle, but it felt sterile, mirthless. “I see. Good luck with that.” She lazily tilted her head to the side.

I bowed, ready to present myself, but then I realized that, while the priests had stripped me of the name I was born with. They had neglected to give me another. So there was only one thing I could call myself. “Greetings, I am a Reaper. Nice to meet you and I hope we can get along.” I couldn’t show that I was afraid.

I’d like to think that at that moment she smiled, as she stood up and curtsied, greeting me in kind. “Greetings, I am a Karma-Demon, nice to meet you and I hope we can get along.” She was still very, very scary. But at least we started some sort of rapport, that was the very least I needed, if I was to get by her unconscious defenses.

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