Hold on Tight

Chapter 3

After studying Edythe and I settled into making out. “Beethoven’s best for this,” she said as she selected the music on the Stereo. As we started kissing the strings began to play. Suddenly the strings stopped and an electric guitar that sounded like Johnny B. Goode began to play before seguing into ELO’s Roll Over Beethoven. “Archie!” yelled Edythe as we heard the sound of someone in the shadows laughing. “What did you do to my music?”

“It wasn’t Archie,” said Eleanor as she stepped out of the shadows. “It was me. It’s been a lousy day so I decided to have some fun with your record player.”

“Stereo system,” said Edythe.

“Same thing,” said Eleanor.

“Yeah,” said Edythe. “So where’s everybody else?”

“Well I just came back from doing a patrol with mom, mom’s gone to talk with Julie Black, and dad, Archie, Jessamine, and Royal are running the bodies out to sea with the werewolves and Alisha,” said Eleanor. “I would’ve gone with them, but I needed to get the truck we used for the blue cards completely cleaned before it went back to the rental place.”

“How many were there?” asked Edythe.

“Fifty-eight,” said Eleanor.

“That’s horrible,” I said. “Do they know what’s causing these vampires to get these diseases?”

“We’re still guessing,” said Eleanor. “Mom thinks we could be dealing with Fontaine.”

“Who’s Fontaine?” I asked.

“Fontaine was a vampire who acquired AIDES from a man in London and flew over to America to cause a second Southern Vampire war,” said Eleanor. “Since he had the disease, whenever he would go feed on somebody, that person would get AIDES and when they became a Vampire and need it to feed, they’d spread it to that victim and the whole process would start all over again. In two months, Fontaine had gotten an army of three hundred followers and his risk of infecting North American vampires with AIDES was starting to prove threatening.”

“So how did you guys fight him?” I asked.

Edythe and Eleanor were both silent for a moment. Finally, Eleanor said, in a voice barely above a whisper, “We wound up having to pay Fontaine to leave the country and never come back and he in turn euthanized all the vampires he created by blowing their plane up over the Atlantic ocean.”

“Did he ever get justice?” I asked.

“Last we heard he was down in Africa playing a Jungle demon,” said Edythe. “If he does come back, we’re going to be just like the eighties.”

“That’s scary,” I said as my cellphone rang. “Excuse me a moment.” I answered it “Hello?”

“Beau, come home now,” said Dad. “We need to talk.”

“Okay Dad,” I said. I hung up the phone. “Edythe, I’m sorry but I’ve got to go home.”

“Will you be able to go out tonight?” asked Edythe.

“We should be,” I said.

We kissed and then I headed down to my truck. I drove it back and found Dad on the porch holding a postcard. “What’s the matter Dad?” I asked.

“I just got an email from your mother saying she and Phil are going to be coming to visit to us,” said Dad. “So you’re going to tell your girlfriend not to come over next Friday or Saturday.”

“Mom knows about Edythe and me,” I said.

“Well I don’t want any issues,” said Dad. “She’s already going to be rubbing it in my face that she’s got Mr. Perfect, I don’t need to be told my son did better than me in the girlfriend department.”

“I’ll tell her that, don’t worry,” I said.

That evening I was getting ready for bed when Edythe crept into my window looking worried. “Beau would you be able to slip away with us next week?” she asked.

“I would like to,” I said. “But my mom and stepfather are coming to visit and Dad will kill me if he has to deal with them without me.”

“Well that’s going to cause a problem for us,” said Edythe.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Look what we found in our mailbox,” said Edythe as she pulled out a piece of paper.

She handed it to me. On it was a crudely drawn smiley face with the words I’m back. “Fontaine’s returned?” I asked.

“He has,” said Edythe. “And hell is about to break loose.”

“Oh dearie me,” I said as I sat down. “Oh dearie me.”

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